Analysis of the Poem the Red Hat

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Rachel Hadas’ poem “The Red Hat” is told from the point of view of the parents of a immature male child who begins to walk to school by himself. The verse form reveals the actions and emotions of the parents who struggle with leting their boy to go more independent. However. this verse form is non merely a narrative of a male child get downing to walk to school on his ain. The implicit in subject is about a male child go forthing the protection and safety of his parents to come in the universe by himself. In the center of the first stanza the lines. “these parallel waies part” disrupt the flow of the verse form.

Here. at Straus Park. the male child must truly divide from his parents. When Hadas write. “The watcher’s bosom stretches. elastic in its love and fright. toward him as we see him vanish. striding briskly” . she introduces the reader to one of the most important parts of the verse form. His parents. the spectators. extend their “elastic” Black Marias to their boy out of love and fright every bit good. They look back two hebdomads. retrieving when they held their son’s manus as they walked to school. The parents will non allow their boy travel on entirely until they feel satisfied that he can manage the duty. Even though the boy proves his capableness of walking to school. the parents still worry. When they eventually let their boy continue on his ain. they worry about the possible dangers in the universe. The parents will ever worry. because their male child can ne’er be wholly safe.

The writer uses graphic description to let the reader to develop a mental image of what takes topographic point. The male child walks up the east side of West End. while his parents follow behind on the west side. An apprehension between the male child and his parent’s permits extended glimpses across the street. but non oculus contact. This unexpressed understanding allows the parents the chance to look over at their boy to look into on him. and it gives the male child a opportunity to on occasion look back and cognize that his parents are still at that place for him. The staying lines of the verse form follow in a consecutive AA. BB riming form. When taken literally. this verse form is simply a narrative of a immature male child larning to walk to school on his ain and his parents’ concern over allowing him travel. In order for parents to allow their kid travel off into the universe. they must be certain that their kid will look both ways before he crosses the street. and that he does non speak to aliens.

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