A Diamond Personality Case Study Solution Essay Example
A Diamond Personality Case Study Solution Essay Example

A Diamond Personality Case Study Solution Essay Example

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  • Published: May 15, 2018
  • Type: Case Study
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Personality Abstract Personality can play a role in how successful a person can be in life or business. In the case of Oscar Rodriguez, his personality landed him the career of his dreams and he became very successful at it.

The information contained in this paper will explain how he was able to obtain his success because of his personality coupled with determination. Those factors can certainly be an asset to anyone looking for an opportunity to better their life and they can possibly gain strength from Oscar’s story. Factors Oscar had a dream from the time he came to the United States (U.

S. ) and that dream was to be successful.

He did not know when he arrived in the U. S. in 1985 how his dream would happen but it did not take long be


fore he found out. Upon his graduating from college, he got a job working for a jeweler even though he knew nothing about jewelry.

That work started his passion for diamonds and he never looked back. Oscar received a degree in diamonds and learned everything that he could learn about them. The determination he showed was what helped him get started in his success (Robbins & Judge, 2009).

Personality Personality tests are very interesting in the fact that they can sometimes help determine how a person would be influenced in their life to make a success of it or end up failing at what they try.

Oscar did not appear to be an outright extrovert nor did he show the characteristics of an introvert. He was more middle of the road. When it comes to being agreeable,

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he definitely made the right choice when he went to work at a jewelry store because in essence, that is what brought him to the successful life he now has.

He is a very conscientious person because he thought through what he wanted with his life. There are many people who cannot say the same thing. Perhaps there would be more success in this world if people could relate to Oscar.

In regards to emotional stability, a person who wants to achieve great things in their life needs to be stable. Oscar was able to prove that he has emotional stability. Without the know-how or logical thinking he would not be able to accomplish a higher standard for himself. As for openness to experience, he would rate the highest on this level.

He had the clarity to know that if he worked hard and remained faithful to his dreams, the hard work would eventually pay off and it did.

Oscar did not know anything about jewelry or diamonds when he started working for that jeweler after college but he worked hard and learned everything he could about those things and that hard work was rewarded. Self Evaluation Many people tend to be very critical of themselves when they are forced to do any sort of self evaluation. Oscar Rodriguez took a hard look at himself and at what his passions were.

He recognized that he had a talent and an ability to do something good for himself as well as consumers who have a passion for diamonds. He took that passion and ability and created his dream come true.

He may not have always looked

very favorably upon himself in the past, but when he knew what his desire was he made a serious effort to work toward something of importance to himself that he also knew would make others happy as well. Some may have a dream or passion like Oscar but they do not believe that they would be able to achieve those things without some sort of good luck on their side.

Proactive Personality In order to make things work, one must think outside the box or try to look ahead and determine what could help them with their goals. A person would basically need to guess what might or might not happen in any given situation and live their life accordingly. A similarity would be driving.

When one is driving they must be cautious and always try to predict what the drivers around them are going to do. This keeps one cautious but not paranoid and shows they are smart and thinking ahead.

Oscar was able to predict what could happen when he was persistent in getting distributors to sell him diamonds on the internet. Not everyone had the faith that Oscar did when he ventured out on his own and started his business. It only took one person to throw him a bone and he was able to move from there.

His being proactive was the best thing he could have done. Conclusion There is no reason that with some hard work, determination and proactive thinking a person would not be able to achieve their dreams and goals.

Being smart and thinking ahead is what helps someone in the long run. Oscar was a smart

man when he was willing to venture out on his own and persistently ask people to give him a break which would eventually lead to his success. He is a role model for others who want to live their own dreams.

He seems to accept that very modestly. References Robbins, S. P. , & Judge, T. A. (2009).

Organizational Behavior. [University of Phoenix Custom Edition e-Text]. Upper Saddle River, N. J. : Prentice Hall.

Retrieved from University of Phoenix, CJA 473 Managing Criminal Justice Personnel website.

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