Apple is The Most Successful Company Essay Example
Apple is The Most Successful Company Essay Example

Apple is The Most Successful Company Essay Example

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  • Published: February 16, 2018
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The Future

Apple Inc. has drastically changed how humans interact with everyday life from their first invention of the computer, to the iPod, iPad, and now the iPhone.

With Apple’s ability to be known as one of the most secured software, besides the government’s, that is available to the public they must keep up with the demands of this fast pace 21st century world we live in. With Android, Apple’s main competitor, always coming out with new software for their products that give the customer full control on how their phone looks, works, and controls. This type of customization is not featured on Apple products but the stamp of success and dependability that Apple has makes it one of the most successful companies that have been created. The reason why Apple is releasing the new iOS7 software in a different format that the original Apple look, iOS6, is because of technology advances in 21st century and of fierce competitors.

On September 19, 2013 Apple released its new desig


n on the iOS software, iOS7, is the seventh version of the iOS software and in this version they tried to make everything simple, but we know that turns into simplicity is actually quite complicated. iOS7’s new design has been striped of all of the useless button and bars that had no meaning in what was trying to be achieved by the user.

Second, is the ability to use more applications and programs in less time then the previous iOS6 software, this has been a huge upgrade on its own for Apple due to the force closes, automatically exits a programs, and freezing of programs, when a program is not responsive. iOS7 software has been painted a clear picture to its user by the clear easy navigation to the what is trying to be achieved. The new installment of the Retina Display by Apple has helped the buyer achieve a clearer, high definition picture that can not be achieved with out a Apple product. The new clear bigger font that Apple has chosen to use for the new update has helped with the new.

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