Understanding Business Chapter 12

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The ___________ guaranteed union members the right to nominate candidates for union office and participate in union meetings.
Landrum-Griffin Act
Which of the following statements about sexual harassment is most accurate?
In evaluating charges of sexual harassment, the courts place a great deal of emphasis on whether the behavior was unwelcomed.
Which of the following statements best summarizes the extent to which unions currently rely on strikes as a tactic when collective bargaining breaks down?
Some highly visible strikes in recent years show that the strike is not dead as a labor tactic, but very few labor disputes actually lead to a strike.
A key difference between a mediator and an arbitrator is that:
an arbitrator can settle a labor-management dispute by rendering a binding decision, while a mediator can only make suggestions and encourage the two sides in a dispute to continue negotiating.

The workers at Endrun Corporation are not affiliated with a union. Until recently, the workers felt they were well paid and treated fairly by the company, so they had little interest in seeking union representation. However, worker morale at Endrun has declined steadily since the board of directors fired the old CEO last year and replaced him with Ty Runt, a no-nonsense, autocratic manager with a reputation for cutting costs. As soon as he took over, Ty fired other members of the old top management team and replaced them with people who shared his views. Together, the new management team made a series of moves that did not sit well with Endrun’s workers. First, they announced changes in work procedures designed to speed up the production line. Many workers complained that the new methods cut corners and were unsafe, but management refused to listen. A few months after changing work methods, the company told workers that it was reducing their health benefits. This led to even greater worker unrest. Finally, just a few weeks ago, workers received word that the wages of all production line employees would be cut by 6 percent. Many employees felt this was the last straw, especially since the company’s board of directors recently approved big salary increases and more lucrative stock option plans for Ty and his management team. A spokesperson for the board explained that the raises were justified because of the management team’s “outstanding efforts to reduce costs, increase productivity, and improve the company’s profits.”

Several disgruntled employees, led by Ima Striker and Boyd Cotter, now believe it is time to obtain union representation. Top managers at the company have hinted that workers who actively participate in the union campaign may be among the first workers laid off if the company decides to downsize. Ima and Boyd are not intimidated by these management threats. “I wish we didn’t have to do this,” Ima recently told many of her fellow workers at the plant. “But someone has to stop Ty Runt and his team from ruining our jobs.”

The steps Ima, Boyd and their fellow workers must take to get the union legally recognized as the authorized bargaining agent are parts of the __________ process.

The plant where Ima and Boyd work is located in Illinois, which does not have a right-to-work law. If the workers approve the union as their bargaining agent, Boyd wants to get the greatest union membership that is legally possible. Boyd is likely to push for a(n):
union shop.
Over the past several decades, the compensation of CEOs of large U.S. corporations has:
increased enormously, even when inflation is taken into account.
Which of the following is likely to remain a controversial labor-management issue in the future?
Sexual harassment
A(n) ___________ is a court order directing someone to do something or to refrain from doing something.
Yogi believes that an agency shop is the most desirable union security arrangement. Which of the following statements would be most likely to represent Yogi’s views?
Workers should not be required to join a union to keep their jobs. However, since all workers enjoy the benefits obtained through collective bargaining, even those who do not join should pay a fee to support the union.
In its early years, the AFL’s strategy was to:
limit its membership to skilled craftspeople.
Women have become a __________ part of the labor force.
sizeable and permanent
The two major influences on the growth of unions in the U.S. were:
laws that supported unionizing; public opinion
Which of the following acts gave more power to management in its relations with organized labor?
Taft-Hartley Act
At Play-it-Safe Pharmaceuticals Company, a maker of sun screen products, the union reps strongly discouraged the firm’s union employees from buying the company’s products during the forthcoming summer season. Recently, they also took out an ad with an important message for consumers: “Don’t give Play-it-Safe your money. They don’t share it with their employees!” These actions describe:
primary boycott.
Which of the following statements about drug users is a claim made by the National Institute on Drug Abuse?
Drug users typically cost their company more in health and workman’s comp claims.
In July 2009, London Met University workers went on strike and formed picket lines to oppose management’s continued restructuring and the elimination of jobs. It was reported that London postal workers who belong to the Communication Workers Union refused to deliver mail to any building on the London Met campus, in respect of the picket lines and in honor of their fellow trade union members. Essentially, the courtesy that the postal workers gave to the striking employees was a:
secondary boycott
The main goal of the Knights of Labor was to:
gain political power and restructure the U.S. economy.
Which of the following statements about collective bargaining is most consistent with the views of Samuel Gompers?
Collective bargaining is the best way for workers to attain a fairer share of the economic pie.
Almost overnight, several police persons, all members of the police force of the growing suburb of Mayberry called in sick. As the dispatcher took those calls – one right after the other, she speculated that there could be more to this story than she was hearing. In fact, she thought it might be related to the emotional banter she heard the night before in the locker room as several members of the force were leaving their shifts. The group was not happy with the recent changes in scheduling, the excessive over-time hours, and, management’s reluctance to begin negotiations on a new benefits package. She heard one person saying, “It’s time for a mental health day!” Although it is illegal for police to strike, they may be claiming to have _______.
the blue flu

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