Do Violent Video Games Makes Kids Angry and Cruel? Essay Example
Do Violent Video Games Makes Kids Angry and Cruel? Essay Example

Do Violent Video Games Makes Kids Angry and Cruel? Essay Example

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  • Published: August 22, 2021
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I choose this topic because I personally think this is true, because when I was in kenya I was obsessed with video games like GTA, mortal kombat, street fighter v and so many of them I spent most of my time playing, I hated losing but when I lost I would destroy everything fight my sibling get mad everytime and also sometimes fight my teachers but i'll end getting beat up by teachers. My mom always stop me from playing but i'll sneak out and pay money to play the games with my friends.

Popular games these day are all about shooting, killing and stealing too. Kids play these games for entertainment and I know they are fun because I play them too. But This is som


e serious thing, kids don't need to play this kind of game because games can influence children to do so. Major issue people see when discussing this topic is that children who play video games often wrap their sense of reality, this kids will play those games and have fun shooting people and killing people thinking that nothing will happens and they will do that in real which will end up losing their mind.

Video games are like drugs, am saying this because for example someone who is addicted to smoking cigarette, they can’t stop doing i

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no matter what. With the advancement of technology however, video games are becoming more realistic, that they will forget what's real and what’s not. The video games can create a fantasy world for the children playing it can make them dissociate with reality.

Parent want to make their children happy by buying them those games but they don't know what they are facing and what they are bringing to themselves. People blame musician and artist who portray negative action as something positive, while others blame parents for not watching over their kids. But many people fail to bring up technology as an issue.

Since the violent games became popular in the 1980s the adolescent who play these games became more aggressive and cruel than before. This led to teen bullying others and violence toward women and mostly their parents and teachers.

These teen have grown crazy and don't care about anything or anyone. They fight all the time, curse at one another and might threaten to kill their victim. Along with their growth, it is a concern for the community how this teen will end up in the future.

Cruel and aggressive kids in the school environment have brought to so much destruction. Many of them come to school with behaviour problems that impede their learning and also disrupt the learning of other children.

Teachers get frustrated as they spend most of their time settling the class. It can cause so much damage to the brain mainly because people act

out what they see like if someone listens to music all day long they will start to sing the song, while if they play violent games everytime, they will start to believe this is normal.

Almost 99% of the people play the violent games, at times parents can be shocked when they see the aggression and violence in the games. Some say these are just games nothing bad is going to happen however, such violent games for the developing personality of a young person. Teenage is a complicated period for most of the children, when their bodies and mind undergoes lot of change from childhood to adulthood.

At most of the time they find themselves fighting and argues with who they are playing with. It can break friendship and relationship too, they don't understand what they have done wrong yet they find themselves in the conflict with the surrounded world and experience lot of negative emotions.

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