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History pg. 142-145

Who is Moctezuma? the ruler of the Aztecs Where had the Spanish begun establishing colonies on the islands of the Caribbean Sea the ruler of the Aztecs Moctezuma what were a few advantages the Spanish had that protected them from the Aztecs metal armor, muskets, and horses why did cortes go to tenochtitlan? to conquer […]

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Chapter 3 US History

question What were the personal qualities needed to explore and settle in the new lands? answer Courage, Practical Know how, bottomless ddetermination question Daniel Boone warned colonists of the coming attack by which 2 groups? answer British and the Native Americans question What was responsible for most of the growth in America? answer Increase in […]

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USD THEA 201 Chapter 10 Quiz
05 Sep 2020 Flashcards

question Besides being one of the first Westerns, what is significant about Edwin S. Porter’s 1903 film The Great Train Robbery? answer It was one of the first films that pioneered the idea of continuity editing. question German expressionist films are characterized by _____________ settings, ____________ camera angles, and themes such as _____________. answer exaggerated; […]

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History of Rock Midterm

question Origins and stylistic properties of \”Country/Rural\”, \”Jump\” and \”Electric\” Blues answer Country/Rural- Guitar driven, characteristics of folk Jump- up-tempo, small groups with horns Electric- electric amplification *made R&B question Tin Pan Alley answer Made basic song structure still used today; Place for people to create music question Phil Spector answer 1.) producer who started […]

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AP-World History-Early Latin America

question Caravel answer A Slender light-wieght European Ship that is highly manuverable. question Mercantalism answer The Belief That colonies exist to only benifit the mother country. It has four steps, that are followed: 1. To gain or aquire colonies 2. Extract raw materials from that colony 3. To manufacture these materials into finished products, and […]

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AP World History Ch 9 ID’s

question Kushan Kingdom answer many wars happened and there were many rulers; the people benefitted from the trade that passed through their land, mostly from Romans and Chinese on the Silk Road question The Periplus answer an account of a Greek seafarer’s travels down the coast of Cape Guardafui at the tip of the Horn […]

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AMSCO World History Chapter 27 Vocabulary

question Winston Churchill answer when the civilian population in London and other cities withstood months of relentless bombing question Appeasement answer giving in to the demands of another country in hopes of keeping peace question Rome-Berlin Axis answer when Hitler first formed a military pact with Fascist Italy question Anti-Comintern Pact answer Germany created a […]

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APUSH Chapter 7

question Republicanism answer Derived from Greek and Romans republics. Meant a just society was one in which all citizens subordinated their private, selfihs interest to the common good. Stability of the society was then dependant on the virtue of its citizens and it was opposed to hierarchical and authoriatrian institutions such as a monarchy question […]

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AP World History: Unit 1 Key Terms

question Paleolithic period answer old stone age question hunting & gathering societies answer a human group that depends on hunting and gathering for its survival question Neolithic period answer The New Stone Age, the final era of prehistory, which began about 9000 B.C. question Neolithic Revolution answer the shift from hunting of animals and gathering […]

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bio test one midterm review

question what converts organic matter to inorganic matter by breaking down dead organisms answer decomposers question what nutrients often limit the distribution and abundance of photosynthetic organisms answer nitrogen and phosphorous question if a populations growth rate decreases as the population size approaches the carrying capacity the populations growth follows a ______ model answer logistic […]

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Musical Style Final

question The Catholic Church answer dominated the history of Western music for its first 1400 years. question liturgical drama answer When secular music and drama were added to the church liturgy this was called : question Gregorian Chant answer a system of organizing chants attributed to Pope Gregory question Monophonic texture answer chant was set […]

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CH 9 margin review, World History I
15 Aug 2020 Essays&Flashcards

question In what ways did the early history of Islam reflect its Arabian origins? (413) answer Place – Arabia Time – 500 to 1500 CE Where Islam started – in Arabia between Byzantium and Persia (Sassanid Empire) – influenced it. The monotheistic ideas of the Jews, Christians, and Zoroastrians helped define Allah – the one, […]

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MA 1 Introduction
14 Aug 2020 Flashcards

question The Andromeda Galaxy is faintly visible to the naked eye. When you look at the Andromeda Galaxy, the retina of your eye is absorbing light that has traveled through space for ______ to reach you. answer about 2 ½ million years question Suppose that someone in the Andromeda galaxy had a super-telescope through which […]

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US History A CP Unit 2- Vocabulary

question Anaconda Plan answer a plan devised by General Winfield Scott, involved a blockade question Emancipation Proclamation answer President Lincoln’s plan that would emancipate or free, enslaved people in areas still controlled by the confederacy question scalawags answer a white southerner who moved to the south after the civil war for political gain question censorship […]

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Crash Course US History #5

question Seven years war answer Churchill called it the first world war Lasted for 9 years 1754-1763 About economics Governor of VA awarded land grant to Ohio company –> natives mad because it was their land Ohio company didn’t recognize French land claims Led by GW Fort necessity abandoned Fort Duqane British take control of […]

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Turning Points in American History: Key Dates and Events

question 1763 answer The Treaty of Paris –Ended the French and Indian War –Britain won control of all land west to Mississippi River, including Florida, leaving colonists with no enemies on their immediate border –Britain taxed colonies to pay for past wars, upsetting colonists and starting the American Revolution question 1776 answer The Declaration of […]

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Chapter 1 Test Analysis
10 Aug 2020 Flashcards

question The concept that describes opening a window into unfamiliar worlds that allows us to understand human behavior b placing it within its broader social context is called…. answer A.) The sociological perspective question Which of the following elements did C .Wright Mills attribute as being the one that sociologists would use to explain individual […]

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World History Chapter 6 test- The Roman Empire

question What were the Roman legions? answer the roman military forces question Who was Constantine? answer Roman emperor; made christianity legal; moved capital to Byzantium (later called Constantinople) question What culture is also known as classical culture? answer Greco-Roman question What did Diocletian do that involved language and the Roman Empire? answer Divided the Roman […]

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Chapter 11 US History Test Study Guide

question What term is used to describe a strong sense of patriotism towards one’s country? answer Nationalism question Which politician developed an economic plan for the United States? answer Henry Clay question What was the name of the economic plan? answer American System question What are the 3 parts of Clay’s economic plan? answer • […]

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Civics Chapter 2
26 Jul 2020 Flashcards

question Dickinson felt that the Constitution made answer a system of checks and balances possible. question The reference in the quote to the Senate and the House describes the answer Connecticut Compromise question What is the main idea of the Declaration of Independence? answer that the colonists would no logger submit to the British rule […]

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question What is FLOW? answer a state of self-forgetfulness – play should be something a child feels rather than something a child does question Characteristics of FLOW answer Extreme concentration, Control – Influencing the play – May be short or long-lasting & allows the brain some \”quiet time\” question Torrance’s definition of FLOW answer creativity […]

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Teacher directed instruction
16 Jul 2020 Flashcards

question Teacher directed instruction answer the teacher controls the content and guides the presentation of the lesson. One-way delivery. question Methods of teacher-directed instruction answer lectures, guided practice, questioning, demonstrations, independent practice or homeowrk. question Advantages answer presenting a great deal of material to a large group of students in a short time. The best […]

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