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The first clip I saw this campus was when I was in 8th, driving through the intercity route with my parents. As expected, they commented, “ Beta, If you dont analyze, you ‘ll stop up paying money to analyze in this university ” . The fact that Amity University was a oasis for the uber rich and the intellectually weak crowd was profoundly ingrained in my head since childhood.

Fast frontward to 2011 when I eventually made my determination to analyze jurisprudence. Quite evidently, the first thing I did was look into the rankings released by taking magazines and confer with some attorneies who were acquainted to my parents.

Lo and Behold! Imagine my surprise when ALS-D was in an elevated place in about every list I saw. The attorneies were besides univocal in their unblinking esteem towards ALS-D. That was when I realised that this was non merely any other jurisprudence school, this was THE Amity Law School.

So I filled up the signifiers and Saturday for the entryway trial. Queerly plenty, I got selected with rank 87. The prognostication of my parents had come true, albeit in a mode no 1 expected. I was now a member of Amity Law School, Delhi. Curiosity replaced nervousness, firmness replaced lethargy as the yearss went by, I was thirstily waiting for college to get down.

The first twenty-four hours I erroneously ended up in ALS-Noida, it was likely a approval in camouflage, for it showed to me how good our jurisprudence school truly is compared to others. After inquiring for the waies, I proceeded on my manner to the existent ALS.

The orientation twenty-four hours was nil short of a whirlwind. Filling up signifiers, acquiring to cognize each other, comparing the instructors, praying to Saraswati, we did it all. I, for my portion, made a few friends who I am certain will do my life in college ( for deficiency of a better word ) awesome. We were introducing ourselves with the assorted anomalousnesss of our instructors every bit good as the different group we had been thrust into when it merely struck me… ” I am in college Eden. “ .

The most pleasant surprise were the seniors. All those grim narratives of tormenting that are abound in India felt like memories of a distant yesteryear. Honestly talking, I ne’er imagined that people could be so focused while exposing the ‘joie de vivre ‘ spirit at the same clip. Our seniors, in a nutshell, were merriment.

It ‘s been about a month since the first twenty-four hours. Feels like an hr. Person has justly said, “ Time flies when you are holding merriment ” .

It has been a whirlwind drive, yet I yearn for more.Getting admitted to one of the Prime Minister establishments of India is non an terminal in itself.

The way we may hold chosen, but there are many stat mis to travel.

Manaved Nambiar


The civil war like state of affairs in Syria has been the focal point of much of the universe ‘s attending for the past twelvemonth. What began as a peaceable ‘Arab spring ‘ revolution against an autocratic government has deteriorated into a barbarous struggle go forthing over 20,000 people dead. The recent rush in force after the holy month of Ramadan has left many more people dead. The International community has so far been divided on the class of action to be taken sing the crisis in Syria, this inactivity can be attributed to the fact that Syria is a complex, diverse state located in a geopolitically of import part. Syria is where a figure of involvements, both political and economic in nature, converge. Added to this is its volatile sectarian mix, a contributing environment for the regional religious world powers to contend their placeholder wars.

Syria has been under the regulation of the autocratic Ba’ath party for over four decennaries, under the leading of first Hafez Al Assad, and now his boy Bashar al Assad. The Ba’ath party is known for its steadfast secularism and resistance to obscurantist spiritual evangelist groups. Syria under the Ba’ath party has been celebrated for its broad certificates, it is known to be the most broad state in west Asia in footings of adult females ‘ rights. One could easy confound the streets of Damascus with those of European metropoliss, with adult females freely traveling about in western garb. This is rather the antonym to what one would usually anticipate to happen in Arab states, known for their conservative attitude. During this period, Syria had besides been able to maintain sectarian inclinations mostly at bay, with the Assad household belonging to the minority Alawite religious order. Syria was an illustration of sectarian and spiritual harmoniousness with Sunnis, Alawites and Christians basking equal cultural rights.

Before the eruption of the struggle, Syria had a mostly stable and come oning economic system with a turning category of enterprisers and extremely skilled professionals. These categories that benefited from the economic policies of the Assad disposal continue to back up the authorities even today ( the motion at its nucleus is a on the job category, Sunni-dominated battle ) .

After the ‘revolution ‘ started in a mostly peaceable mode, the Assad disposal cracked down viciously on the protestors and committed many atrociousnesss on guiltless civilians. This has been pointed out by many International homo rights organisations. What followed is history, people took to weaponries, taking a cue from what was go oning in Libya, and today what was one time a progressive broad state has become a cesspool of force and the centre phase for international political maneuvering and regional sectarian competitions.

To understand the international political relations being played, one must look at the background of the Syrian province ‘s foreign policy and those of its challengers. Syria has for long been a strong angel of the radical opposition motion Hezbollah, which has been contending Israeli aggression in Palestine and Lebanon. Syria has its ain long history of struggle with Israel itself. Iran, another major participant in the part and a challenger of Israel considers Syria a close ally and uses the Syrian path to fund and arm Hezbollah. This is where the function of the US, a perennial angel of Israel, and the other powerful western states such as Britain comes in. The West seeks to interrupt the Iran-Syria-Hezbollah axis by put ining a friendly government in Damascus. This has meant that the West has been endorsing the Syrian resistance, the soi-disant ‘Free Syrian Army ‘ in its battle against the Assad government. They have been aided in this battle by regional powers such as Turkey, Saudi Arabia and the gulf monarchies. Turkey has had a non excessively friendly past with Syria and is a member of the US-led Nato confederation. Saudi Arabia and the gulf provinces have their ain grounds for back uping the Syrian Rebels, one is to asseverate their turning political power as a consequence of the gross generated from oil, the other is to cut the influence of Iran, Saudi Arabia ‘s regional political, economic and cultural challenger. The fact that Saudi Arabia wants to put up a Sunni majoritarian province in Syria, as opposed to the present Alawite-led pro Iran government is really clear. These perilously high involvements at drama meant that the conflict lines were drawn from the beginning.

Deliberations on this issue in the UN have so far been inconclusive, the security council particularly has been a divided batch. The US-led group in the ‘P5 ‘ privation to enforce punitory countenances on Syria followed by a Libya-like ‘No Fly Zone ‘ . Aware of the effects the ‘No Fly Zone ‘ had in the Libya saga, Russia and China have vehemently opposed such an thought and hold vetoed all moves to convey punitory countenances against Syria. Libya has increasingly deteriorated since the decease of Gaddafi last twelvemonth with tribal divisions looking and the looming menace of quickly increasing spiritual fundamentalism. The one of beam of hope that appeared from the UN was the Kofi Annan-led peace program, but that to appears to hold disappointed with ceasefire misdemeanors from both sides and the US, in peculiar non being excessively supportive of the peace program, possibly because surcease of belligerencies in the short to average term does non conform with their strategic programs.

It is clear that the majority of the ‘Free Syrian Army ‘ ( FSA ) is made up of hawkish Sunnis conforming to Salafist philosophies, ideologically, economically and militarily backed by Saudi Arabia. The lip service of the West is clearly seeable in this instance, it fights Salafi extremism in Yemen, Pakistan and Afghanistan on the one manus, and on the other manus to the full supports these same type of people against a secular government run by a individual from a minority community. This should non be surprising if one recalls that it was the US, along with Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, that created the ill-famed Taliban to contend the Soviet Union in Afghanistan. This sectarian prejudice of the resistance groups has minorities such as Alawites and Christians worried, and for now they seem to be steadfastly behind the Assad government.

In all of this, if we were to be truly disappointed at something, it would be the coverage of this full issue by the international media, every individual one of the major media houses demoing their prejudices. The western media has been criticized for hiding facts intentionally in an effort to demo Assad in a negative visible radiation. They have besides been accused of sophisticating footage and beliing recreational pictures. Take for case, the coverage of the recent ‘Houla slaughter ‘ , the BBC had aired images of the Houla slaughter, demoing images of the maimed organic structures of the victims, claiming that these were the organic structures of the people killed by Assad ‘s forces. The BBC nevertheless, had to retreat these images after it was pointed out that they were old images from Iraq.aˆ¬ Similarly Arab intelligence webs like Qatar ‘s province funded Al Jazeera, and Saudi Arabia ‘s province funded Al Arabiya have besides been accused of sophisticating footage in an effort to discredit the Assad authorities. Russia ‘s province sponsored ‘Russia Today ‘ and Iran ‘s province owned ‘Press Television ‘ have on the other manus, shown a distinguishable pro Assad prejudice in their coverage, frequently disregarding the human rights maltreatment committed by forces loyal to the government. These prejudices and deformations have meant that common people around the universe have non been able to acquire a correct, balanced image of what has been traveling on in Syria over the past twelvemonth or so, this is so a affair of shame for the media houses involved and humanity in general.

To reason, I will propose what should be done, in my sentiment, to convey an terminal to the force and bloodshed in Syria. First, the solution must come from inside Syria and non imposed upon the Syrian people by outside powers. The Rebels and the authorities have to come to an understanding easing the disarmament of the Rebel groups and their integrating into the mainstream as proposed by Assad in his thought of a new multiparty system. President Assad ‘s new fundamental law is a welcome measure in this way. He should step down and a caretaker disposal should come into force, like what used to go on in Bangladesh in between elections. Elections should be held and the normal process as in all democratic states should be followed. More significantly, outside powers must discontinue back uping sectarian organisations and halt interfering in the internal personal businesss of Syria. A batch of the aggravation could hold been avoided had states such as Saudi Arabia and the US non decided to fuel sectarian sentiment. The UN must play a constructive function in the procedure and service as the land for a formation of an international consensus. ”

Varun Nambiar


I believe in the young person of today. I have utmost religion in the immature grownups of our state who I feel, have the possible to take our state to great highs. We are the future- the destiny of our state lies in our custodies.

Many a clip we hear the older coevals comment “ When I was your age I had so many duties. Unlike you I did n’t merely hold to worry about my surveies but a hundred other things. I did n’t hold entree to the luxuries you have and nor did I pass my clip aimlessly watching Television, speaking on the phone etc. ” Yet I believe their times were different and they did whatever was right in their times. We may non hold as many duties as our parents did but this is non to state that we are non focused or do n’t set in difficult work. Many disapprove of us, stating that, all we are interested in is to pass money on partying, shopping, eating out etc. They believe that our life style is merely confined to gizmos, appliances, discos and saloon. Though I do n’t deny all of the above, yet I place assurance in ourselves. We can besides be an sedulous and persevering coevals. All around us we have illustrations of ego made youth icons who have shone in their several Fieldss. M.S Dhoni, Sania Mirza, Abhinav Bindra, Priyanka Chopra, Sachin Pilot, Anoushka Shankar are a few which come to mind.

Every coevals has its ain shaping qualities. The coevals that came of age in the twenty-first century is marked by its resolved pursuit for success and accomplishment. Some equate success with being celebrated, others with being rich, and still others at stand outing in their chosen field. No affair how ambitious or low their dreams, childs today show a strong will to work towards them. This Gen X/Y/ Next/Youngistan ( as you would name us ) is an impatient 1. We have entree to the latest engineering, package and appliances. Critics might chastise us for our inordinate dependance on engineering yet I feel a batch of what we are today is because of it. Technology has made us experience empowered. Today ‘s coevals is good informed with whatever is traveling around their immediate environment while being well-versed with the occurrences of the universe every bit good. Infact I believe we are much more knowing coevals than the old one.

We are an highly confident, self-confident and a positive coevals. We have our ends set and we are working hard to accomplish them. The twenty-first century coevals is altering the face of India. It is cheerful, optimistic and filled with energy. There is an rush in immature endowment and a dramatic addition in achievements on international platforms. The avenues and chances open to the immature today have multiplied, but so has our thrust to win.

The young person can stand up and do India an India which the World has ne’er seen before.. Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam one time said, ” If India is to go developed by 2020, it will make so merely by siting on the shoulders of the immature ” It is high clip we realize it. ”


“ The Reservation System

This is a thing that affects everyone that I know and in worst of the mode. I get it. It ‘s bad. It ‘s really atrocious. So Lashkar-e-Taiba ‘s start with the debut.

Our state is a state with diverse people, civilizations, linguistic communication, caste and sex whatever. So there are besides groups of people that do non hold all the chances. They are what we call from the backward classes. The authorities, a heaven sent angel for them, has made reserve in colleges to about 50 per centum.

So for the remainder of the general population there are merely 50 per centum of the seats. Which are so besides taken up by athleticss quota, direction quota, staff quota etc. So technically there are less than 30 per centum for the remainder of the general population. It ‘s non that I do n’t acquire it that these people deserve the particular intervention and what non. I mean I wholly acquire it that what the authorities is seeking to make is to give them the same chances. But it ‘s non just.

They need aid, so why non supply it at the school degree? And so supply an even platform. Its college now. It ‘s where it is make or interrupt for your life. It ‘s non just. Sometimes the highs of despair make me experience like why was n’t I in that class. More seats and less Markss required. Who would n’t desire that?

I know life is unjust. But this is over the top. If they want it they can hold it by making what others do. By seting in the needed attempt. It ‘s non that that they do n’t merit it. But if they do so they should be every bit meriting as the remainder of the population. I know it ‘s ne’er of all time traveling to be true, but one can merely trust.

In a state like India cipher sees whether you really want to make a peculiar thing. Harmonizing to me if you want to make it so you will make it. But the outlook over here is that, if you ca n’t make it you do n’t desire it. And what they ask is something unearthly.

Peoples normally end up making what they do n’t wish and repent it. Peoples might state what they want to, but it ‘s the system. It ‘s in shambles. It can non be resurrected. One might state otherwise but it ‘s non traveling to go on. We are manner down and from at that place to lift up, it will be like a felix lifting from its ashes

Raushan Tara


100 kg of gold,307 kg of Ag and currency notes deserving crores of rupees that could non even be counted even after utilizing three note numbering machines. Keep your breath! The list does non stop here. It besides includes a humungous imperium worth Rs. 40000 crore. It is the female parent of all hoarded wealth Hunts. No I am non speaking about the unrevealed or tax-exempt belongings of any politician or industrialist but the amass of wealth created by a spiritual ‘heavyweight ‘ . In this faith clad state where faith is a portion and package of life and is practised by more than 90 % of the state, it is merely larger than life.

Let us see concern to be a molecule, and as we all know that a molecule expands when an atom is added to it, so when political relations as an atom was added to it, the molecule of concern expanded. It grew bigger when instruction and wellness were added to it. Finally when nil could be added, our craft and astute heads gave us an answer- Religion. And this is how we made GOD a Religion – a faith with virtually zero capital investing yet returns that could easy prolong coevalss after coevalss of these godmen. The sight of priests picking up their phones while executing their day-to-day supplications at temples or while making the same at a ‘client ‘s ‘ topographic point to another ‘client ‘ is really customary and non at all new to us.

Politicss and faith besides go manus in manus. They non merely organize chiefly one of the most profitable joint ventures but one of the most parlous one excessively, every bit far as the well-being of every person of this state is concerned. Vote bank political relations practiced by most of the political parties helps them to split people on the footing of faith and govern them. It helps them to incite people to contend for their faith. Ultimately divisions are the exclusive consequence but the whole procedure helps them to do money. Is n’t it ironic the fact that, what could hold been used as a medium of distributing peace, harmoniousness and truth has become the cause of hurt and strife in the society?

There are besides the really striving illustrations of the relation between faith and the flourishing touristry industry in this state. Examples of Vrindavan and Dharamsala can non be denied. Religion in such sanctums and sacred topographic points has become a mere trade good. Shops, ushers, priests and gurus at every nook and corner merely play with the beliefs of the people and the holiness of these topographic points is impaired.

Religion in India means merely more than religious waking up. But it has become a safe oasis for darnels and hoods. This does non intend that everyone who preaches faith is a fraud. It is merely that in this race of gaining money, we forget, we are playing a game already won by God. It is merely the sleight of our 5 senses that we non be swayed off by the avouchments of the so called Godmen and therefore non do faith an indecent brush of which we be repentant in the hereafter.


“ A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A Life in a metroA

From the existent universe to the reel universe the metropolitan metropoliss of our state are developing at a gait like ne’er earlier. The replacing of adult male by machines in every sphere of our lives has railed us onto the path of convenience and along with it comes the background of dependence. Breaking free out of the bonds of the coverted society we are progressing quickly towards a modern-day universe. A Though The accelerated growing in the Fieldss of film, athleticss and planetary facet is set uping it ‘s footmarks in our so called developed metropoliss, but are we burying about the sum of exposure created which of class has it ‘s ain pros and cons. The proviso of the quintessential comfortss in the urban life style like the transit, one of the most needed has provided to common adult male a life full of amenitiess and luxuries, being surrounded by the posh hotels, A infirmaries, and all that an single can believe of is a bliss so. But are we non concerned with the sum of pollution generated by these pleasuring giving vehicles or the sum of environmental desolation caused due to a public conveyance like tube in these metropoliss. We have about forgotten that it was the human constitution which created these metropoliss or the known metropolitans, our lives seem to be struck in the ironss of the urban life style, allowing ourselves ruled by it. The feverish agendas of work, limited clip for kids, increasing construct of atomic households has wholly ruined our ain innate qualities. It ‘s clip for us to widen our skylines further to a universe of peace and repose. Let ‘s seek our true naming and contemplate upon our ownselves. We as worlds should be in Communion with our psyche and realise that it is we who are allowing the things around and the that flicker within us will take us to a newer and brighter tomorrow.A ”

Aarushi Jain

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