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Wordsworth is depicting a girl at the fields reaping and singing alone, the sound of the girl is magnificient and it makes him to tell people recognise and ‘listen! ‘ her , it is underpinned that the poet does not even understand the content of the song, yet he is enchanted by it, and lastly it is indicated that this is a memory and the poet feds up with this memory to write the poem, one of the distinctive features of Wordsworth’s verse.The poem is structured in four stanzas. The first imagines the poet listening ‘the Solitary reaper’ who is ‘Highland lass’ and tells people to notice her and not to disturb her, he commands them to listen her. The ryhme on ‘profound’ and ‘ sound’ are connecting the words both in the sound and the meaning ; the comparision of the beauty of the sound of the girl is the subject of the next stanza.

The poet is admiring the girl’s singing even without understanding it and trying to guess the content of it in the third stanza, however the final stanza is infers that the song is charming and stays in the memory. The poem is depicted at the nature and with the first stanza the poet depicts a ‘field’ and a ‘ Lass’ who is ‘cuts and binds the grain’, with this simple words a scene become visible in the mind of the reader and with the command for to listen the ‘melancholy’ song of the girl, the sound sense is active of the reader and its attached with the poem.The comparasion of her voice with Nightingale which is from ‘Arabian sands’ and cuckoo-bird from ‘farthest Hebrides’ suggests that around the song ‘the solitary reaper’ sings is universal like a birds voice, its suggesting that even people not able to understand the meaning of the sound, humans are the part of the nature too, therefore the sound of a girl is enchanting more than a bird’s voice, cause its like a birds sound in a way and its more than it in other way, it has feelings in it which can be understandable by any other people without knowing the features of the language which she sings.The sadness, happiness, ‘ melancholy’ as suggested in the poem are not belong to any language, all of these feelings are belong to humans not the tongue, therefore the sound of the girl is understandable at a level, and the meaning of it can be predictable by the tone of it, the poet wonder what the song is about and from the tone of it, he makes some suggestings.

The guesses pointed out are kind of things anyone arounf the globe can face with, and can suffer from,such as ‘sorrow, loss, or pain’ the poet underpins the natural habitat of human and how it is alike. At the last stanza, the poet is indicating that the meaning of the song is not that important. The poem is written with iambic tetrameter, it intensifies the tone of admiration and enthusiasm. First and last stanza begins calmly, with the end-stopped and open lines suggesting that the poet is in control of his thoughts and feelings.

However at the second and third stanza, it seems that this cannot be contained in open lines and must burst out into the following ones, culminating in an enthusiastic, joyful mindset to end lines with the enjambments suggest spurts of emotion . The praise for mountains and pastures, for nature, is the main subject of the poem, the effect of beauty and memory at the poet is also described at the last stanza therefore the theme of the poem is like other poets of Wordsworth, nature and human, and effect of these figures on human memory.

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