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GEB1101:M2-C13.14.15.16: Information, Acctg and Finance ; Dist. and Promotion of Products

question Examine why it is important for a business to use social media. answer Millions of people of all ages use social media to interact with people and share ideas, personal information, and information about products and services. Today of U.S. adults use some sort of social media platform like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, or […]

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CH 1: Information Systems in Global Business Today

question Business Functions answer Specialized tasks performed in a business organizations, including manufacturing and production, sales and marketing, finance and accounting, and human resources question Business Model answer An abstraction of what an enterprise is and how the enterprise delivers a product or service, showing how to enterprise creates wealth question Business Processes answer The […]

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Wiley – Essentials of Contemporary Business Ch 8

question Human Resource Management answer The function of attracting, developing, and retaining employees who can perform the activities necessary to accomplish organizational objectives question Job Requirements answer The minimum skills, education, and expertise that a candidate must have to be considered for the position question Performance Appraisal answer Evaluation of and feedback on an employee’s […]

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question USC Scholars answer Trustee Scholars (full tuition) Presidential Scholars (half tuition) Dean’s Scholars (quarter tuition) question % Legacy Students answer 20% question Gender answer 45% Male 55% Female question Race/Ethnicity answer 50 states represented and 135 countries African American/Black: 7% Latino/Hispanic: 13% Native American/Pacific Islander: 2% Asian/Asian American: 25% Caucasian: 42% International: 11% (student […]

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TW MGMT 371 Chp. 13

question High-performance work practices are those that lead to both high individual and high organizational performance. True or False answer True question High-performance work practices involve a commitment by management to improve the knowledge skills and abilities of the organization’s employees, increasing employee motivation, and enhancing the retention of quality employees. True or False answer […]

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test out chapter 1 Practice Questions

question The primary modifier key on Apple systems, used like the Ctrl key on a Windows system. answer C Command The primary modifier key on Apple systems, used like the Ctrl key on a Windows system. Explanation The Command key is the primary modifier key on Apple systems. For users familiar with Windows systems, the […]

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study unit 11 revised
12 Sep 2020 Database

question A Business Information Systems (BIS) is answer Any combination of hardware, software, data, people, and procedures employed to pursue an organizational objective. question The first generation of business information systems served answer the finance and accounting functions, since computing lends itself so readily to quantitative tasks. question “Stakeholder” in business information systems refers to […]

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Social Studies

question The flying shuttle, the spinning jenny, and the water frame were all advancements in the __________ industry. answer textile question How much of the United States female population works outside of the home? answer two-thirds question The World Bank is made up of which of the following institutions? I. the International Monetary Fund (IMF) […]

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Rudyard Accounting Chapter 2

question True answer T/F – An accounting device used to analyze transactions is a T account. question False – debit means left answer T/F – An amount recorded on the left side of a T account is credit. question True answer T/F – Each asset account has a normal debit balance. question True answer T/F […]

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Pure competition

question In a purely competitive industry: answer there may be economic profits in the short run, but not in the long run. question In the short run the individual competitive firm’s supply curve is that segment of the answer Marginal cost curve lying above the average variable cost curve question Which of the following will […]

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Flashcards on Practice test 1

question Starting a business always involves _______. answer risk question Marla Staples is concerned with identity theft. One of the ways that she can protect her information from leaking-out to the wrong hands is: answer Install antivirus software, firewalls, and anti-spyware software on her computer. question The Internet and the emergence of an information-based economy […]

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Permit Test Practice Questions

question Left turns at a red light can only be made from a: answer one way street onto a one way street question Sign for school zone answer question Broken yellow lines on a road indicate: answer That passing is permitted question Can you pass a solid line on the road? answer No question Is […]

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Obtective 400: Deploy and configure core network services

question You manage the domain. All servers run the Windows Server 2012 R2 and all workstations run Windows 8. Salesmen issued laptops that the use to connect to the local network as well as dial in when they are on the road . answer On each laptop, configure an alternate IP configuration. question Max […]

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Modern Office Test
27 Aug 2020 Database

question A non profit corporation is formed to promote a civic, charitable, or artistic purpose. answer True question A type of business that is owned and controlled by an individual is a sole proprietorship. answer True question Outsourcing occurs when a business produces its goods or offers its services from operations in one country although […]

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MIS Unit 4 Questions

question False answer Future managers and workers need to understand the benefits MIS and ebusiness can offer a company, if it wants to take advantage of sustaining technologies. question True answer Examples of ebusiness advantages include opening new markets, reducing costs, and expanding global reach. question False answer Disruptive technology tends to provide us with […]

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MIS 300 Chapter 5
23 Aug 2020 Database

question 1) Howie is a business analyst who is given access to the database of a product prior to its launch. He needs to understand the data presented and take appropriate action. Which of the following is Howie most likely to do? A) send the database back to the source to interpret the data B) […]

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AP History Terms (The 17th and early 18th centuries)

question Evangelism answer The Christian practice of proselytization question Indentured Servitude answer Received a free trip to the Americas in exchange for seven grueling years of service. If they survived, they were granted their freedom and sometimes a plot of land as well. About half died before they were freed. question Joint-Stock Company answer A […]

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MGT 491 Midterm

question Above-average returns are answer Returns in excess of what an investor expects to earn from other investments with a similar level of risk. question New markets created by iPods, PDAs, and WiFi are a result of answer Disruptive Technologies question The ability to effectively and efficiently access and use information is answer an important […]

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mgmt ch16

question good communication occurs only when the recipient ______. A) agrees with the sender’s message B) does what the speaker asks C) understands the speaker’s meaning D) makes eye contact with the speaker answer c) understands the speaker’s meaning question for communication to be successful, meaning must be imparted and _____. A) received by the […]

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MGMT 160 Impression Management

question Conformity answer agreeing with someone else’s opinion to gain his or her approval is a form of ingratiation question Favors answer doing something nice for someone to gain that person’s approval is a form of ingratiation question Excuses answer explanations of a predicament creating event aimed at minimizing the apparent severity question Apologies answer […]

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Marketing C4-6

question T/F George purchased a new hair dryer. However, the hair dryer sparked and the coil caught fire. He felt that the product was dangerous to use. In this case, George should voice his concerns to the Federal Trade Commission. answer False question T/F Demographic characteristics are strongly related to consumer buying behavior in the […]

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Management chapters 1-3 Flashcards

question Managers are: (3 things) answer 1) task oriented 2)achievement oriented 3) people oriented question Managers operate within an? answer Organization question Organization answer a group of people who work together to achieve some specific purpose question Management answer the pursuit of organizational goals efficiently and effectively by integrating the work of people through planning, […]

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