Chapter 3 US History

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What were the personal qualities needed to explore and settle in the new lands?
Courage, Practical Know how, bottomless ddetermination
Daniel Boone warned colonists of the coming attack by which 2 groups?
British and the Native Americans
What was responsible for most of the growth in America?
Increase in number of children born
Half of the American population was under or over what age?
NW ordinance of 1787
designated area N of the Ohio RIver as the NW territory and provided for its latter division into states, forbade slavery
Where were Native Americans forced after the numerous treaties with the US government?
West of the Mississippi River
What was the Pinckney Treaty?
A treaty that stated spain would control the seminoles
What native american group angered the US why was the US Upset?
The Seminoles b/c they let escaped slaves live with them and they raided settlers in South Florida
Who was the general in charge of protecting the settlers?
Andrew Jackson
What was the adams-onis treaty/what were the concessions?
Spain gave up Florida and its claim on the Pacific NW the US stretched from coast to coast
Who Started the new colony of Texas?
Stephen Austin
What started the Texas war for independence?
Governer Lopez de Santa Anna declared himself dictator of Mexico and stripped Texas of self government
Who was the Mexican Dictator?
Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna
What is the significance of the Alamo?
A wall in San Antonio which was meant to slow down the generals advance long enough to allow their fellow rebels to assemble an army
Who led the texan force following the army?
William Travis and James Bowie
What 2 countries signed a treaty for joint occupation of Oregon?
US and Britain
Who were the first 2 groups to settle west?
Fur traders and Missionaries
Oregon Trail
Organized wagon trains carrying masses of migrants west that began in Independence Missouri traveled along this
Joseph Smith
religious leader who founded the Mormon Church in 1830 (1805-1844)
Where did Mormons settle permanently?
Salt Lake Society Utah
What did westward Migration Bring?
creation of new cities, territories, and new states
Through what did americans believe that humankind could be improved through?
Who wrote the first american dictionary/what was his belief?
Noah Webster believed that a broad system of education was necessary to establish national character
What republican virtues did americans seek to promote?
Self reliance, Industry, frugality, harmony, and the sacrafice of individual needs
Why did girls start to attend school?
to learn virtues and instill them as well as influence their husbands
what was a republican woman?
one who had the virtues that would help her contribute to the success of the republic
What was the industrial revolution?
Ongoing effort over many decades to increase production by using machines powered by sources other than humans and animals
What did the british do to try and keep their machines a secret/who spoiled this secret?
They forbid anyone with knowledge of their machines to emegrate samuel slates spoiled this
What isi the system of interchangable parts?
A system made which all parts are made to an exact standard it allowed certain parts to be used on many machines
What is a cotton gin?
A machine that separates the seeds from raw cotton fibers
Define Gin
Engine of Machine
Robert Fulton
Produced the first steam powered ship
Why were waterways so importamt?
They were the cheapest way to carry goods and could get goods farther away
What canal had the greatest impact?
Erie canal because it connected the Hudson river and lake Erie
What was the road financed by the federal government that started in Maryland?
Cumberland Road
What was the first American Railroad
Baltimore and Ohio
How did the advancement of transportation effect communication?
Newspapers and magazines were being published which spread information faster
What was the second great awakening?
The great religious movement of the early 1800s
In the second great awakening what was revival?
Gathering which people were revived or brought back to religious life
Religious sub groups
Three denominations of that time
baptists methodists and unitarians
Difference between unitarian and trinity
Unitarians believe that God is a unity many other christian groups believe that God is a trinity made of 3 parts
What religion invited both races in the church?
Methodists and other evangelical churches
What is call-and- response
congregation responds together to a statement made by one member
Folk Hymns
What church did African Americans form?
The African Methodist Episcopal church
Market Revolution
change in the way americans bought and sold goods
Making of products by machinery
What area was good for manufacturing factories?
The New England region was ideal because the fast moving rivers supplied power to these manufacturing factories
Free enterprise system
an economic system characterized by private or corporate ownership of goods
free enterprise is also known as capitalism who does it reward?
this system rewards those who can find the most efficient way to running their buisness and it enourages the creation of new industries
what is capital?/what wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for capital
Market revolution wouldnt have happened without capital or wealth that can be invested to produce goods and make money
what did the market revolution lead to?
What caused the creation of banks?
new businesses needed money and the banks helped to provide it
What was the difference between the northern economy and the southern economy?
North became industralized and the south stayed a farm/plantation economy that thrived on using slavery
the growth of industry increased rapidly

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