WONDER pg. 162-244 Vocabulary for pages 162-244 in Wonder

Term Definition
retrospect (noun) a review of past events
impressionable (adjective) easy to influence
stringent (adjective) very strict or severe
protocol (noun) a system of rules that explain correct procedures to be followed
empathy (noun) the feeling that you share and understand another person's feelings
virtues (noun) good and moral behavior
fringe (noun) along the edge of something
interjects (verb) to interrupt what someone else is saying
monologues (noun) a long speech given by a character in a play
theorems (noun) a formula in math
bionic (adjective) made stronger by special electronic devices
taciturn (adjective) tending to be quiet, not speaking frequently
et cetera (Latin expression) and so forth
prude (noun) a person who is easily shocked or offended
restrain (verb) to keep under control; prevent from doing something

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