Are traditions worth preserving? Essay Example
Are traditions worth preserving? Essay Example

Are traditions worth preserving? Essay Example

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  • Published: September 22, 2017
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In this epoch of humanity. people have come a long manner in set uping human rights. autonomy. justness and self-respect. However non every single state have upheld these impulse in a dignified manner. Take the Jamaica for. illustration. due to Jamaica’s colonial history ; there are some traditions that are non deserving continuing at all.

In Jamaica and other states. parents are expected to crush their kids as a manner of ‘punishing them’ . They may make this with assorted objects. such as a belt. broom handle. swayer. or anything that can subject hurting to the human flesh. If parents believe their kid is “misbehaving” . There is no cogent evidence that enforcing physical hurting on childs help to train them. to go better individuals. and to go productive citizens of their states in the hereafter. There is no logical logical th


inking or perceptual experience that is implied to get at a solution to the undiscipline that Caribbean parents may believe some of their kids have.

Alternatively Caribbean parents do the first thing that comes to their head ; and that is. enforcing physical injury on their childs. If non. enforcing physical injury on kids. the following in line would be milder bodily penalties. such as. stating them to kneel on the floor. whether in corners of schoolrooms or close balconies to confront the Sun. Besides. keeping their manus up horizontally for long periods. or keeping their custodies aside vertically with heavy books in each thenar. Any other inventive agencies of prosecuting bodily penalty.

It is sensible to province that for the Caribbean parents that punish their kids corporally ; it leaves the intended consequence. but merely temporarily

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That is. the child would forbear from the purportedly disapproving activity. but merely temporarily. Alternatively the existent consequence would be psychological maltreatment of their province of head. That is the child may be scarred for life. whether he or she is cognizant of it or non. And so ; condemnable elements in a society of deteriorated cultural elements are inevitable.

If the mean Caribbean parent that beat their kids cognize precisely what kid maltreatment was. while still perpetrating Acts of the Apostless of bodily penalties on their childs. ( crushing will be used as the topic in this rhetorical inquiry ) wouldn’t it be hard to by and large entree what type of whipping is child maltreatment and what isn’t? Every parent’s appraisal of kid maltreatment would be based on personal perceptual experience and judgements and non on a general and good established one. The uplifting of kids rights is missing in Jamaica. due to unconsciousness of it. The civilization of the mean Jamaican grownup is. the senior is ever right when in comparing to the perceptual experience of a child.

This ignores the possibility of an adult’s perceptual experience being right to a certain extent. that their can be errors in perceptual experience of an grownup. overlooks in perceptual experience. and misconceptions. or downright dissipation. Childs in this civilization are forced to accept that grownups are ever “right” . Childs in this civilization are besides forced to accept that grownups should be “respected” . disregarding regard in vice-versa. For “respect” in Jamaican society. could be that wholly different from a dictionary. merely a word with a civilization underneath. that is non deserving preserving.

Another tradition non deserving

preserving is ‘religious education’ and ‘religious assembles’ in public schools. This is an consequence of the colonial yesteryear of Jamaica. Childs should pattern their ain beliefs and manner of life outside of school. Schools should be receded for larning and analyzing work. and/or the debut of people who have been successful in callings. to supply motivational negotiations. hence moving as a positive influence on young persons. This will assist them to obtain a suited business in any clip of big life.

Supposed spiritual instruction in schools gives pupils no freedom of idea. religious parturiency. and may let them to non remain focused on their school assignment. Due to the colonial yesteryear of the state. the saving of autochthonal African beliefs that came with the 1000000s of inkinesss that were detained from the African continent. are overshadowed by these European beginning beliefs which are presently indoctrinated in public schools. This will pervert the psyche of the younger coevals go forthing them in ambivalency or racial and cultural unconsciousness.

Traditions are non deserving continuing unless it poses a positive consequence on people. And has people we should endeavor to do the universe a better topographic point to populate. even if it means abandoning traditions.

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