Toy Guns College Essay Example
Toy Guns College Essay Example

Toy Guns College Essay Example

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  • Published: December 8, 2017
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Should Kids Have Toy Guns Michael Golden and Robert Shaffer both write articles on whether or not they want their kids to have toy guns. They both have different opinions on the issue and very good arguments to back up their reasons. Golden writes an article entitled "Why I Bought My Son a Toy Gun" and Shaffer writes on "Why I Won't Buy My Sons Toy Guns. " They both respond to one important question: should young children have access to toy guns and other weapons. Toy guns are an issue that many parent's feel different on. Some parent's and guardians feel they hocked restrict access to toy guns because it introduces kids to violence.

Robert Shaffer agrees with this concept. He writes that "any toy is a teacher..


.. The lesson toy guns teach is that solving problems with violence is acceptable. " Shaffer has a fairly good argument that toy guns allow kids to act out violent acts and may lead to real acts of violence in the future. It should also be known that Shaffer lives in New York City, where more acts of violence occur than in most cities or towns. I believe that Shaffer has a great reason for not allowing his kids to play with guns but I do not serially agree with his approach (Shaffer 205).

I believe that the more an item is kept away from a kid, the more he or she will want to obtain that toy or item. When my parent's told me absolutely not to touch something in the house I always went ahead and did exactly what they ordered me not to

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do. I believe most all kids think that way too. Michael Golden supports that idea as well. In his article he explains why he bought his son a toy gun even though he did not support the idea of introducing kids to violence. Golden realized that by not buying the gun for his son would only make the kid want it more.

Also, if a kid really wants to play with a toy gun he will find a way whether its pretending with his hands or going to a friends house and playing with toy weapons. Golden also decided to purchase the gun because he was exposed to toy guns when he was a kid and did not grow up to be a violent person. I believe that Golden has the best argument for buying kids guns. The best thing to do is to go on and buy the kids the guns but explain to them the difference between reality and fiction. I believe that many parent's are over protective of their children and forget to think back to when they were kids themselves.

Most kids enjoy playing cops and robbers or cowboys and Indians with their friends. I do not believe that these childish games will affect whether or not they grow up to be violent people or not. I played with toy guns a lot when I was a kid and I never once thought about really harming a person. Some parent's think exposing their son or daughter to weapons will make them turn into a terrorist or murderer. The truth is one must have many more problems to shoot or even dream

of shooting another individual. Quit blaming the toys and video games. Toy Guns By hemorrhage

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