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The Curse – Lesson – Write about a life lesson that you learnt from the novel… ‘The Curse’ is the fresh written by Lee Su Ann which has many lessons that can be used in our lives. Today. I am traveling to compose on one lesson which truly captured my attending in the novel that is ‘courage’ .

The value of ‘courage’ can be seen clearly in Azreen’s character. Azreen was a good friend with the Old Lady who became a cherished confidante and counselor despite disregarding the warnings and biass of the villagers. Azreen was determined to friends with the Old Lady till the last minute of the Old Lady’s life. As a kid. she was non allowed to see the Old Lady by her parents. Even the villagers warned Azreen that the Old Lady is a enchantress. This shows that Azreen is really brave for accepting the Old Lady for what she is. From this. I learnt to be brave in order to talk and move harmonizing to what I think is right. I besides learnt non to judge others by listening to rumours and to believe practically.

Azreen besides showed bravery when she took the incrimination for the bull’s flight in order to salvage Mohd Asraf. At first. she wanted to assist Asraf out from the wicked farm proprietor. Mr. Mohan and his boies who were impeaching Asraf for allowing the bull out. But to her discouragement. she had to accept the religion of her female parent fring a leg when her male parent hit into the bull and met with an accident. Even though Azreen was merely assisting Asraf at first. but she took the incrimination and had to transport it for the remainder of her life. I saw Azreen as a really brave individual in this state of affairs and hold to what she had done. She taught me to stand up for my believes in my life and this will truly assist me a batch in the hereafter.

Last but non least. I besides find Azreen as a brave individual when she challenged her male parent to uncover the truth behind Madhuri’s decease. Azreen was really certain that Madhuri was killed by her male parent because she found the discoloration of the gum elastic tree sap on the ‘parang’ . When she put all the inside informations together. she came to a decision and told her male parent heterosexual that he was the 1 who killed Madhuri. Here. we can see that Azreen was excessively bold and had the bravery to talk the truth even to her male parent when she was certain that her sister was killed. This scene opened my head that I should be honest and bold to state what I think is right in my life.

From all the groundss above. Azreen had portrayed the value of bravery really clearly. in this novel. As a pupil who will confront many challenges in my life. I learnt to be brave and bold like Azreen from this novel. This facet will assist me to be a better individual in my life. Sample Answers for The Curse – lessons and moral values.

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