Violent Video Games and its Players Essay Example
Violent Video Games and its Players Essay Example

Violent Video Games and its Players Essay Example

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  • Published: July 28, 2021
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Video gaming has gained popularity among people of different age groups as a source of entertainment. Some argue that the complexity of video games improves intelligence.

Advocates of video games argue that playing them can improve problem-solving abilities through trial and error, supporting the positive impact of gaming. However, there are various negative consequences linked to playing violent video games. These consequences include the development of harmful habits, association between violence and crime, and manifestation of aggressive thoughts and behaviors.

To begin with, frequent involvement in video games leads to the formation of detrimental habits as players spend long periods alone in a room solely focused on the screen. This can result in a decline in their social skills, causing them to lose interest in maintaining relationships with friends and family. Furthermore, this lack of interest may also extend to academic performance, resu


lting in subpar grades.

Furthermore, playing violent video games encourages individuals to associate pleasure with wrongdoing and brutality. These games provide rewards for causing harm to others or engaging in criminal activities, which goes against the typical notion of positive actions being rewarded. For instance, Grand Theft Auto allows players to participate in drug trafficking, money laundering, and homicide. Moreover, it has been argued that the interactive nature of video games amplifies the impact of violence compared to violence seen on television. A psychology professor from Ohio State University emphasizes several international studies that confirm a clear link between violent video games and aggression.

According to studies, aggressive behavior, thoughts, feelings, and emotions have increased among individuals. These studies also suggest that playing violent video games is associated with violence and crime, leading to the development of

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aggression both inside and outside the game. The presence of violence in video games encourages players to virtually harm others. Psychologists Craig Anderson and Karen Dill found that a study showed young men who are consistently aggressive may be particularly vulnerable to the aggression-enhancing effects of repeated exposure to violent games. Two separate studies were conducted: one showed a negative impact on academic performance while the other revealed that players of violent video games punished their opponents for longer periods compared to non-players. Additionally, they discovered that those who play the game learn moves, strategies, and techniques that could improve their response in real-life situations.

However, human beings are active processors and not passive. Therefore, the acquisition of problem-solving strategies through the scientific method is advantageous. Conversely, engaging in violent video games does not result from psychological changes in an individual. An excessive emphasis on gaming leads to a lack of interest in significant social activities such as spending time with loved ones or engaging in other pursuits. The player's interaction with the game ultimately generates a feeling of fulfillment from achieving kills or completing missions and receiving rewards. This results in the emergence of negative thoughts, emotions, and behaviors rather than endorsing violence and criminality.

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