North River Hights at the tip of Manhattan present day

Theme #1
“Just because your different doesn’t mean you can’t do what others can”

Theme #2
“You have to be willing to try new things if you want something to change”

Auggie says he doesn’t want to go to school but he ends up liking it

1. Auggie has flashbacks about his sugeries
2. The night Auggie was born
3. At the ice cream shop when Jack saw Auggie for the first time
4. Auggie’s birthday party when he was little

1. Jack is nice to Auggie/Jack becomes Auggie’s friend
2. Auggie’s hearing get really bad/Auggie has to get hearing aids

Plot Diagram
Introduction: We find out Auggie is deformed
Narrative Hook: We find out Auggie has to go to school
Rising Action: Auggie is being bullied
Climax/Falling Action: The older kids try to beat up Auggie
Resolution: Auggie is no longer bullied and has lots of friends


Idiom #1
The butterflies in my stomach were more like pigeons flying around my insides Pg.35

Idiom #2
By now it felt like that happened a hundred years ago Pg.55

Simile #1
It smelled like a hospital Pg.16

Simile #2
Like she was pushing against a headache Pg.34

Metaphor #1
My heart started racing like I’d just run the longest race in the world Pg.20

Metaphor #2
The old guy who walks up and down the street whistling like a bird Pg.35

Personification #1
Were kind of like Beauty and the Beast Pg.56

Personification #2
Your deeds are your monuments Pg.65

Hyperbole #1
Lamb to the slaughter Pg.12

Hyperbole #2
Like my face was contagious Pg.61

Onomatopoeia #1
Flash,Flash Pg.307

Onomatopoeia #2
Click,Click Pg.307

Again and Again
“Like a lamb to the slaughter”

Tough Questions
“Does August see how other people see him or has he gotten so good at pretending not to see that it doesn’t bother him.”
“But I stood where I was and listened to Jack Will finish what he was saying “I mean the thing is; he always followed me around. What am I supposed to do?”

Words of the wiser
“But he has many angles looking out for him Via and I want you to know that you have me looking out for you. You are my everything.”

Memory Moment
“My parents got divorced the summer before ninth grade.”

Aha moment
“Thank you for making me go to school,” I said quietly.”
“I’ve been talking to Julian about August. Oh man. Now I understood! I was so mean.”

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