Tuesday Siesta by Gabriel Garcia Marquez Essay Example
Tuesday Siesta by Gabriel Garcia Marquez Essay Example

Tuesday Siesta by Gabriel Garcia Marquez Essay Example

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  • Published: August 12, 2017
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Tuesday Siesta- the chef-d'oeuvre composed by a Latin American author. Garcia Marquez. speaks volumes about the author’s sensitiveness and hence justifies its popularity. Marquez considered it to be his best narrative. The short narrative is an first-class illustration of the Iceberg Technique typically associated with Hemingway. Just like an iceberg it reveals merely a portion and the remainder of the affair is quietly veiled behind witty intimations and undertones. However the beauty of the narrative lies in the cosmopolitan entreaty of the subject. i. e. . the asphyxiation and development of the hapless.

The narrative exemplifies an intelligent usage of symbolism. The topographic point where female parent and her household belongs to is characterized by banana plantation which is really bare and non capable of supplying any protection. Furthermore banana is non an expensive fruit


. This symbolizes poorness of the occupants. On the other manus. the topographic point where the boy was killed belongs to the rich ; this is symbolized by Prunus dulcis plantation. Almond leaves are immense and hence provide safety.

Furthermore the deficiency of names of the four supporters every bit good as the puting farther symbolizes a specific disaffection. Besides. heat and shadiness besides symbolize troubles. poorness. development and amenitiess. money. favouritism severally. The manner girl is often taking out her places uncover she is non comfy in places as because of poorness she doesn’t have on them rather frequently. Garcia didn’t remark on their poorness but the suffering expression on the mother’s face and the manner she was keeping her bag was plenty to demo their fiscal bankruptcy. an illustration of the iceberg technique. On the whole their journey in ‘Third categor

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auto ’ ( 105 ) is a symbol of segregation of society in different grades every bit good as the hard life of hapless people of Columbia.

There is a singular difference between the female parent and the girl. Mother seems to hold become accustomed of poorness and is really good cognizant of non being understood and non acquiring any understanding from the alleged flush people. . She does non demo any failing even at the important minutes of her son’s decease. With an model poise and self-denial she merely wants to administrate respectable burial rites of her boy. She is non at all ashamed of his workss. She symbolizes an ideal female parent who wants to procure her love for her kids at any cost.

The whole of the town is in the scoring lap of siesta when they get down at a relatively larger but abandoned station. Drawn shutters of the stores every bit good as the quiet trees and workss. everything Tells of delighting sleep the town is basking. In this suppressing heat of 2 o’clock female parent and girl are traveling in the shadiness of Prunus dulcis trees seeking to maintain away the heat but in vain. The people populating here non merely bask the shadiness of immense foliages of Prunus dulcis braid but besides the protection from development. Some peculiar badness and finding of intent seems to maintain them traveling.

Mother tells she wants to see the grave of Carlos Centeno Ayala but the priest fails to acknowledge. It is here that we feel a crisp contrast between the heat outside and the coldness indoors. This is the tallness of insensitiveness that a

priest. who is supposed to assist the people out. attempts to set them off. And the flood tide comes when he doesn’t know the name of a individual whose grave he has prepared. Anyhow the priest tells her to give the inside informations refering to the acknowledgment of her boy and herself and the female parent with a batch of ego control tells all the inside informations as if she is reading those. There is something fantastic about her that all the clip her voice remains pleasant but full of innumerably unsaid things. The incomprehensible hurting of her voice is excessively profound for words.

This extraordinary poise of a female parent makes the priest bloom of shame. When assured of the relation he asks her if she ne'er tried to convey her boy to the right way. She proudly answers that he was a really good individual as he had made a promise of ne'er stealing anything which was necessary for somebody’s endurance and he kept his words. This is besides ironical that the priest holds household responsible for the son’s acquiring wayward and non the system. the existent perpetrator.

She besides tells that before turning to go a stealer he was a pugilist and got a batch of blows on Saturday darks. He ever had to pass three yearss a hebdomad in bed retrieving from the clouts he had got. Furthermore all his dentitions were extracted. At this the priest replies that the God’s will is incomprehensible as if he now wants them to go forth instantly. He is pitiably yawning and drowsily gives instructions to his grave. She is non at all ashamed of being

his female parent. It seems as if he had to go a stealer out of arrant demand and poorness.

Anyhow they get the keys and are instructed to hang the keys at their proper topographic point without upseting anybody when they have come back from the graveyard after sing Carlos’ grave. This is an illustration of racial favoritism and disaffection from different societal set-ups. This is farther highlighted by the manner in which those countless people. who were minutes ago in the clasp of siesta. hold thronged the streets and were looking at the hapless two of them rather resentfully. They have waken up as a stranger’s female parent is at that place to see her son’s grave.

However. the priest feeling a kind of danger for them advises them to wait or take a sunshade with them. It seems as if the priest and his sister want to protect them from hot conditions and hot disposition. But with unagitated self-respect and ethical high quality she steps frontward non merely to face but besides to overmaster the heat of the conditions every bit good as the crowd’s choler. This is a living illustration of the self-respect and pride of a hapless but dignified adult female. This is the kernel of the strength God can instill in a female parent merely.

Harmonizing to a Spanish adage Tuesday is an unfortunate twenty-four hours. So the reference of Tuesday in the rubric seems to make an baleful ambiance. It besides prepares us for bad events like decease. choler. ill will etc. deficiency of names adds to the evident baleful and hostile air.

On the whole ‘Tuesday siesta’ shows a dead scene loath

to alter. Rusty flexible joints of the window in the train every bit good as the rusty keys of the graveyard besides refer to the rust prevailing in the society. The narrative ends with the strength of a female character which is non at all surprising with Garcia Marquez.

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Marquez. Gabriel Garcia. ‘Tuesday Siesta’ . Collected narratives United States: Harper Collins Publishers. 1984

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