VP Of Marketing Negotiation Essay Example
VP Of Marketing Negotiation Essay Example

VP Of Marketing Negotiation Essay Example

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  • Published: December 24, 2017
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Both of your daughters always want the newest liberty pop star products whether it perfume by Jennifer Lopez or tee-shirts by Beyond'. Because of this, you think introducing a doll with a celebrity's face would drive huge sales for the company. Your team's research indicates that there is a large market for a pop star line of dolls and a more moderate market for a sports star line of dolls. Projected sales volume for the pop star line Is around 4,000,000 If you could use celebrity likenesses. Sales volume would be about half that amount without celebrity likeness.

This is the same sales volume that your team projected for a sports star line of dolls with liberty likeness. A revamp of the Ashley doll only has a projected sales volume of 500,000.


You think that Jennifer Lopez would be a perfect candidate for the first pop star doll because she has so much exposure due to the different Industries she Is involved in: music, acting, clothing, and fragrance. If such a doll were to be introduced, you feel that the 812 year age group is the most appropriate because of the actress's sexy, risqué© image.

Since soccer is the fastest-growing female sport In the U. S. And the women's U. S. Soccer team is very popular among teens since winning the World Cup and Olympic Gold, you think releasing a sports doll is also a good way to create new sales for the company. You have seen the way your daughters have fallen In love with 1 OFF Ham, former captain of the Champion U. S. Women's Soccer Team, would be a good candidat

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for the first doll of a sports star line of dolls.

She holds the record as world's all-time leading scorer (male or female) and on her first year of eligibility was inducted in the National Soccer Hall of Fame. The best selling point for the sports star line is that it can be introduced to girls in the 3+ age group because of the wholesome image and universal appeal of a female sports star. You want Newport Girl to introduce both the pop star and sport star line of dolls at the same time like Matter did with the My Scene and Flaw dolls. You are not enthusiastic about creating another marketing campaign for that stale Ashley doll.

With the two new lines of celebrity doll, you think that Newport Girl can capture 10% of the market share for dolls compared to the measly 5% you now have. Brat alone has 25% of the doll market stealing 15% from Matter in Just two years. If the celebrity doll line really takes off, it too could catapult Newport Girl to feature 25% market share and perhaps steal some of Brat sales. You are interested in pricing the doll below the competitive average in order to penetrate the market with this new doll.

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