Time Management Practice

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Julie has not started her essay that’s due in a week and is feeling stressed because it’s worth a lot of points. Which of the following pieces of advice would you NOT recommend?
procrastinate until the night before
Define time management and give two activities that you can do to help manage your tasks, homework, or projects better.
Responses will vary. A sample response follows: Time management encompasses the skills, tools, techniques, and processes for accomplishing tasks, projects, and goals. Activities that help with time management include planning and allocating, organizing and delegating, analyzing and monitoring, and scheduling and prioritizing.
Describe the ideal qualities of time management goals.
Goals for time management should be realistic and reachable.
Describe an example of how to utilize spare time?
Responses will vary. A sample response follows: Ways to utilize spare time include reading on the bus ride home from school or doing homework while waiting at the doctor’s office.
Which of the following statements BEST describes how the amount of sleep you get affects your ability to manage time?
Too little sleep makes tasks more difficult to perform.
Compare and contrast the health benefits and the amount of physical or mental energy needed between active leisure activities and passive leisure activities.
Some active leisure activities, such as yoga and running, require a great deal of physical energy, while other activities, like playing chess, require a substantial amount of mental energy. Passive leisure activities, such as watching TV or going to the movies, require little to no physical or mental energy. Because of the exertion of physical or mental energy, active leisure activities have more health benefits than passive leisure activities.
List some examples of passive leisure.
Watching TV, going to the movies, listening to music, sunbathing, or any other activity that requires almost no mental or physical effort is an example of passive leisure.
Which of the following BEST describes committed time?
Committed time is the period of time spent going to school or work.
How can you restrict unnecessary communications?
You can restrict unnecessary communications by making others aware of your personal schedule and by not taking phone calls during study times.
All of the following are examples of active leisure activities EXCEPT:
listening to music

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