Vabes in Day to Day Life Essay Example
Vabes in Day to Day Life Essay Example

Vabes in Day to Day Life Essay Example

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  • Published: November 5, 2017
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Level Three Leadership is explained by James G. Clawson and through lectures in class as discovering the VABEs of the individuals you lead. Even though these individuals Values, Assumptions, Beliefs, and Expectations (VABEs) are unobservable, they are essential in knowing your employees’ behaviors. I have learned to indentify personal VABEs within my own experiences and in everyday life.

The first situation that occurred where I was able to identify my personal VABEs took place a couple of weekends ago.I was at a bar with a large group of my friends celebrating our mutual friend’s 21st birthday. We were obviously drinking alcoholic beverages and a friend of mine decided he was going to attempt to drive home. My personal values of not breaking the law or even putting other’s lives in danger, my assumptions


that driving intoxicated implies danger for the driver and others, my association VABE or belief that “drunk driving” is bad, and my expectations of danger when people drive intoxicated all conflicted with my friend’s notion of driving to his apartment.

The ultimate behavior that transpired from this VABE was aggression and perseverance to make this event not occur. I think this is because I felt so strongly through my VABEs that my friend driving home was not a good idea, let alone a dangerous one. My VABEs regarding this situation are so strong in my heart that I believe my aggression and perseverance in proving my point is well warranted and needed. The only thing I would change about my behavior and approach would be to express my VABEs earlier, allowing my friend to plan a ride home and be prepared for my

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reaction.The second situation that occurred where I was able to identify my personal VABEs was at my Fraternity’s formal dinner last week.

There was standard dinner conversation during the meal and a colleague of mine was chewing with his mouth open and talking with food in his mouth. This event triggered my personal VABEs; my personal values of the importance of proper dinner etiquette, my assumptions that chewing with your mouth closed is proper and polite, and expectation that proper dinner etiquette implies a gentleman.The behavior that transpired was my decreased involvement in the rest of the conversations and irritated glares in the direction of my colleague. I believe this is because I value the conduct of my brothers as gentlemen and this behavior went against my personal VABEs.

I shouldn’t have become short in the conversation, I really should have shared my personal VABEs after the dinner and prompt his input on the situation.

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