We Need Drinking Water and Not Coke and Pepsi in Rural India

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Now a days irony of the situation in our country is that in our rural areas proper sanitary, clean drinking water is not there, but because of aggressive marketing the products of the soft drinks major have reached these places. Any small shop in remotest of the rural area will have these companies products. While people have to tread miles for bringing clean water, pepsi, cola will be within their easy reach. What will be the choice they tend to make? They will obviously buy cola, pepsi to satitiate their dry throat.

While on the one hand water is very good for our body and helps cure many disease, excessive drinking of cola items will slowly make some undesirable impact on our body. CSE have many times proved that it contains unwanted materials like pesticides in low percentage. But government is reluctant to hear. It’s only the failure of government that drought like conditions still exist in our villages. In some villages people wash, bath and drink water of same pond. Is it not necessary that government Should promote water purifying companies to set up at these places and provide clean drinking water.

There operations can be made profitable by the government or steps like if any industry is set up in areas starved of clean drinking water then they should be made mandatory as part of corporate social responsibility to purify water and supply clean water to villages. They should get rebate on some taxes because of this. If the government Becomes proactive and ensure rural areas to get clean water their obvious choice will not be cola, pepsi but water. Then there body will be protected from harmful chemicals these so called soft drinks had to offer.

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