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The Oxford Students Dictionary defined distinguish as to do one thing different from another, to be a characteristic grade or belongings of something and to see or indicate out a difference between two or more things. ( Andrew Delahunty, 2002: 298 ) .

2.3 Definition of Distinguishing Resources and Classification of Resources

Harmonizing to Lau ( 2010 ) , separating resources consist of clime, alien landscape and civilization. Tourism resources have three chief features, which are touchable, non used entirely by tourers and perishable. ( Boniface, B. & A ; Cooper, C. 2005 )

Swarbrooke ( 1995 ) has classified resources for touristry in attractive forces into four classs, which are natural ( including caves, beaches, scenic characteristics and wildlife ) , semisynthetic but non originally designed to pull tourers ( such as historic houses, palaces and cathedrals ) , semisynthetic and purpose built to pull tourers ( includes museums, art galleries, a turning scope of leisure attractive forces like subject park and H2O Parkss, exhibition Centres, casinos and so on ) and particular events ( such as football World Cup, F1 Racing, Olympic Games, markets, festivals, ceremonials. spiritual emanations and so on ) .

Different types of attractive forces have different types of resources and they are distinguish and alone from one another. Inevitably, touristry is attracted to fragile resources around the universe. It is an ideal solution to economic jobs whereby it brought economic benefits of development, employment and income. So, touristry planning is an indispensable to maximise the benefits and minimise the costs of touristry, while at the same clip, we must be after for the visitant every bit good as the resources. Tourism planning must affect the local community in puting ends and precedences, implemented by the populace sector in partnership with the private sector, involves holistic attack and many more. By implementing touristry planning, it encourages a high-quality touristry environment in a tourer finish as it minimizes the negative impacts of touristry on economic system, environment and host community, encourages the pattern of sustainable touristry, provides a land-use-based program for districting countries for development, preservation and protection, encourages careful matching of the development of the finish and its markets, allows the consideration of issues such as adult male power and investing, encourages supervising system to be implemented at the finish and so on.

Developed touristry resources are cultural assessments, it is considered by society to be of economic value. As negative impacts of touristry are originating, touristry planning and sustainability for resources have become critical and should implement. Planning is aimed to minimise the costs of touristry and to keep the unity of the resource base. It is utile to sort tourer attractive forces which include the whole tourer resource base and by measuring the potency of the resource base, it could fulfill the tourers demand which allows possible future countries for diversion and touristry.

2.4 Background of Singapore

Singapore, officially the Republic of Singapore is situated at southmost tip of Peninsular Malaysia lies to the North of the equator ( www.focussingapore.com ) . Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles was a British solon, who is the laminitis of Singapore and known as Father of SingaporeA? . Singapore is home to people of different ethnicity, linguistic communication, religion and nationality and full of separating and alone resources that makes it such an amazing finish for touristry. 50 % of Singapores land consists of urban countries, while 40 % of land is covered with parklands, reservoirs, military countries, and plantations ( www.focussingapore.com ) .

In 1964, The Merlion was designed as an emblem of Singapore. The interior decorator was Mr. Fraser Brunner, a member of the souvenir commission and a conservator of the Van Kleef Aquarium ( /www.newasia-singapore.com ) . The Merlion has a king of beasts caput and a fish organic structure, where the king of beasts caput typify the fable of rediscovery of Singapore whereas the fish tail typify the ancient metropolis of Temasik and represents Singapores beginnings as a fishing small town. ( Janise, 2010 )

Singapore is a genuinely alone and sole state, where the urban meets the traditional, the twenty-first Century high tech and modern architecture merges wondrous with old historical civilizations and heritages and exuberant verdure. The metropolis offers everlasting alone experiences and separating resources for tourers to see, experience, enjoy and relax.

2.5 Tourism Development of Singapore

Singapore is a fast turning tourer attractive force and has become an acclaimed tourer hub of the universe. It attracts 1000000s of tourers each twelvemonth and recently, there have been concern sing the rapid growing of Singapores touristry industry. Singapore, a little island city state at the hamlets of trade and commercialism, it occupies merely 614 kilometers and has a population denseness of 5,186 occupants per square kilometer, which is one of the highest in the universe ( www.entrepreneur.com ) . Furthermore, there is an norm of 75 visitants a twenty-four hours in Singapore per kilometer of land, doing it much more dumbly tourist attractive force than other popular finishs such as Caribbean Islands ( 58 day-to-day visitants per square kilometer ) , Hong Kong ( 51 ) , France, Italy and Spain ( www.entrepreneur.com ) .

In add-on, visitant reachings in Singapore rose 24 % in February 2010 from a twelvemonth earlier to make 857, 000, the highest of all time for the month as the city states first casino opened to pull tourers during the Lunar New Year vacation ( www.reuters.com ) . Harmonizing to Singapore Tourism Board ( 2010 ) , hotel tenancy rose 4.9 % points from a twelvemonth ago to 79.7 % , although mean room rates in February fell 1.5 % from a twelvemonth earlier to S $ 201.

Furthermore, visitant reachings to Singapore may lift every bit much as 30 % this twelvemonth, which helped by an economic recovery in Asia and besides by the two casinos. Each casino is expected to lend a value attention deficit disorder of S $ 2.7 billion or 0.5 to 1 % to Singapores GDP by 2015 ( Singapore Tourism Board, 2010 ) . Singapore is now seeking to diversify into service industries such as touristry in order to cut down dependance on fabrication industry.

3. Distinguishing Resources that makes Singapore such a Unique Destination for Tourism

There are many distinguishing resources bing in Singapore and they have contributed to this cultural diverseness of the state, doing Singapore such a alone and amazing finish for touristry and attract 1000000s of tourers each twelvemonth. Distinguishing resources of Singapore are discussed in the followers:

3.1 Human Resource

Singapore has no natural resources, the lone thing we have is people, therefore we must do full usage of our human resourceA? ( www.singaporeangle.com ) . Although Singapore has no natural resources, she has human inventiveness and creativeness and knows how to do full usage of whatever resources that she has. By looking at the development of Singapore presents and besides its touristry industry, all are the consequences of doing usage of human resource. Worlds have exercised their inventiveness and creativeness into believing up the procedure of planning, innovation, development and enlargement. By pull offing people as Numberss on a balance expression and utilizing instruction system to value cognition, it would drive market procedures and makes human resource a genuinely valuable resource.

Besides that, harmonizing to www.nctm.org, the political leaders of Singapore invariably remind the people of the lack of natural resources and remind them that the economic wellbeing of the state is depends on the development of human resources. Political leaders prescribe instruction as a means to develop human resources. Singapore besides has set up constructions to honor and back up persons who do good academically. Although Singapore is multi-cultural and multi-religious, it is homogenous that all the cultural groups portion a common end for their kids, which is a better hereafter through instruction. Children themselves value this end and appreciate instruction.

Besides, through Urban Redevelopment Authority ( URA ) , we can see how good the authorities of Singapore in forming, fixing and be aftering for their state by developing long term strategic programs, detailed local country programs, physical development, co-ordinates and ushers attempts to convey these programs to world. URAs mission is to do Singapore a great metropolis to populate, work and play inA? ( www.ura.gov.sg ) . They carry out the mission by be aftering land usage, easing the physical development of Singapore, partnership with community to make a sustainable and widely distributed metropolis of differentiation and so on. They besides have a strong squad of urban contrivers, professionals, designers, research and belongings officers, analysts and support staffs who are dedicated to the occupation and committed to accomplish the mission. Harmonizing to www.ura.gov.sg, through the URA SPIRIT ( Service, Passion, Integrity, Respect, Innovation and Teamwork ) , the people have a strong civilization of accomplishing work excellence and it guides their day-to-day interactions with clients and co-workers.

Peoples itself of Singapore are one of the distinguishing resources that make it such as alone finish for touristry. They are responsible, unity, committed and dedicated to their occupation and state by non having graft or corruptness. Harmonizing to www.singaporenews.wordpress.com, Singapore has low rates of corruptness and it is the least corrupt state on the Earth.

3.2 Effective Law and Order Management

Law and Order in Singapore is governed by the Constitution, Legislation and Subsidiary statute law ( www.tradechakra.com ) . The Constitution lays down the cardinal rules and basic model of province organisation and protects the rights of the person.

There are particular characteristics of Singapore jurisprudence, which are 1s, can and can non make in Singapore, such as littering ( has to pay a all right up to S $ 1000 ) , masticating gum ( is banned ) , smoking ( is banned in public countries ) and drugs. Furthermore, by mentioning Appendix 7.1, statistics of Crime Situation of Singapore in 2009, the overall condemnable state of affairs in Singapore remains under control in 2009, with the figure of overall offense instances diminishing by 0.4 % as compared to twelvemonth 2008. The jurisprudence enforcement of Singapore and besides on in-migration is so rigorous and effectual. Through the jurisprudence effectivity ; this is exciting the assurance degree and comfort of tourers to see Singapore and makes it such a safe, secure and clean finish for touristry.

In add-on, Singapore Government has implemented assorted steps to increase the degree of security in Singapore since 2001. In November 2003, the Security Watch Group ( SWG ) Scheme was introduced as chiefly a Police-networking platform and in November 2006, it underwent exercising to integrate both safety and security facets of the Police and Singapore Civil Defence Force ( SCDF ) ( www.spf.gov.sg ) . Through this transition, the community will be better equipped with steps to contend offense and terrorist act menaces efficaciously, go more confident to undertake and work out future crisis incidents and besides make a peaceable, harmoniousness and high criterion environment of life. This indirectly attracts a batch of tourers to see Singapore due to its safety and security and besides its attractive forces. Tourists do non hold to worry about their safety while walking on the street in the late dark.

3.3 Intoxicating Mix of Tradition and Modernity

Singapore is a state where twenty-first century high tech merges wondrous with old historical civilizations. Civic District of Singapore is the site where historic yesteryear are concentrated and with colonial edifices. Historic Districts of Chinatown, Kampung Glam and Little India, are the colonies of Chinese, Malay and Indian communities, with copiousness of restored store houses. The colonial yesteryear of Singapore contributed to interaction with Chinese, Malay, Arab and Indian ethnicities which enriched its cultural diverseness and spiritual tolerance. Singapore is environmentally clean and friendly and conserves its nature, resources, cultural and historical heritage really good.

Ones can see Chinatown Heritage Centre to see the cultural tradition life, relive the past, see the dismal and cramped populating quarters the early migrators led, detect the bustling activities and trades, see the E?golden old ages of Chinatown and so on. Niu Che Shui in Chinese and Kereta Ayer in Malay is a celebrated vicinity in Singapore where the topographic point is full of stores that selling traditional and Chinese sculptures ( www.focussingapore.com ) . Besides that, in Kampung Glam, 1s can see the civilization and history of Singaporean Malays. The edifice design of Malay Heritage Centre is European architecture with Malay influences ( www.asean-tourism.com ) . It is really alone and has converted into museum for tourers to see. Besides, for Little India, it is recognized as the hub of Indian Community life and its territory historical value lies in its rich assortment of edifices, streetscape and urban texture ( URA, 2006 ) . Ones can see the life style of Indian community and besides can head to Mustafa Centre in the center of dark as it is unfastened 24 hours daily and sells assortments of things. In add-on, 1s can go about Small India, Chinatown and Kampung Glam on a trishaw to see the multicultural diverseness and the beauty of Singapore. Ones can besides bask the traditional nutrient of Singapore at peddler Centres and nutrient streets.

Furthermore, Singapore has a batch of humanistic disciplines, galleries and museums for tourers to see and see the cultural and civilisations. Esplanade, besides known as Theaters on the Bay intent built to be centre for executing humanistic disciplines, non merely for tourers but besides local communities. Ones can acquire closer and appreciate the music, dance, films, movies, events and festivals. By continuing and conserving the cultural landscape, it can assist bring forth pride of community and gives the societys capacity for self-reflection. From an economic system position, heritage preservation offers chance for cultural touristry and as a distinguish resource to pull tourers from all parts of the universe to see it.

Beside cultural and heritage, Singapore is full of amusement and natural Parkss and its present end is to go a universe category metropolis ( www.globalurban.org ) . Ones can bask shopping at Orchard Road, the celebrated shopping street and VIVO metropolis, visit Sentosa “ Asias Favourite Playground, a perfect vacation finish for both locals and tourers to bask Underwater World, Dolphin Show, Songs of the Sea, Images of Singapore, Sentosa Luge and Skyride, 4d Magix, Megazip Adventure Park, GoGreen Segway, Butterfly Park, Fort Siloso Tours, Universal Studios and so on ( www.sentosa.com.sg ) , visit Marina Bay with Singapores foremost integrated resort, Marina Bay Sands which offers amusement, theme attractive forces, universe category eating houses, luxury retail and more ( www.marinabaysands.com ) , experience events and festivals at Marina Bay such as New Years Eve, National Day Celebrations, featuring events like Formula One SingTel Singapore Grand Pix, the universes merely dark race on a street circuit, see the award-winning Singapore Zoo and Night Safari ( the universes foremost dark menagerie ) ( www.newasia-singapore.com ) , Jurong Bird Park, African Wetlands, and many more.

Other than that, tourers can see the top of the universe experience by taking Singapore Flyer, 165 meters up in the sky ( World Wide Web. singaporeflyer.com ) . With its strategic location, the Singapore Flyer is the oculus for tourers into the past, present and hereafter of Singapore. Singapore Flyer besides offers universes foremost full-butler sky dining flight, signature cocktail flight and more to tourers to bask the repast and nice position of Singapore. Furthermore, tourers can ship on an exciting and merrily ocean trip through the journey with Singapore River Cruise. Ones can see siting on reliable boats that used to ferry lading at Singapores historic trading port. In add-on, tourers can besides bask the dark life, vino and dine at Clarke Quay. It is a pleasant topographic point which mixes of modern and traditional ( www.clarkequay.com.sg ) and bombinating with life and activity. The waterfront warehouses are converted to colorful eating houses, amusement musca volitanss, retail stores and wine bars. The ambiance is nice and tourer can bask their dark clip at Clarke Quay while enjoy the beautiful sceneries.

In add-on, there are two casinos in Singapore, which are Sands Casino and Resort World Sentosa Casino. They are doing the island state the chancing capital of Southeast Asia ( biz.thestar.com.my ) . Casino gambling is the distinguish resources of Singapore that makes it go a popular finish for touristry and attracts tourers from all parts of the universe. Besides harmonizing to Singapore Tourism Board ( STB ) , Singapore MICE industry is a cardinal growing country of touristry industry. The Tourism 2015 program cites MICE industry as potentially lending 40 % of touristry grosss. STB has duplicating its attempts to develop it and attracts foreign investors. Singapore is a good MICE strategic finish as it has a great connectivity, scope of adjustment, many convention Centres, exhibition halls and run intoing locales, first-class quality of service, substructure and professional work force, leisure activities and more. When people holding and making their concern in Singapore, they can loosen up, research and see Singapore at the same clip.

Singapore is an amazing state whereby its modernness is well-blended with its tradition, cultural and heritage. This is a base out point of Singapore that makes it such a alone and gratifying finish for touristry. Singapore is perpetrating to urban preservation as it believed that preservation is an built-in facet of Singapores urban planning ( www.globalurban.org ) . The demand for the preservation of Singapores local heritage sites is every bit of import as the demand to maximise land development to place Singapore as a modern twenty-first century concern metropolis.

3.4 Modern Infrastructure and High-End Transportation

Harmonizing to www.newasia-singapore.com, Singapore Changi Airport is one of the universes best airdromes which offer first-class service and efficiency at its terminuss. The success of Changi International Airport has put Singapore as a regional air power and air lading hub. It is the most chosen topographic point, theodolite point and caters to 80 air hoses functioning more than 180 metropoliss in over 50 states ( Janise, 2010 ) . The three terminuss at Changi Airport can manage 70 million of riders a twelvemonth and it has won more than 250 awards ( www.tradechakra.com ) . When tourers stop at Changi Airport as a theodolite point before fly to their finish, they can see attractive forces of Singapore and pass some twenty-four hours in Singapore.

Besides, harmonizing to www.singaporepsa.com, presently, Singapore is the universes busiest port in footings of entire transportation tunnage and is besides transships a fifth of the universes transporting containers as the universes busiest container port, half of the universes one-year supply of petroleum oil and it is the universes busiest transshipment port. Furthermore, 1000s of ships bead ground tackle in the seaport, which linking the port to over 600 other ports in 123 states and spread over six continents.

Besides that, The Singapore Mass Rapid Transit ( SMRT ) is a modern, air-conditioned rider train service with Stationss all over the metropolis. This has created convenience and handiness for both locals and tourer to their finish expeditiously. Furthermore, 1s can easy acquire from one point to another by coach with an ez-link card, which can besides be used on MRT. Details of coach paths and menus are displayed at coach Stationss ( www.newasia-singapore.com ) .

In add-on, by taking the SIA Hop-On coach service, both locals and tourers can research the shopping, cultural and amusement countries within the metropolis. It covers Orchard Road, Bugis Junction, Suntec City, the Civic District, Chinatown, Little India, Boat Quay and Singapore Botanic Gardens ( www.newasia-singapore.com ) . Besides, harmonizing to www.taxisingapore.com, there are over 15, 000 air-conditioned cabs provide comfy, hassle-free travel at really sensible cost and they can be flagged down 24 hours a twenty-four hours on most of the roads and there are besides well-marked taxi-stands available outside at most major shopping centres and hotels. It is so convenient for tourers to research and go around the countries of Singapore. Furthermore, Singapore offers a universe category telecommunication substructure and its connectivity coupled with a pro-business environment and legal and regulative model make the island an ideal e-commerce hub ( www.tradechakra.com ) . Singapore is a well-connected state with modern substructure and high-end transit. This is one of the distinguishing resources that Singapore has and it makes Singapore such a alone and prosperity state for touristry.

4. Decision

In decision, Singapore is genuinely an amazing and alone metropolis like no other, a universe of possibilities although it has no natural resources. With its separating resources such as friendly and welcoming people, human resource, picturesque landscape, elating mix of tradition and modernness, effectual jurisprudence and order direction, cleanliness, harmoniousness and peaceable life environment with spiritual and cultural tolerance, modern substructure and high-end transit and so on, Singapore has become a alone, popular and celebrated finish for touristry.

However, Singapore has to equilibrate its economic, societal and environmental in order to prolong its popularity as a tourer finish and maintain it from yielding to the negative effects of mass touristry. Singapore should hold a stiff touristry and preservation planning in edifice topographic points for locals and tourers to come along, a topographic point which people is genuinely desire to populate, work, drama, enjoy and visit and that promotes prosperity and improves the quality of physical and cultural life. The local communities should besides work hand-in-hand with authorities in prolonging the cultural and heritage of the state for the interest of future coevals. The verdure environment or green lungsA? of Singapore should besides keep for local people and tourers to bask the verdure in the urban commercial countries and enhances the image of Garden City. The local communities need to be wise and careful in utilizing the distinguishing resources of the state so that they are staying and for the enjoyment of tourers, themselves and future coevals.

( Wordss Count: 3 252 words )

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