The use and effects of Medical Marijuana Essay Example
The use and effects of Medical Marijuana Essay Example

The use and effects of Medical Marijuana Essay Example

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  • Published: August 4, 2017
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Who would hold thought that one viridity works, Cannabis sativa, could make so much contention throughout the centuries? The argument on medical marihuana has been around since the 17th and eighteenth century. The argument if marihuana is a unsafe and habit-forming drug, or a helpful medicine for hurting stand-in, forestalling emesis, and intervention of glaucoma ( Schwartz, 1994 ) .Science has proven the medical benefits marijuana brings to the field of medical specialty. Although the American justness system is still undecided about the facts and safety of marihuana, and if marihuanas should be legalized, some provinces have accepted the legalisation of marihuanas such as California. Many other provinces are still debating the pros and cons of marihuana 's legalisation. If marihuana was legalized and regulated it could salvage lives,


assist our economic system grow in this economic downswing, and allow our national security system attend to more alarming issues.

Allegar, I. ( 2000 ) . A factual usher to medical utilizations of marihuana. Townsend

Letter for Doctors & A ; Patients Dec2000, ( 209 ) , 121.

This is the lone book that presents many of the scientific facts about medical marihuana. Facts such as the beginning of where marijuana workss came from, to facts about President Regan 's term, where the war on drugs began which gave marijuana a bad repute. My favourite line from this article sums up why marihuana should be legalized. `` A primary fact is the proved safety of this plant- no 1 has of all time died, overdosed, or even go ailment from utilizing marihuana. So how did this green foliage works acquire such a bad repute? `` ( Allegar, 2000, p.209

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This quotation mark presents a great statement for the legalisation of marihuana. Other drugs cause people to o.d. and decease, yet those drugs are legalized. So what is the job with legalisation of marihuana?

Arias, d. ( 2007 ) . Health findings. Nation 's Health, 37 ( 3 ) , 16.

This article talks about many public wellness findings of medical marihuana. The find that marijuana alleviations hurting for patients that suffer from peripheral neuropathy, a nervus status that is present in those affected with HIV ( Arias, 2007 ) . The marihuana relieved hurting by 34 % .Another astonishing statistic is that the patients enduring from peripheral neuropathy reduced their chronic hurting by 72 % when smoking their first marihuana coffin nail ( Arias, 2007, 16 ) . The placebo coffin nail was non even comparable.

This article presents good certification of public wellness findings on marihuana. The process is organized good and easy to understand the benefits that marijuana nowadayss in the experiment. In the research collected, this article makes the strongest point of how effectual marihuana is as a hurting stand-in. With such high statics how can our authorities non legalise marihuanas?

Boire, R, & A ; Feeney, K. ( 2006 ) . Medical marihuana jurisprudence. Oakland, CA: Ronin

Printing Inc

The book covers every inquiry to what marihuana is, to why it is legal in some provinces. Besides the book explains how the province jurisprudence and federal jurisprudence are two different things, and the federal jurisprudence ever wins. This book besides brings a more in-depth account on marijuana history and the medical benefits. The book talked about two different options to smoking marihuanas such as Marinol and

sativex. The pros and cons are listed for each drug. The book besides explained the process of seeing a physician and acquiring enrollment for the marihuana, where a safe topographic point is to acquire the marihuana, and what the ordinances are for turning your ain marihuana workss. The book explains how to cover with the federal system and ownership of marihuana. The book lists the sum of marihuana that is legal for each province.

Boire and Fenney gave more information on the marihuanas revenue enhancement act of 1937. This book besides makes the clear differentiation on the federal jurisprudence vs. province jurisprudence. The most utile information I found in the book was the description on the modification conditions for medical marihuana, which are: `` AIDS, malignant neoplastic disease, cachexy, epilepsy, glaucoma, HIV, multiple induration, ictuss, and terrible sickness '' ( Boire, & A ; Fenny, 2006, p.5 ) .Another great portion of the book is about the physician 's function in ordering the marihuana. Some provinces require a transcript of the physician 's licence and signed physician statement ( Boire, & A ; Feeney, 2006 ) .The different signifiers of medical marihuana makes a great statement on why it should be legalize. Marinol, which contains man-made THC, is a better option than smoking marihuana because, smoke is harmful. The down autumn with the man-made THC, is it does non bring forth the same hurting alleviating consequence ( Boire, & A ; Feeney, 2006 ) . The book besides talks about the patient 's rights and limitations about medical marihuana. This information helped me better understand both sides of the argument.

Durand, M. ( 2007 ) . Sing

hemp. Inside MS Jun/Jul2007, 25 ( 3 ) , 56-57.

The article trades with the medical affects that Cannabis ( marihuana ) has on patients with multiple induration. The marihuana helps forestall emesis and musculus cramp. Experiments were done on rats to turn out the medical benefit of marihuana. Some of the rearward side effects of marihuana are besides listed.

This article helps back up my thesis with the cogent evidence of medical facts to legalise marihuana. The drug is helpful with patients who suffer from multiple induration. With dose controlled and overseen by a doctor, I feel there is no ground to hold these patients suffer and non be able to hold marihuanas.

Garner-Wizard, M. ( 2006 ) . FDA denies medicative value of smoke-cured marihuana. . HerbalGram Sep-Dec2006, 25 ( 72 ) , 22.

This article is really interesting ; because attending is brought to what party the U.S. authorities or medical system is lying. The FDA ( Food and Drug Administration ) says that there is no medical cogent evidence of medical marihuana. The FDA besides argues that no scientific discipline experiment on animate beings has been conducted and documented. The medical system negotiations about the deficiency of religion they have with the FDA. Medical experts do non believe that it is a communicating mistake between the scientific discipline sections and authorities functionaries, instead than the authorities does non desire to accept the medical facts and legalise marihuana. The authorities wants to maintain a strong base on drugs.

This article is perfect for playing Satans ' advocator on the argument of medical marihuana. Medical experts have the facts and experiments in books and other scientific discipline diary

researched in this paper. So if the populace can have these written paperss why is the authorities unable to? This article besides presents the inquiry of what is the true motivatation of non legalising marihuana. What else is the authorities maintaining from us?

Krisberg, K. ( 2009 ) . Fight for reform of U.S. drug policies easy

Making headroom. [ cover narrative ] . Nation 's Health, 39 ( 8 ) , 1-10.

Krisberg has presented facts and many position points from different medical experts. The reading is difficult to understand what party believes what. The chief construct retained from this reading is the president Barack Obama says `` he has the willingness to set scientific discipline before policies '' ( Krisberg, 2009, p.7 ) Meaning he would set sentiments and policies aside and do a determination based on facts.

While this article was difficlulent to understand and follow, the article is slightly humourous. The president suggests he will travel the legalisation of medical marihuana if facts are presented. This full annotated bibliography is filled of beginnings with many facts on the benefits of marihuana. Why has marijuana merely been legalized in some provinces, and even so the federal jurisprudence has many ordinance and limitations. What sort of facts are the authorities looking for. How can the American society observe the medical benefits of medical marihuana, but our public functionaries can non? This creates a great point of view to believe about while researching.

Marandino, c. ( 1998 ) . Fired up. Vegetarian Times, ( 247 ) , 18.

This article is a small old but still presents a great point. The National Institutes of Health ( NIH ) recommend that

marihuana does show some medical benefits for serious unwellnesss. The American Medical Association besides agreed that marihuana had some medical benefits. The public positions are besides document about the legalisation of marihuana.

This article prevents cogent evidence that medical research has been conducted and presented to the populace. This article was written in 1998, and even though medical facts have been presented for medical marihuanas many still opposed the thought of legalisation. Marijuana has been viewed as a unsafe drug for centuries. No affair how many statics and facts are presented on why marihuana should be legalized for medical intents, can alter the head of the American justness system.

Marijuana. ( 2007 ) . Marijuana fast facts, 1-2.

This article presented some common background information. Because this was the first article researched, on the quest to understand the legalisation of medical marihuana it was really helpful. To understanding the scientific name of the drug, to understanding the positive and negative facets of marihuana, this article was really helpful. After reading this article and deriving some background cognition, the more in-depth and complicated articles were easier to follow.

Some of the information about the job confronting federal and province Torahs conflicting the legalisation of medical marihuana. In add-on, the information about marihuana being a hazard and side effects that come with the drug will be helpful in showing both sides of the argument.

Marijuana and future psychosis. ( 2007 ) . Nutrition Health Review: The Consumer 's Medical Journal, ( 98 ) , 17.

This article argues against the legalisation of medical marihuana. All of the information in the article is about the life long permanent side effects of marihuana. How the

usage of marihuanas can take to psychosis and severe temper alterations.

There are two position points to really argument. While there is non sufficient medical grounds shown in this papers to oppose the legalisation of marihuana, this side still must be presented. The chief ground for this position point is because of the side effects of marihuana. Like any other drug, marihuana has side effects. Some side effects are more harmful than those of marihuanas, yet they are still legal.

Minamide, E. ( 2007 ) . Medical marihuana. Framington Hills, MI: Greenhaven Press.

Minamide organized his text to demo both sides of the legalisation of marijuana argument. Some of the cardinal subjects are if medical marihuana is effectual medical intervention or non. If the legalisation of medical marihuana would negatively impact society or non, and eventually if the federal authorities should censor medical marihuanas or non.

Debra J. Saunders argues that marihuana should be legalized because it can assist many serious unwellnesss. Saunders believes that `` Congress should travel marihuana out of the categorization of Schedule I drug, a caterogory that includes more serious drugs like heroine, to a Schedule II drug, like cocaine and morphia, which are available for medical usage '' ( Minamide,2007, p.12 ) . Medical experts have facts that prove marijuana as a helpful medical specialty. Experts in medicane besides believe the drug should be moved into the Schedule II drug. On the opposing point of views the book highlights a cardinal point that `` injury of medical marihuana may outweigh the medical benefits '' ( Minamide, 2007, p.34 ) . Smoking in itself is harmful to the respiratory system irrespective if it relieves hurting

and prevents sickness. Another great point highlighted in the book is if the legalisation would negatively impact society. Mark R.Trouville says that the `` legalisation of marihuanas would interfere with the undermine jurisprudence enforcement attempts to battle drug trafficking and would direct a unsafe message that marihuana is a harmless substance '' ( Minamide, 2007, p.38 ) . The book besides plays devil advocator and nowadayss statements for the legalisation of marihuana that aid my thesis out.

Schwartz, H. ( 1994 ) . Psychiatric pattern under fire the influence of authorities, the media, and particular involvement on bodily therapies. Washington, DC: American Psychiatric imperativeness, Inc.

The book gave facts on medical marihuana and the conflict it has been confronting for old ages. The book was written in the 1994 so the legal position was non up to day of the month. Although, the history of marihuana and the medical benefits it had was really informational. The book besides broke down the chief ingredient in marihuana, and describes how they had medical benefits. A batch of instance experiments proved medical marihuana helped the patient. The book besides talked about the historic clip line of marihuana. From the beginning of clip when marihuana came from India in the 17th and eighteenth century, to Marijuana Tax Act of 1937 all the manner to 1942 when American framers started to turn hemp for rope in World War II.

The helpful information presented in this book had some general background information of marihuana. The writer talked about `` THC ( delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol ) is the chief ingredient of marihuana. In 1895 THC was approved by the Food and Drug disposal ( FDA ) .

The FDA noted that THC was battling sickness and emesis associated with malignant neoplastic disease chemotherapy. `` ( Schwartz, 1994, p.106 ) The book besides noted three chief grounds why medical marihuana should be legalized. The first of the three grounds is to handle glaucoma. The following chief ground was to alleviate sickness, and last but non least is to excite appetency. I think that Congress should look at all of the medical facts about medical marihuanas and how it relieves hurting for malignant neoplastic disease patients and besides prevents purging. In today 's medical universe there are a batch of habit-forming drugs used as hurting stand-ins. Yet these drugs are legalized. The legalisation of medical marihuana could assist our economic system grow. The last piece of information presented in this book was a great illustration of why marihuana should be legalized.

In August 1992, for illustration, Valarie Corral, a 40-year-old adult female from Santa Cruz, California, who smoked marihuana for 18 old ages to command epileptic ictuss, was arrested for turning five workss in a vegetable garden near her porch ( Rogers 1993 ) .Under California Law, she faced up to 3 old ages for her discourtesy.

Valarie did non acquire sentenced 3 old ages for her workss ; the justice understood her medical intent for them. Valarie 's physician reported her prescription for medical marihuana to assist with her spastic musculuss when she had ictuss. Before her musculuss were out of control and she complained of hurting. Once she started smoking marihuana when she felt a ictus coming along, her ictuss were non as intense or long. This is merely one illustration of how medical

marihuana has positively impacted a life. Now Valarie can drive a auto and execute twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours undertakings thanks to assist of marihuana she can populate her life.

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