World Geography Chapter 10 Study Questions Critical Analysis

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The conflict between which groups has affected Mexico’s development?
The Indian and Spanish cultures
How was life changed by the Spanish conquest?
Spanish brought their catholic religion and spanish became the native language.
How might Mexico be different if the Spanish had never conquered it?
Aztecs and Mayans may have advanced Mexico’s development. Mexico may have had more money because resources would not have been take to Spain.
Mexico is built on the ruins of what culture?
the Aztec culture.
Why are Jose Orozco and Diego Rivera important to Mexico’s culture?
Painting took the form of public art. They portrayed the history of Mexico on public buildings.
How is the influence of Mexico’s ancient cultures still visible?
In architecture.
Why are Mexicans moving to cities?
They see economic opportunities there.
Why is NAFTA so important to Mexico?
Has created a huge zone of cooperation on trade and economic issues.
What is the most important part of Mexico’s economy today?
Manufacturing is the most important part of Mexico’s recent economic development.
Why is education important to Mexico?
Without edcutation and trainging young workers cannot find good jobs.
What brought about the United Provices of Central America?
Central America declared independence from Mexico.
Where did the African influence in the Caribbean come from?
From the African slaves that were brought to the Caribbean and forced to work on the plantations.
Who were the European powers in the Caribbean, and how did most of them earn their wealth?
Spanish, French, British, Dutch, and Danish. They earned their wealth from the sugar trade.
What are the two major cultural blends of the Caribbean islands?
Native Americans influences with thoses of the Spanish settlers.
Why is there such a cultural blend in the Caribbean Islands?
Central American and the Caribbean are close to each other geographically and their cultures show a blending of influences. It effects everything from religion to language.
What are three reasons for poverty in the region?
1. colonialism
2. sugar declined
3. natural resources were exported and used locally
Why is the Panama Canal important?
The canal made possible the exchange of both goods and ideas.
What countries have influence and shaped music in Central America and the Caribbean?
Music was influenced and shaped by Africa.
What is an informal economy?
Takes place outside of official channels without benefits or protection for workers.
Why might reggae be popular in the Caribbean?
Because reggae songs deal with social problems and religion. People can identify with those topics.
What ancient civilization was located in the Andes Mountains of Peru?
The Inca civilization.
What is one lasting legacy of the Incas?
Millions of native peoples still speak Quechua, the Incan language.
What is a cultural mosaic?
a number of societies with different cultures living near each other but not mixing.
How did colonialsm affect the development of government in South America?
1. strong militaries
2. underdeveloped economies
3. social class division
What sorts of music are popular in South America?
Musicians play drums, guitars, marimabas, maracas, and flutes. The music combines Indian, African and European elements. Classical music is also important.
What makes the region able to produce a wide variety of products?
Because of its unique combination of resources, landforms, climate, and vegetation.
What country is South America’s greatest economic success story?
Is the literacy rate in South America higher or lower than in other parts of Lating America?
Higher literacy rates.
What indications are there that the literacy rate is high in South America?
They support colleges, universities and technical schools that train students for careers. As measured by the number of students in school and copies of daily newspapers and books published per capita, most of the countries of the region show high rates of education and literacy.
Why is a high leteracy rate important to a country?
Without education the country will continue to make the same mistakes and never progress.
What resource was Portugal’s source of wealth in Brazil?
Sugar plantations
Why did the patterns of settlement occur along the coast?
Rainforests made farming difficult.
What three influences have shaped the culture of Brazil?
Portugues influences
Native American elements
African influences.
What are the primary language and religion of Brazil?
Portuguese language
Catholic religion
What has made Brazil an industrial power?
Natural resources: gold, silver, deposits of iron and bauxite. tin and manganes.
What is an important part of the economy in the western interior?
..Commercial agriculture is an important part of the economy in the western interior. That is because of the cerrado-the fertile grasslands, similar to the Great Plains in the United States, that provide rich farmland.
Which city is the cultural center of Brazil?
Rio de Janeiro
Why are drug abuse and crime so high in Rio de Janeiro?
Crime waves and drug abuse are the result of poverty.
How does poverty contribute to drug abuse and high crime rates?
…As one gap between rich and poor widens, people abuse drugs and resort to crime as a result of their economic differences.
Why is it important for the rich to help out the poor?
…The poor will continue to prey upon the rich.

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