Transitions from Preschool to Kindergarten Essay Example
Transitions from Preschool to Kindergarten Essay Example

Transitions from Preschool to Kindergarten Essay Example

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  • Published: October 6, 2017
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Today. I’m traveling to speak about “Transition from preschool to kindergarten” . Passage is when you move from a familiar topographic point to an unfamiliar topographic point where you are separated from your friends or households. If you have of all time made a move from one location to another or separated from friends. you know how difficult a passage can be. Traveling from a known. comfy environment to one that is different and unfamiliar can be really nerve-racking. This is frequently how immature kids feel as they move from preschool to kindergarten.

For a immature kid to see passage from preschool to kindergarten is really difficult for him or her. if a smooth passage is non given to the kids. they might confront trouble in analyzing and unable to get by with what the instructor is learning in the schoolroo


m. Therefore. appropriate activities must be provided to immature kids to ease their anxiousnesss about go forthing a familiar environment for an unfamiliar 1. As instructors. we have a duty to ease that alteration. Preschool refers to the first formal academic classroom-based acquisition environment that a child customarily attends in the.

It begins around the age of two to five in order to fix for the more didactic and academically intensive kindergarten. the traditional “first” category that school kids take part in. On the other manus. it acts as a manner to fix kids ( particularly those of a deprived population ) to better win in a kindergarten. Kindergarten is a signifier of instruction for immature kids which serves as a passage from place to the beginning of more formal schooling. Children are taught to develop basic

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accomplishments through originative drama and societal interaction. In most states kindergarten is portion of the preschool system.

Children normally attend kindergarten after the age of five depending on the local usage. Passage activities are really of import to kindergartners as they enter from preschool to kindergarten. This is because they move from a topographic point where they had already spent a batch of clip there to a topographic point that is wholly unusual for them. Some kindergartners might non acquire usage to the modus operandis in kindergarten. In preschool. a kid frequently merely play around without go toing category officially and teacher besides doesn’t give a batch of worksheets to make while in kindergarten is a topographic point where more formal instruction is provided.

Children might non acquire used to it and will defy on non desiring to travel to kindergarten. A survey had been made by the National Center for Early Development & A ; Learning. the consequence show that of about 3. 600 kindergarten instructors countrywide. 48 per centum of kids have moderate to serious jobs transitioning to kindergarten.

This consequence has indicated that about half of the kids are sing problem transitioning from preschool to formal schooling. It is really of import to supply a smooth passage to immature kids. If a smooth passage is provided to immature kids. he or she might non happen it hard to analyze in kindergarten.

If kids feel comfy in the topographic point that they are analyzing. it will hike up their assurance. They will non experience afraid to be friends with others and will thirstily come to category everyday as they found out that it is fun go toing

kindergarten. If the kids can get the better of passage with assurance. they have a bigger opportunity to win in the hereafter. It is because this period is of import as it will find the child’s perceptual experience on instruction. During this period behaviour is shaped and attitudes are formed that will act upon kids throughout their education” ( PTA and Head Start. 1999 ) .

Harmonizing to Sharon Lynn Kagan. “Transitions are those activities that support the rule of continuity for immature children” There are a batch of activities that can be held in supplying a smooth passage to immature kids from preschool to kindergarten. In order to supply a smooth passage to kids. instructors play an of import function. Before the kindergartners enter into kindergarten. instructors may set up a visit for the kindergartners to see the kindergarten and fall in their categories for a period of clip.

During this clip. teacher can utilize age appropriate children’s literature. kid dictated narratives. and have kindergarten kids read to kindergartners. exchange favourite vocals. narratives. rimes. and games with each other and have both schoolrooms celebrate and portion particular yearss together like Christmas. New Year. Easter. or Valentine twenty-four hours. These activities will assist the kindergartners to understand more about what they will make when they are in kindergarten. With this they will non experience afraid when they enter the kindergarten on the first twenty-four hours as they already familiarize with the activities traveling on in the school.

They will besides be able to hold the chances to do friends with some of the kindergarten pupils. As Maxwell and Eller said that “A generous sum of guided societal experience

with equals prior to kindergarten helps kids do good in this new world” Not every kid will accept and acquire usage to the passage activities planned by instructors. They might still happen it hard to be separated from their households and equals to get down their formal school experience that includes fall ining a schoolroom community. With this. societal narratives can be used to assist kids in diminishing their fright in transitioning.

Social narratives are teacher-made books written for kids on subjects relevant to an person. it can supply aid for those preschool-age kids who need aid in the passage procedure. If a kid experience troubles after a few yearss go toing kindergarten and the passage activities doesn’t seems to work good with the kids. instructor can see composing a book about what the kid do as he or she reach kindergarten every forenoon. Teacher can get down the narrative by demoing a image of the kid being carried to category and being lead to certain larning centre to play.

The book must be merely a few pages long with most of the pages are with image illustration. This activity is utile as the narratives are written from a child’s position and are about the kid. himself or herself ; they provide concreteness with an object the kid can keep and emotional support from the narrative itself. As Gut and Safran suggested that utilizing illustrations in societal narratives helps immature kids make passages by supplying “a more ocular apprehension of the situation” ( 2002. 90 ) Not merely instructors play an of import function in supplying a smooth passage to immature kids. parents engagement are of import


It is of import for instructors and parents to work in unison to supply a smooth passage from one larning environment to another. When parents are involved in the transitional procedure. it enables them to do of import and appropriate determinations sing their children’s accommodation to different learning state of affairss. With common and on-going degrees of communicating. the cardinal edifice blocks can guarantee that confident. positive. and successful acquisition experiences are provided. Teachers can promote parents involvement by keeping a meeting before schools starts and supply a brief image on what will kindergarten kids do in category.

In add-on. instructors can besides discourse the instruction ends with parents and listen to what parents want their kids to larn in school. In the meeting. instructors can see provide instructors with the kindergarten’s scheduled timetable and what are the activities will be held throughout the old ages. With this. parents will experience secure in directing their kids to suited kindergarten without worrying what their kids will larn in schools. Harmonizing to Maxwell and Eller. they stated that “when instructors and parents agree on a doctrine of instruction. kids normally adjust more easily” .

Children experience more secure in their new environment if they feel that their parents back up the instructor and the school. Teachers can besides see sing the child’s house before the schools semester starts by set uping an assignment with the child’s parents. During the visit. teacher can catch this chance to speak with parents about the child’s involvement. avocations. or does the kid experience any wellness jobs. In the interim. parents can seek to state teacher their sentiment about what they want their kids

to larn in kindergarten or sound out any remarks about the activities that will be held in schools.

If they are non satisfied with the activities. instructor can seek and set up for other activities that are suited for every kid. This can set up a positive relationship with households and understand more about each kid. their household background and the community that they live. As Boethel has said before. “Family engagement is a feasible scheme to turn to passage issues related to readiness” . In decision. the passage from preschool to kindergarten can be a nerve-racking clip for instructors. kids and parents.

However. if preschool instructors can ease coaction between parents and kindergarten and familiarise kids with the workings of kindergarten. it will be a smoother procedure. Parents need to seek to happen a developmentally appropriate category for their kid by detecting different schoolrooms and speaking to instructors about educational doctrines. While be aftering for a smooth and effectual passage activities. instructor must take in the consideration of children’s cultural backgrounds and the multiple features of the community. including household income degrees. civilizations. physical location and resources.

Using what we know about immature kids and passages. instructors. schools. and communities can accommodate schemes to local demands and resources to advance children’s successful passage to kindergarten and school success in the old ages after. Preschool instructors. with their cognition of different acquisition manners and the dispositions of their pupils. can assist everyone with this of import passage. As Riedinger said before “children’s passages are most strongly influenced by their place environment. the preschool plan they attend. and the continuity between preschool and kindergarten” .

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