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Throughout Bram Stokers novel Dracula and William Shakespeare’s calamity Macbeth. the female characters Mina. Lucy. and Lady Macbeth represent the negative and positive facets of the presence of adult females in certain state of affairss. Throughout the full novel.

Mina possesses a “good heart” and great regard for her hubby. Dracula influences Lucy all the manner to her decease and into her after life as a lamia. Lady Macbeth is the true kernel of immorality because she merely “adds more fuel to the flames” .Lady Macbeth makes it clear that her motivations are all personal.

but Macbeth ever plays a critical component in all her actions. “All hail Macbeth! Hail to thee. Thane of Glamis! All hail Macbeth! Hail to thee. Thane of Cawdor! All hail Macbeth. that shalt be king afterlife! ( 17 ) ” . the enchantresss originally put the thought that Macbeth will be king one twenty-four hours.

After larning this information Macbeth writes a missive to his married woman. Lady Macbeth immediately has ideas of how great life would be as queen and the possible power. The minute Lady Macbeth hears that King Duncan is coming to see ideas of assassinating Duncan filters her head. Though she wants Duncan dead. she wants nil to make with the slaying and forces Macbeth to kill the adult male. Lady Macbeth may non desire apart in the decease.

but finally her custodies feel the blood of Duncan and everlastingly she is traumatized.Lady Macbeth has a downward spiral after Duncan decease ; she often sleepwalks and at one point confessed to the slaying of Duncan. After Macbeth’s coronating. straight subsequently he starts to experience dissatisfied thought that he must extinguish the competition to the throne. “O.

full of Scorpios is my head. beloved married woman! Thou know’st that Banquo and his Fleance lives. ( 93 ) ” . Macbeth admits to Lady Macbeth that he needs to reassure himself that the Crown will be his. Lady Macbeth has her ain jobs. but Macbeth gives the feeling that his jobs are merely emerging.

During the Elizabethan epoch work forces were expected to better the position of all household members. so is it incorrect for Lady Macbeth to desire more power.Lady Macbeth exhibits a province of craze ; her craving for power makes her amour propre that her actions may be condemned. Her craze or fright comes in all different signifiers from sleep walking to her concluding self-destruction decease. The adult females ofher clip were normally homemakers and were expected to gestate a kid every two old ages ; though a kid was born every two old ages households were little. changeless unwellness caused the decease of many kids.

Lady Macbeth does non of all time gestate a kid or make the active responsibility as a homemaker ; for her clip she was vague and viewed as out of topographic point. Her unconventional function and traffics denounced her from Elizabethan society. and her inability to suit the cast might hold led to her craze. The power she so craved drove her mad.

she had gained the extreme power available and yet her actions still haunted her.
Macbeth seeks the advice of the enchantresss after recognizing that Lady Macbeth is in no province to react about Macbeth’s state of affairs. The three enchantresss hover over a bubbly caldron ; Macbeth enters the belowground cave and asks the enchantresss to prognostications about his unsure hereafter. They respond by saying that Macduff should be closely watched and “none of adult female born shall harm Macbeth” . The enchantresss disappear before Macbeth could acquire a clear.

expressed response. Macbeth does non desire any obscure commentary that could impact his hereafter. The thought ” none of adult female born shall harm Macbeth” is a obscure statement that can be altered and viewed in many different visible radiations. The enchantresss influence Macbeth to believe he is unbeatable to adult male ; their techniques in pull stringsing Macbeth demo how adult females bring out his negative qualities and influence him into going something he is non.The enchantresss immediate interaction with Macbeth start the secret plan for Macbeth.

William Shakespeare has the adult females characters in Macbeth’s life adjust Macbeth’s head and indefinitely change the class of the calamity. The presence of adult females throughout the book alterations Macbeth’s position. the decease of Duncan possibly would non hold happened if Lady Macbeth was non at that place to force Macbeth. If the enchantresss did non foretell Macbeth’s future possibly Macbeth would non hold gone on to go male monarch and remained a war hero. The calamity Macbeth would non be considered a calamity if Macbeth was non altered by the presence of adult females.

Lady Macbeth and the enchantresss do their portion in the calamity to impact all of Macbeth’s actions.Throughout the fresh Dracula. Bram Stoker shows the assortment in Victorianadult females. Mina shows her failings. but shows greater qualities when actuating to kill Dracula.

Lucy is Mina’s best friend and shows her Victorian values in a wholly different manner. her showy behaviour leads to patronize brush with many work forces.
Dracula is a really challenging character. At the beginning of the fresh Bram Stoker makes the reader believe that Dracula is a good.

warm hearted individual by the manner he treats Jonathan Harker at his place. “Welcome to my house. Enter freely and of your ain will” ( 22 ) . Dracula frequently refers to Jonathan as his good friend and comrade. Dracula would come merely during the dark clip and speak with Jonathon. but shortly plenty he would pick up on small things that the Count would make and reason his superstitious notions.

“When the Count saw my face. his eyes blazed with a kind of amuck rage. and he all of a sudden made a grab at my pharynx. I drew off. and his manus touched the twine of beads which held the rood.

It made an instant alteration in him. for the rage passed so rapidly that I could barely believe that it was of all time there” ( 31 ) . This event for Jonathan confirms that the Count has alternate motivations for maintaining Jonathan in the palace. It’s dry that at the get downing the count offered Jonathan to come in and go forth as he pleases but now makes him remain for an excess month. This makes Jonathan to believe is being held a captive.Mina Harker is called into the narrative when she receives a missive from the infirmary stating that her hubby is ill.

Mina goes to the infirmary where he Jonathan is being kept. Jonathan had a encephalon febrility after he left the Counts place. So Mina goes to him ; he does non retrieve a thing about his stay at the Dracula’s palace. Soon after they leave and get married.

Mina plays her function as a Victorian adult female her because of this. Mina goes to her hubby who is really sick ; Mina went out of her manner to see Jonathan in Transylvanian infirmary.Stoker used Lucy to convey the fright of sexual look. and the fright of the result of female sexual look.

Lucy starts out as the ideal Victorian adult female. but that image is challenged when she receives three matrimony proposals from Dr. Seward. Quincy Morris.

and Arthur Holmwood. Lucy becomestopic to gender when Stoker portrays her as an object of desire. and when she states “Why can’t they let a miss marry three work forces. or every bit many as want her.

and salvage all this problem? ” . non merely does the involvement of the three work forces make Lucy an object of desire. but her inquiry of adult females get marrieding as many work forces as they want besides shows that Lucy herself has desires. This desire is a cardinal feature of exposure that the other female lead in the narrative. Mina. does non hold.

That is why Lucy falls easy for Dracula’s transmutation procedure.
The transmutation procedure of Lucy ; the passage from being an ideal Victorian adult female to a sexual animal. and so back to a perfect adult female through her ultimate death via a interest being driven through her bosom. is another method Stoker uses to convey the fright of sexual look. The description of her decease shows that she has crossed into the kingdom of the supernatural: the lesions on her cervix disappear and her beauty returns to her in decease. and that she has clearly become a Vampire.

Dracula’s onslaught has transformed an ideal Victorian adult female into a sexual marauder.Mina is a character Stoker uses to stand for the ideal Victorian adult female. and therefore represents anti-sexual look in the narrative. and the biass that society had against adult females. To all of the work forces in the narrative. Mina is a true Victorian heroine.

who aides them in calculating out the enigma of Jonathan’s unusual narratives and Lucy’s decease. It is made clear that adult females were expected to be true. Sweet and baronial. and that Van Helsing is praising Mina and warning all other characters in the narrative who don’t run into the idealistic criterions.

With Stoker depicting Mina as the perfect adult female. he conveys the thought that without this idealism. a adult female doesn’t have a topographic point in blue Victorian society.Stoker besides makes Mina an interesting character in the sense that he allows her to believe of get awaying suppression of society and showing non merely gender. but besides thoughts of female equality.

yet in the terminal of the novel she becomes the every-day Victorian adult female with a house. hubby. and kids. Mina throughout the novel is a audacious character. and is shown to be a really intelligent adult female who is extremely respected by the physicians.

andseems to be advanced in her thought for the Victorian clip periodBibliography-Bram Stroker’s. . ”Dracula”William SHakespeare’s…”Macbeth”

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