What Drives Success Essay Example
What Drives Success Essay Example

What Drives Success Essay Example

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  • Published: January 25, 2018
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Refundable, It talks about how certain groups of people are more successful than other groups. It also talks about how certain groups raise their children on their high expectations and beliefs Instilled In them.

In "A Letter to America," by Margaret Atwood, It talks about how America has changed pre- 1 sass to what we are experiencing In the 21st Century. The common theme In these articles Is the family values that are strong encouraging children to do their best to get ahead and not have things handed to them.

Pre-1950 as an era that was grounded around the family. Parent's were not handing things to the kids. Children were taught to value the education provided for them and respect authority.

The government stood for a Ideals that supported faith. Family and respected people's


constitutional rights. The smaller cultural groups that seem to be doing better than most Americans in their drive for successful lives and careers stem from sold families who have instilled in their children to value education and a better life based on their abilities to earn through concentration in their studies and a strong work ethic.

America has been evolving into a country who has compromised it's constitutional history, is not as respected in the current world, is moving from a God faith based nation, and has an economy that has been on a downward spiral.

The effect on current families results in the parents wanting to give to their children so they do not feel the effects of having to battle the negatives. Children are more "expecting" of success being handed to them. They have not, in general, th

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same strong values that their parents were raised with to work hard for what they accomplish in their life.

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