USD THEA 201 Chapter 10 Quiz

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Besides being one of the first Westerns, what is significant about Edwin S. Porter’s 1903 film The Great Train Robbery?
It was one of the first films that pioneered the idea of continuity editing.
German expressionist films are characterized by _____________ settings, ____________ camera angles, and themes such as _____________.
exaggerated; oblique; alienation
Historians who chart the history of cinema technology examine might pose all of the following questions, EXCEPT:
Who saw the films, how, and why?
How would you characterize the Hollywood studio system during the classical period?
a top-down organization in which management controlled everything
Orson Welles was considered one of cinema’s greatest directors because
he had the vision to do something differently and the talent to inspire collaborators to experiment and help him realize that vision.
The Dogme 95 movement in Denmark drafted a manifesto that includes which of the following rules?
The director must not be credited.
What are the four traditional approaches to film history?
aesthetic, technological, economic, social
Which Soviet filmmaker considered film editing to be a creative process that functioned according to the dialectics of Karl Marx?
Which approach to film history is concerned with the artistic significance and influence of individual films or directors?
aesthetic approach
Which approach to film history would address the formation of the studio system, the distribution and exhibition of movies, and the rise of an independent system of film production?
economic approach

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