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Davis, Robert. “U. S. : Human Medical Tests Lack Oversight. ” USA TODAY: IA+. Junk 08 1998. SIRS Issues Researcher. Web. 22 seep. 2013 . This publication regards test kits that have been used worldwide for testing women for HIP. Apparently these kits are known to give a negative result to women who are In fact carrying the virus. The FDA is fighting to make new requirements but some laboratories are against It. Many laboratories continue to use the old machine that gives false negatives, despite the fact it isn’t FDA proved. Disclosure Of Error Taps Very Deep Cultural Norms ” 1 OFF Medical web. 22 septa. 2013. This publication focuses on the errors within health care delivery. It discusses telling the truth to the patient by the doctor even if there is a problem committed during the treatment. Also discussed are the advantages of disclosing an error to a patient and the negative effects if the information about the patient is being concealed. Pollack, Daniel. “Getting informed consent–more than Just a signature. ” Policy & Practice June 2004: 28.

Opposing Viewpoints In context. Web. 22 septa. 2013. This article was about a 72 year old woman who refused to

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undergo a procedure to treat a life threatening problem she developed in her feet. Social workers eventually had a court order to force the women to go through with the operation. ” Disclosure Of Error Taps ‘Very Deep Cultural Norms ” (2010): 45-47. Academic Search Complete. Medical Ethics Advisor 26. 4 This article is primarily about medical errors. It argues the thought of being dishonest with patients over being completely honest.

All doctors are obligated to tell the patient everything they need to know pertaining their own health. All of this deals with a doctor who has good ethics and does their Job correctly. Volunteers. ” Volunteerism. De. Gary Wiener. Detroit: Greengages Press, 2007. At Issue. RPR. From “Humans, Not Guiana Pigs. ” The New Physician (Par. 2002): 12. Opposing Viewpoints In Context. This publication stresses the fact that researchers need to tell trial volunteers every possible fault or thing that could go wrong.

Many people have died after undergoing research that they ere lead to believe was harmless. Anything that can go wrong with the research needs to be discussed before the volunteer is Koran, David. “Dangerous Intersections. ” Issues in Science and Technology (Volvo. XSL, NO. I) 1996: 55-62. SIRS Issues Researcher. Web. 22 seep. 2013 . This publication is about making intersections safer for all drivers. The ARP asked congress to mandate certain safety improvements. With the improvements, this declined the total amount of crashes and percentage of injuries do to automobile accidents.

Lender, Jeanne. “Blood not-so-simple: should inconsistent civilians be used in tests for a blood substitute? ” The American Prospect 17. 6 (2006): 11+. Opposing Viewpoints In Context. Web. 22 septa. 2013. This publication discusses a medical study of an experimental the project that protects US citizens from exposure to chemical, biological, radiological, or nuclear attacks through the development of vaccines, blood substitution, etc. All together this substitute has plenty of dangerous side effects, such as, Strokes and heart attacks.

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