A Multimodal Learning Strategy Essay Example
A Multimodal Learning Strategy Essay Example

A Multimodal Learning Strategy Essay Example

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  • Published: August 8, 2017
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How make you larn best? Do you trust on written instructions that outline inside informations or procedures? Do you physically test and seek something out to see how it works? Make you larn through observation. by seeing person else show? Do you trust on diagrams and ocular AIDSs to assist you understand? If you answered largely “yes” to the above inquiries. opportunities are. you have a multimodal larning penchant. The majority—approximately 60 % – of any population. group. or demographic autumn into the class of multimodal acquisition.

Multimodal larning takes from each of the four sensory modalities—the VARK acquisition style—used for larning information. The VARK acquisition manner was developed by New Zealand pedagogue Neil Fleming ( 1987 ) as a theoretical account that assesses how different people have different acquisition penchants. VARK is an abbreviation for ocular ( V ) . aural ( A ) . read/write ( R ) . and kinaesthetic ( K ) —the four manners of larning schemes that he believed categorised how people learned and gathered cognition. A multimodal acquisition scheme is a learning penchant that combines two or three out of the four basic larning penchants.

Finding out what one’s larning penchant is promotes a more effectivity in larning. as it gears one’s survey wonts towards their preferable method. Measuring the Method A VARK questionnaire is an effectual method in measuring what a person’s larning penchant is. A study of about 15 to 16 inquiries would be given to a group of assorted background profiles. which would subsequently be broken down into classs associating assorted societal classs. The end of the ques


tionnaire or study is to come up with a mean mark which would be the criterion for comparing and action.

This mark will is used to originate a joint attempt affecting changing parties to find schemes that would heighten larning for the groups ( Murphy. Gray. Straja and Bogert. 2004 ) . The VARK Four To better understand what multimodal larning schemes take from. it is of import to discourse and distinguish between the four manners of larning schemes ( Fleming. 1987 ) . Ocular acquisition manners extremely prefer illustrated information over presentations or accounts in word. Peoples who are “visual” rely to a great extent on drawings. maps. diagrams. symbols. and the similar to garner information and learn.

Aural or Auditory scholars prefer to garner information that is spoken or heard. These types of scholars get information best by listening to talks. negotiations. discussions—even from electronic mails. confabs. texts and phone calls. Those with the Read/Write acquisition manner procedure information best when it is written or displayed as text. The accent of this penchant non merely considers the input ( which in this instance is reading ) . it besides looks at the end product. which is more frequently than non. besides in written signifier. Kinesthetic scholars gain cognition and information through pattern and experience. existent or simulated.

This “experiential learning” may affect simulations. presentations. instance surveies and applications. The treatment of each of the four manners of larning penchants gives an thought of how scholars with multimodal larning schemes absorb and understand information. Multiple penchants take

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factors from each of the four acquisition manners and integrate them into an interesting expression that varies from user to user. As an illustration. you may hold strong ocular and aural penchants. or read/write and kinaesthetic.

It is besides possible for a individual to hold three strong penchants. while some may besides exhibit no peculiar disposition towards any individual penchant. and alternatively would hold equal acquisition schemes in all four ( Hong and Milgram. 2000 ) . The multimodal acquisition manner uses at least two types of schemes for larning. Unlike those with individual penchants who deduce constructs by utilizing their strategic manner. multimodal scholars frequently feel the demand to “counter-check” the facts they obtained from a individual set of schemes with the other types of acquisition manners ( Fleming and Bonwell. 2002 ) .

Case Study: Myself as a Multimodal Learner I obtained the undermentioned tonss utilizing the VARK questionnaire found on World Wide Web. vark-learn. com ( Fleming. 2006 ) : V=5. A=1. R=9 and K=7. This shows that I have a multimodal larning penchant. with strengths in both Read/Write and Kinesthetic countries. Top R and K tonss allow me to larn efficaciously utilizing a combination of written mention and hands-on experience ( Vierheller. 2005 ) . My capacity to garner information would be greatly influenced by mentions. text editions. lists. notes and readings.

They would similarly be enhanced by utilizing centripetal observations. test and mistake experiences. and hands-on attacks like calculating. field trips and research lab work. Alternately. I should theoretically be able to bring forth valuable end product by composing information and lists. and by making a mock-up or by physically animating experiences and observations. To agree with my trial consequences. I have personally found written information coupled with hands-on proving to be a most effectual scheme.

Besides. while hiting merely a 5 on the ocular manner. I have ever found ocular survey schemes to be effectual in supplementing the information that I am able to collate utilizing my supposed strong manners. The usage of images. diagrams. charts. symbols and the similar provide important aid in my personal acquisition penchant. Users like myself. who have a 3-dimensional multimodal larning penchant have the fortunate advantage of easy accommodating to assorted assessment methods and techniques required.


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