History pg. 142-145

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Who is Moctezuma?
the ruler of the Aztecs
Where had the Spanish begun establishing colonies
on the islands of the Caribbean Sea
the ruler of the Aztecs
what were a few advantages the Spanish had that protected them from the Aztecs
metal armor, muskets, and horses
why did cortes go to tenochtitlan?
to conquer these lands for spain
what did cortes face when defeating the aztecs
faced a major challenge
what was the major challenge cortes faced when defeating the aztecs
he and his men were greatly outnumbered
spanish word for conquerors
a friend who will help in a fight
a friend who will help in a fight
spanish word for conquerers
name an ally of cortes
doña marina
who is doña marina
one ally of cortes
what did doña marina do to help cortes
she persuaded thousands of people to join cortes
an important ally that the spanish did not know they had was carrying……
the germ that causes smallpox
what did an important ally of cortes have
a germ that causes smallpox
did moctezuma allow cortes to stay in tenochtitlan
what happened a year later, after moctezuma let cortes stay in tenochtitlan?
the aztecs rose up and threw the spanish out of their city
after the aztecs rose up and threw spanish out of their city, who died
what did cortes do when the aztecs rose and threw the spanish out of their city
cortes escaped
when cortes returned to tenochtitlan what did he have with him
more native peoples as allies
what happened to the mightiest empire of the americas
it fell to the conquistadors
what did the spanish do with tenochtitlan
they destroyed it
cortes established a new colony called?
new spain
what was the capotal of new spain
mexico city
what did spanish colonists hope to gain in new spain
wealth by starting farms, businesses, and gold and silver mines in new spain
what happened ten years after the conquest of mexico
there was an empire of the incas who controlled a huge area of land in western south america
what was the incan capital city
what did pizzaro found
a new capital
what was the name of the new capital pizzaro founded
the city of lima was in the colony of….
who did pizzaro capture
the incan ruler
what is the name of the incan ruler
who conquered tenochtitlan
who captured cuzco
what is the name of the aztec tribe before they were called aztecs
mexica tribe
what were the goals of the colonists who came to new spain
to make a government, laws, churches, build schools, and universities and then set up a colony
what were the key advantages of cortes in defeating the aztecs?
metal armor, smallpox, muskets, riffles, horses, weapons, and allies
why did spain send priests to new spain
so they could convert native peoples from their own religion to christianity
how long did it take pizzaro to conquer the incan empire
2 years

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