Women’s Involvement in the Anti-Slavery Movement Essay Example
Women’s Involvement in the Anti-Slavery Movement Essay Example

Women’s Involvement in the Anti-Slavery Movement Essay Example

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  • Published: June 18, 2022
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Women play key roles in ensuring sustainability in any society just like men. The issue of gender equality has risen for a considerable period. Women rights enforce a position of social and legal equality of males and females. In 19th century anti- slavery movement was established to terminate Atlantic slave trade that was carried out in the Atlantic Ocean. Women played a vital role in the abolition movement both black Quakers and white female slaves stood firmly against slavery. Women participated in ensuring slavery came to an end through various means, among them including poems and letters. Women wrote both missives and poems criticizing slavery.

Women also assumed the responsibility of educating both free and enslaved blacks. They disseminated the information both formally and informally to fight against discrimination which caused racism and the slave trade. Furthermore, they founded their


organization against slavery. Such organizations included The Society of Philadelphia women’s Anti-slavery. This group was formed to enforce the work of “The American Anti-Slavery Society". They worked with this organization for a while, and immediately they acquired necessary tactics and skills they formed their independent one.

Men were mostly taken as slaves and transported to work in foreign countries. This act of kidnapping men resulted in many social problems. It is because of these problems, which were exposed to women when their energetic husbands and relatives have been taken as slaves that motivated women to participate in the struggle against slavery.
In West Africa, there was a development of Mulatto family. Women in areas where slavery was contacted were widowed, children rendered fatherless since many men were kidnapped and enslaved. Key among those issues was that majority o

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the slaves died on their way to a destination. Female considered this as in human and decided to fight to end this act.

Nevertheless, women contributed to abolish slavery, though they were denied a right to vote, their campaign strategy was employed in struggle from suffrage. They participated in a campaign to abolish the slave trade. They moved from the private to political arena campaigning against the slave trade, “is a woman half of human species so that are subjected to prejudice that brutalizes them”. This was used to quote how African slaves were mistreated.

Finally, changes were made in parliaments after a long struggle and were given a right to sign petitions. They used that opportunity to ensure that they presented their views to parliament.

Women who played a key role in the abolishment of slavery includes; Hannah more. She wrote an imaginative literature on slavery. Immediately after Quaker practice allowed women to speak publicly, Lucretia motto was the first female speaking openly against slavery in Quaker meetings. She was very active in Pennsylvania in abolition. Motto and seventeen other women founded the Philadelphia Female Antislavery Society. She was the first woman to run an organization. Other key women who helped in slave abolishment include, Sara Grimke, Maria Weston Chapman, Angelina Grimke, Mary Livermore, Martha Wright and Julia Ward Howe.

Both abolition and women’s rights movement were in existence in the pre-civil war. The two movements are closely linked together since a majority of the women involved in abolition movement became leaders in women’s rights movement. This movement applied the argument that human rights were female rights and thus they must be considered as equal as men. They

argued that they are not supposed to be discriminated against color and gender. Although this movement had less achievement due to a division that arose stipulating whether women should be given leadership roles or should they be mere subordinates. The two movements laid down the foundation of feminist, women’s rights and females color movements that exist.

In conclusion, women played primary role in abolishment of slavery. However, their contribution has not being published as that of men. Nevertheless, they were involved fully in struggled to equity and equity and equality in America.

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