The Role of Students In Nation Building Essay

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A state does non populate by its large edifices. dikes or mills. A state can populate it of its people. There is a adage that kid is the male parents of adult male. Who is this kid? He is by and large a school or montage pupil. So his constructive function is so of import that he look like a serious male parent pull offing his family. Naturally a pupil of today is a responsible citizen of tomorrow. So it is easy apprehensible that a pupil community taken together builds a state. Take the instance of the pupils of the Muslim Anglo Indian Oriental ( MAO ) montage of Aligarh. It is pupils built the state of Pakistan. It was the lone Muslim montage worth the name in the India subcontinent that produced those pupils who built Pakistan.

The function of pupils in state edifice has been exemplified by the Aligarh pupils. Till we got independency in 1947. the Muslims had no organized form. Politically there were many other parties besides the Muslim conference. Some of them even opposed the creative activity of Pakistan. Merely the Muslim pupils of India were consentaneous in making Pakistan. They really did all that the could in doing a new Muslim state of their ain appear on the map of the universe. So we can state that if they had non played their function. the origin of Pakistan would decidedly hold delayed much longer than 1947. Thankss of their joint attempts.

We may remember that no political leaders could set an terminal to the dictatorial regulations of Ayub khan and Z A Bhutto. It was the pupils who came frontward to play their function in state edifice and their unblinking battle succeeded in doing the Renaissance of democracy of Pakistan. It is unfortunate that the ulterior steadfast dictators like Zia ul Haq have been censoring the formation of pupils brotherhoods. What was it is consequences?

We have entered the new millenary through the the start of the twenty-first century and democracy is non yet at our doors. This brings us to the decision ( consequence ) that every bit long as pupils brotherhoods are banned the entry of democracy in Pakistan will besides stay banned in Pakistan. This is because no pupils wants to play any type of destructive function while. we have experienced many-sided ( assorted ) form of the insurgent ( destructive ) political leaders. peculiarly in arousing ( worsening ) sectarian clangs and therefore conveying harm to the smooth running of our economic system

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