3600 Ch 1

The internet consists of all of the following except ________.
a central mainframe
A network that runs internally in an organization but uses internet standards and browsers is known as ________.
an intranet
All of the following are technical roles of the internet except ________.
content providers
According to the book, ________ is the country with highest percentage of internet users.
It is expected that the “e” in e-business and e-marketing will eventually be dropped, as electronic practices become more standard. T/F
E-marketing affects traditional marketing in which of the following ways?

a. increases efficiency of traditional marketing functions
b. technologically transforms marketing strategies
c. decreases the reach of marketing campaigns
d. both A and B

both A and B
________ is the subset of e-business focused on transactions.
All of the following e-marketing technologies exist without the World Wide Web, except _______.
electronic data interchange
E-marketing refers to the result of information technology applied to traditional marketing. T/F
A problem marketers have in integrating the internet and traditional marketing strategies is ________.
Web sites are not always consistent with offline brand information
________ are specific measures designed to determine web site success in terms of various factors, such as number of site visitors, length of time spent browsing a site, number of comments posted, and time spent watching a video.
The term blog refers to online diaries, or journals, that are updated and shared on Web pages. T/F
Electronic marketing relies solely upon Web-based technology. T/F
Internet properties, or characteristics, that impact marketing include________.

a. global reach
b. market deconstruction
c. task automation
d. all of the above

all of the above
Web 1.0’s “Tipping Point
In 1993 When Web Pages and Browsers first appeared.
Web 2.0 is the second generation of internet technology and includes _________?
social media and UGM/UGC (user generated media/content):

Social networking
Photo and video sharing

The internet has shifted power from sellers to buyers. T/F
As consumers become more demanding, the internet is a good way to deliver customer value because ________.
customers gain access to information and entertainment on demand
Why was there a powershift from Buyers to Sellers?
– Consumers trust each other more than companies
– Market & Media Fragmentation
– Connections are critical
What were the Key Elements of the Web 2.0 Landscape?
Power shift from buyers to sellers – more choices, more information.

Customer Engagement, Participation and Co-creation

Inbound Marketing

The long tail – selling small quantities of a large number of differing products – Amazon.

The newest technologies allow marketers to focus on user:
Engagement – creating connections with customers.

Participation – uploading comments, photos and videos.

Co-creation – Ex. Software beta testing, Doritos create your own commercial contest

The Future: Stepping Stones to Web 3.0
Wireless networking is continuing to rapidly expand

Appliances are converging and becoming “smart.”

Lines between traditional and new media are blurring.

“Big Data”, Cloud Computing, Wearable Computing

What is the Meaning of Appliance Convergence:
The receiving appliance is separate from the media type.
-Computers, Tablets, and Phones can receive live radio and TV.
-Cell phones and TV sets can receive the Web.
How do experts characterize Web 3.0?
The mobile device will be the primary Internet connection tool by 2020 (Pew Research, 2012).

Interactive media will cannibalize traditional media (Forrester Research, 2013).

Web 3.0 will ultimately be seen as applications which are pieced together run on any device, are very fast and are distributed virtually (Eric Schmidt, Google Chairman).

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