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High-performance work practices are those that lead to both high individual and high organizational performance. True or False
High-performance work practices involve a commitment by management to improve the knowledge skills and abilities of the organization’s employees, increasing employee motivation, and enhancing the retention of quality employees. True or False
An organization that wants to have high-performance work practices should discourage self-managed teams and decentralized decision making. True or False
A labor union is an organization that represents workers and seeks to protect their interests. True or False
Affirmative action programs help ensure that decisions and practices enhance the employment, upgrading, and retention of members from protected groups such as minorities and females. True or False
The Civil Rights Act, Title VII prohibits discrimination of employees who are above 40 years of age. True or False
Human resource planning entails two steps: assessing current human resource assessment and meeting future human resource needs. True or False
Job descriptions focus on the job, while job specifications focus on the person. True or False
Recruitment is defined as the process of screening job applicants to determine who is best qualified for the job. True or False
One disadvantage of employee referrals as a source of job candidates is that it generates unqualified candidates. True or False
There are only two ways of controlling labor supply through decruitment: firing and early retirements. True or False
The burden to prove that selection devices used by managers to differentiate applicants are validly related to job performance is on managers. True or False
Giving negative information about the organization to prospective candidates is not a good idea because it puts the company in bad light. True or False
A new employee goes through two types of orientation: work unit orientation and procedural orientation. True or False
Job rotation allows employees to work at different jobs in a particular area, thereby giving them exposure to a variety of tasks. True or False
Written essay and critical incident are performance appraisal methods. True or False
Variable pay systems reward employees for the job skills and competencies they can demonstrate. True or False
Summer day camps and job sharing are types of family-friendly benefits that organizations are offering today.True or False
People who prefer integration are more likely to respond positively to options such as flextime and part-time hours. True or False
Which of the following is true of high-performance work practices?
It encourages extensive employee involvement and greater employee control on decision making.
Which of the following is an example of a high-performance work practice?
self-managed teams
________ is an example of a high-performance work practice.
Increasing employee access to information
The first three activities of the human resource management process involves ________.
identifying and selecting competent employees
The final three activities of the human resource management process ensure ________.
that the organization retains competent and high-performing employees
Which of the following steps in the human resource management process identifies and selects competent employees?
human resource planning and recruitment
Which of the following steps in human resource management helps retain competent and high-performing employees?
performance management
Labor unions use ________ to protect the rights of their members.
collective bargaining
The essence of affirmative action is to ________.
prevent discrimination and enhance the status of members from protected groups
Which of the following Acts prohibits discrimination on the basis of physical or mental disabilities?
Vocational Rehabilitation Act
Which of the following Acts gives employees the legal right to examine personnel files and letters of reference?
Privacy Act
Which of the following Acts requires continued health coverage following termination of an employee?
Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act
Fletcher has worked as a regional sales manager for Waiyo, a firm that sells espresso machines to offices and restaurants, for 8 years. Faced with falling demand and plummeting sales, the firm decided to prune its operations and concentrate on its most profitable markets. Fletcher’s sales territory was not part of this and he was let go of by the management, with a modest severance package. However, his health coverage was discontinued following his termination, even though Fletcher was willing to pay for it. Which of the following Acts can Fletcher cite in his efforts to have his health coverage benefits restored?
Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA)
Which of the following is true of the government legislations related to human resource management in different countries?
In Australia, gender opportunities for women lag behind those in the United States.
The two most common forms of representative participation are ________.
work councils and board representatives
________ are groups of nominated or elected employees who must be consulted when management makes decisions involving personnel.
Work councils
Which of the following statements is true of the four generations that are working side-by-side today?
The oldest, most experienced workers account for 6% of the workforce.
People who turned 21 in 2000 or later are known as ________.
The first phase of the human resource management process involves ________.
human resource planning, recruitment and decruitment, and selection
The process by which managers ensure that they have the right number and kinds of capable people in the right places and at the right times is known as ________.
human resource planning
Managers begin human resource planning by ________.
inventorying current employees
An assessment that defines jobs and the behaviors necessary to perform them is known as a ________.
job analysis
Steve, a human resources manager, wants to let potential candidates know about the minimum qualifications that they should possess in order to successfully perform the jobs they have applied for. What should he do?
He should frame a job specification
A written statement that explains the job content, environment, and conditions of employment is called a ________.
job description
A ________ states the minimum qualifications that a person must possess to successfully perform a given job.
job specification
Recruitment is the process of ________.
locating, identifying, and attracting capable applicants
If human resource planning shows a surplus of employees, management can reduce the organization’s workforce through ________.
________ as a source of recruitment is limited to entry-level positions.
College recruiting
Gareth has been promoted as the HR manager. He is now in charge of recruiting at Eowin Systems, and is expected to enhance the diversity of the workforce. Which of the following recruiting sources should Gareth avoid if he is to achieve the stated aim of a more diverse workforce?
employee referrals
A disadvantage of using professional recruiting organizations is ________.
their limited commitment to specific companies
________ are a temporary involuntary termination that can last from a few weeks to several years.
In which of the following decruitment methods does an organization refrain from filling up the openings created by voluntary resignations or normal retirements of its employees?
________ involves predicting which applicants will be successful if hired.
Errors made by getting rid of candidates who would have performed successfully on the job are known as ________.
reject errors
Elizabeth was hired as a customer care executive, along with five others, by a telecommunication provider during a period when they were extremely short-staffed. However, her employers soon realized that she was impatient, easily irritated, and lacked motivation. They even began to receive complaints about her behavior from angry customers. In hiring Elizabeth, her employers were guilty of a(n) ________.
accept error
A ________ selection device is characterized by a proven relationship between the selection device and some relevant job selection criterion.
A ________ selection device indicates that the device measures the same thing consistently.
Application forms ________.
are most useful for gathering information
Tim is a candidate for an automotive mechanic’s position. He is asked to deconstruct and reconstruct part of an engine motor to demonstrate his skill. This is an an example of a(n) ________.
performance-simulation test
Assessment centers are best if they are used to select ________.
senior management
Which of the following is true of written tests as a selection tool?
They are relatively good predictors for supervisory positions.
A ________ includes both positive and negative aspects about the job and the company.
realistic job preview
Larry is an HR manager with Merlin Infosystems. He is in charge of recruitment for entry-level positions in the company. He is of the view that job interviews should provide a realistic job preview. Which of the following is Larry likely to do during job interviews?
intimating the employee about possible overtime
________ is the process of introducing a new employee to his job and the organization
The two types of orientations are ________.
work unit orientation and organization orientation
Which of the following is a type of general training provided by organizations? customer service
customer service
Which of the following is a type of specific training provided by organizations?
team building skills
In which of the following traditional training methods are employees made to work at different jobs in a particular area in order to get exposure to a variety of tasks?
training by job rotation
In which of the following traditional training methods do employees work with an experienced worker who provides information, support, and encouragement?
mentoring and coaching
Which of the following training methods involves employees participating in role playing, simulations, or other face-to-face types of training?
experiential exercises
________ is an Internet-based learning where employees participate in multimedia simulations or other interactive modules.
Which of the following is a technology-based training method?
Which of the following methods of performance appraisal allows the evaluator to focus on vital behaviors that separate effective work performance from ineffective work performance?
critical incident
The ________ method of performance appraisal allows the evaluator to rate employees on an incremental scale.
graphic rating scale
Which of the following performance appraisal methods is a combination of elements from the critical incident method and the graphic rating scale method?
behaviorally anchored rating scale
A ________ is a method of performance appraisal where each employee is rated in comparison to other employees in his work group.multiperson comparison
multiperson comparison
The ________ method utilizes feedback from supervisors, employees, and coworkers.
360-degree appraisal
A ________ system rewards employees for the job competencies they demonstrate.
skill-based pay
Which of the following factors does NOT influence the pay and benefits offered by an organization?
employee ethnicity
Downsizing is the planned elimination of ________ in an organization.
In providing assistance to employees being downsized, many organizations offer some form of ________.
severance pay
In providing assistance to employees being downsized, many organizations offer some form of ________.
employee counseling
Which of the following is most likely to be included in family-friendly benefits provided by organizations?
time off for school functions
People who prefer segmentation are more likely to be satisfied and committed to their jobs when offered options such as ________.
job sharing
Jane checks with the different departments and tries to get an idea of employee productivity at different levels. In consultation with the various managers, she makes a list of the relatively less productive employees who have not been up to the mark despite training and mentoring. They decide to terminate their employment contracts for the time being. She meets with each and every one of them to clarify the position and explain that this may not be a permanent situation, while encouraging them to look for positions elsewhere. How is Jane trying to reduce the size of the workforce here?
Another option that Jane feels can be considered is to ask some employees to share jobs or perform their jobs on a part-time basis. If the company does this, it would be ________.
reducing the workweeks
Steve believes that achieving competitive success in business today requires that managers must understand employee requirements and institute processes that motivate them. He introduces in-house technical training programs for employees, as well as a provision to reimburse the tuition fees for employees who take up courses that benefit both the employee and the organization. Steve is using ________ to motivate and retain employees.
A) performance appraisal methods
high-performance work practices
Steve believes that one of the reasons for the high turnover is that job roles are very poorly defined, creating confusion in the minds of the employees as to what is expected of them. However, even after undertaking a thorough job analysis and clearly defining the behaviors necessary to perform them, Steve finds that employee motivation and turnover is not sufficiently reduced. Which of the following, if true, could explain this apparent discrepancy?
The higher level employees repeatedly overemphasize the company’s positive points while interviewing candidates.
The top management of the company decides that the performance appraisal process needs to be changed. They ask Steve to make use of a rating scale that will rate the employees’ actual job behaviors. The managers are asking Steve to use a ________.
behaviorally anchored rating scale
Steve recommends that employees should be compensated according to their competencies, rather than their designations. Employees should be financially rewarded when they gain more knowledge and learn new processes that are relevant to the job, even if the employee is at a lower level. This implies that Steve favors a ________.
skill-based pay system
In his report, Wade described the strengths and weaknesses of each of his subordinates. He made a note of their past performances and the potential they displayed. He even provided suggestions for their improvements. Wade is using the ________ method of conducting a performance appraisal.
written essay
Six months into Wade’s tenure as sales manager, he hosts his first regional sales meeting. During the course of the meeting, Wade meets individually with his employees and shows them a chart of their sales numbers for each month compared to their budgeted quota for the year to date. Additionally, Wade and each employee set mutually agreed-upon budget goals for the remaining six months of the fiscal year. Wade is utilizing the ________ method of performance appraisal.

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