Web1 Chp-8 Quiz

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A table with a width set to 600 pixels will look _______ on a monitor with resolution set to 640 x 480 than on a monitor with resolution set to 1024 x 768
Use the _____ tag pair to begin and end a table row.
Screen readers and other assistive technologies typically access a table in a linear manner – that is, they “read” the table row by row.
To create a new class in your CSS file to set a background color for a row you could use the following
.altrow {background-color:#CCAA66; }
The colspan attribute of the td tag specifies the number of columns that a cell will occupy.
Use the ______ attribute to configure the width of a table border.
To increase the accessibility of tables, one should use the summary attribute of the eleble element to provide an overview of the table contents.
Use _______ element to indicate column or row headings.
To define the distance between the cell text and the cell border in a table, use the ____ attribute.
Use the ________ tag pair to configure a table head row group.
When specifying the table, td, and th selectors in a CSS file, do not specify any punctuation marks before the selectors (such as # or .)
Table cells usually contain other HTML tags such as paragraphs, headings, and tables.
Choose the best answer below to the following question: Is the following CSS code valid?

table { border: 2px #000000 solid;
border-collapse: collapse;

The valign attribute of the table element specifies the alignment of the table with the values right, center, and left.
Use the headers attribute on the ___ tag to correspond to the id attribute on a ___ tag

Use the ______ attribute on a

element to associate it with a table heading cell.
headers (remember the “ERS”. It’s headers, not heading.)
An HTML table is comprised of ____ and ______.
rows and columns
The __________ attribute of the anchor tag can cause the new web page to open in its own browser window.
Use the CSS ______ property to configure the cellpadding of a table.
To define the distance between the edges of each cell in a table use the _____ attribute.
The technique used to nest a table within another is to place the interior table within a table cell (

) of the exterior table.
Common uses of tables on web pages include:
Both of these… (Formatting the layout of an entire page, Formatting a group of information)
Is the following XHTML code valid?

The term “deprecated” means “strongly disapproved of” and with regard to XHTML features, such as the align attribute of the

element, implies that one should avoid using them because those features have become super-seded (replaced by) other features such as CSS and may raise warning messages.
Use the ____ tag pair to configure table headings.
To configure the table cells to share a common border and eliminate the default space between table cells configure the ___________.
border-collapse: collapse;
The purpose of the _______ element is to describe the contents of a table.

element requires the border attribute.
Use the ________ tag pair to configure a table footer row group.
The __________ is an attribute of the

tag that provides accessibility.

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