American Foreign Policy History Essay Example
American Foreign Policy History Essay Example

American Foreign Policy History Essay Example

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  • Published: January 25, 2022
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President Roosevelt's good neighbor policy and President Nixon's policy of engaging China and the Soviet Union have yielded positive outcomes for the United States. Nixon's policy ensured that the US maintained a low profile following the Vietnam War, while the good neighbor policy enhanced America's reputation in Latin American nations by refraining from interfering in their internal affairs or occupying sovereign states militarily. Consequently, these policies have altered global perceptions of the United States, dispelling notions of an imperialistic superpower imposing its culture on weaker nations. Consequently, there has been an advantageous increase in trade and cooperation between America and other nations globally.

Despite contradicting the policies of former presidents Roosevelt an


d Nixon, President William Howard Taft implemented foreign policies that were deemed necessary due to changing times. These policies included military action and the dollar policy, and were particularly significant in a world where threats from state-sponsored terror, like Germany, were concerning. Implementing these policies was crucial for maintaining and expanding democratic space globally, which directly impacted the economic and social well-being of American citizens both at home and abroad. Ultimately, these policies aimed to promote US commercial interests in Latin America and East Asia through dollar diplomacy, while also protecting American interests by fostering democracy and mitigating hardships caused by hostile factors through military diplomacy similar to Germany during World War I.

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