Whole Foods Market: Will There Be Enough Organic Food to Satisfy the Growing Demand

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Whole Foods. founded by John Mackey. is one of the largest natural nutrient food market ironss that is seeking to convey a more organic and natural manner of purchasing and devouring nutrients to its consumer base. In order to supply this to consumers. it is of import that Whole Foods continues to turn in the organic nutrient market. As they grow. there needs to be uninterrupted supply for the demand for organic nutrient. Outline of the Situation Whole Foods entered the industry hitting the land running. doing a name for them and positioning themselves as a taking natural nutrient concatenation.

Whole Foods Market’s success continues to turn. but in this market. the proprietor knows that he or she must keep this success and run into the company’s growing marks along with doing a net income. Continuing to adhere to the company’s doctrine and mission statement has helped with their continual growing through amalgamations. new shop gaps and other purchases. Key Issues The issues that Whole Foods Market faces are keeping quality and a repute through a turning industry.

Harasta & A ; Hoffman states the organic nutrient industry is turning and Whole Foods finds itself viing hard to keep its elect presence ( Pearce & A ; Robinson. 2010 ) . The competition for Whole Foods continues to turn because of the turning demand for natural and organic nutrient. Other issues that arise for Whole Foods are the competition with larger food market ironss. troubles with providers. and the possibility of non holding the merchandises for the clients. Merely 3 % of U. S. farming area is organic. so there is limited end product ( Pearce & A ; Robinson. 2010 ) .

Whole Foods must besides confront the fact that shop locations could go limited. When the consumer base and location sites are defined by those that have a college instruction. higher income and population denseness. one could be puting the concern up for failure in the hereafter. Prime shop locations and the supply of organic nutrients are possible scarce resources ( Pearce & A ; Robinson. 2010 ) . Whole Foods other job comes from the competition of jobbers. When selling organic natural nutrients one can non box it and sell it in majority. Specify the Problem

John Mackey faces the quandary of being able to run into the ends that have been set for his food market concern and still provide the consumer with quality organic and natural nutrients. This must be done without endangering the repute of Whole Foods while go oning the growing in the different communities and states. John Mackey is unsure about how to run into the company’s aggressive growing marks ( Pearce & A ; Robinson. 2010 ) . Alternate Solutions Mackey knows that in order to maintain this company traveling in the way he wants. he must go on to supply quality nutrient to his consumers. continue the growing of Whole Foods’ . and convey in gross.

The company will necessitate to travel after the disposable money and continue to put up shops in the local communities that believe in the mission and vision of Whole Foods. The disposable money comes from the aging babe boomers. urban singles. and adult females who work. Baby Boomers are the impulsive demand for organic nutrient in general because they are health-conscious and can afford to pay higher monetary values ( Pearce & A ; Robinson. 2010 ) . Baby Boomers are many urban singles and adult females who work and are more focussed on a healthy diet. even if it means they must pay more.

Selected Solution to the Problem The solution that will convey everything together for Whole Foods is to remain on the top. In making so. they may increase the growing rate and make their targeted 12 billion in gross in their fiscal operations. Though Whole Foods proprietors can non command the supply of organic nutrient from providers. they can do certain that they provide outstanding service and quality to their consumers and a work environment for their staff that is superior compared to others.

If Whole Foods stays true to their mission. there will be no uncertainty that they will be able to go on spread outing whether it is through unifying. acquisitions. or merely opening new locations. The demand for organic and natural nutrient is increasing as persons continue to educate themselves on how such nutrients help them and their family’s life style. Execution To guarantee that Whole Foods continues to turn. the company has implemented utilizing selling tools in certain locations to sell different organic merchandises that are less in monetary value.

They continue with their charitable parts. which help distribute word of oral cavity. therefore acquiring more persons in their shop. By geting other companies and unifying it besides helps with the growing that Whole Foods is seeking to keep. Recommendations If Whole Foods Market wants to go on to turn and make their 12 billion dollar gross with its 300 plus shops. they must go on to supply quality merchandises to their clients and a quality work environment for their employees.

Consumers stay loyal to trade names if the company stays loyal to the consumer. In making this. the consumer is more disposed to pull more of their friends and household into back uping and seting their money into purchasing organic and natural nutrients. Conclusion Whole Foods Market has been steady turning and altering the manner its consumers eat. The company has been providing persons with quality organic and natural nutrients. By keeping and populating up to their vision and mission. Whole Foods Market will go on to turn and run into ends that the company has established.

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