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An Analysis of Advertisements in a Magazine Publication
An Analysis of Advertisements in a Magazine Publication

An Analysis of Advertisements in a Magazine Publication

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  • Published: October 5, 2018
  • Type: Case Study
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OHS Canada is a magazine intended to serve people with their needs in health and safety.

It publishes eight issues in a year: January/ February, March, April/ May, June, July/ August, September, October/ November, and December. The content of the magazine includes stories and feature articles regarding the latest trend, issues, new developments, and case studies in the area of health and safety. Permanent sections of the magazines include Training, Safety Purchasing, Health, Occupational hygiene, Worker’s compensation, Health and safety law, Ergonomics, and Accident Prevention. OHS Canada is a paid circulation publication.A section for humor column, news, problem solver, letters, and a back-page opinion is also included.

It is published through a division of Hollinger Canadian Newspaper, the Business Information Group. TARGET MARKET OHS Canada defines their audience as “people who make decisions about health and safety in the workplace” (http://www. ohscanada. com/about/about. asp).

With this, the following targeted user profile can be used: Demographics OHS Canada serves people working in the area of health and safety. They belong to classes ranging from A, B, and C. Ages of the readers would range from twenty to sixty years old.Target audience live in urban to sub-urban communities.

Readers would include “managers, safety coordinators, oh&s staff, agronomists, hygienists, loss control specialists, engineers, doctors, nurses, health and safety committee members, environment managers and safety representatives in organized labor” (http://www. ohscanada. com/about/about. asp). ADVERTISEMENTS OHS Canada also offers space for advertisements: the three of which would be analyzed accordingly. I.

Work Station Mat and Portable Kneeling Mat


from Mul-T-Mat Target Market Mul-T- Mat targets users that are living in industrialized and commercial environments.Companies, institutions, hospitals, and food chains are its target market. For this particular products, Mul-T- Mat targets property managers, occupational therapists, ergonomists, plus many other health and safety professionals. Aside from this, Mul-T-Mat is offering safety mats for dry and wet areas, anti- static mats, modular tiles, anti- fatigue mats, recreational mats, and specialty and contamination control mats. These mats are centered towards the need of the people in the food service industry, crowd control, maintenance supplies, and signage.

Analysis The brand positioning of Mul-T-Mat’s products is appropriately executed.Using the OHS Canada magazine that serves the people’s need for safety, the advertisement was positioned suitably and in- line with the publication’s purpose. The medium, which is a magazine, is also proper for the advertisements of the products. Work station mats and kneeling mats nowadays are important equipments in hospitals.

In fact, the use of matting in companies is already recommended to reduce slips and falls, physical stress due to standing, and to keep the entrances of building safer. Safety of people is the need that Mul-T-Mat products are addressing, the same with the purpose OHS Canada wanted to serve to its readers.II. Mobile Handiwash from Espar Target Market Mobile handiwash form Espar targets people who need safe and clean water in outside environments. This specific product is especially designed for automobiles.

Like other water dispensers, Handiwash offers hot and cold water with capacity of 8. 5 liters. Because of its convenience, the product’ target market are people whose deeply expose to road

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travels. The product can also answer the need of people for safe and convenient source of water in their vehicles. The product is not limited for family purposes, but also for commercial ones.

AnalysisThe magazine advertisement of Handiwash is appropriate. The target market, which mainly composed of commercial drivers or deliverers, is often travelling. Because of this, they do not have enough access to other mediums such as television. Probably their way of getting information is through written medium such as newspapers and magazines.

By placing the ad of Handiwash in OHS Canada, the target market will be surely reached. However, although the medium is appropriate, the right magazine choice is not. It seems that the Handiwash of Espar is more proper to place in automobile-based magazines.This is because the product offers convenience for automobile users.

The product is an additional accessory for vehicles, thus, it should appear on magazines for vehicles that people would seek if they need something for their cars. Although Handiwash also offers the idea for safe and clean water, which could be considered in- line with OHS Canada’s purpose, the ad is still more appropriate for automobile magazines. III. PU boots from Ranpro Target Market PU boots from Ranpro aims to target commercial and industrial workers who are exposed to the dangers of slips and falls.This would include workers from agriculture, commercial fishing industry, forestry, utilities, food processing, petrochemical, and municipalities. The boots is specially designed to resist slipping when exposed to petroleum products, fish oil, animal fats, and marine oils.

Aside from this, PU boots offers comfortability and durability when wear. Analysis The medium used in advertising the product is appropriate. Putting the ad of PU boots in a magazine like OHS Canada adds to the appropriateness since the magazine focuses on people’s health and safety.The ad is consistent with the magazine’s target audience. Because of this, the product is more likely to attract consumers. PU boots also offers a variety of uses and characteristics that will suitably answer the needs of its target market.

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