The Rise of Industrial America Short Answer Q’s 8.26.14

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What was the Bessemer process? What effect did it have on American industry?
it purified iron to create steel, changed construction
list two methods that corporations used to maximize profit
paying workers low wages and paying lower prices for raw material
Identify a company or an entrepreneur that practice each horizontal/vertical integration.
standard oil/US steel
How did industrialization and new technology affect the economy and society?
It made life easier to do simple tasks, and also new technology changed business structures, increasing production and making it faster, improved the economy
How did big businesses shape the American economy in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s?
They used railroads to transport their goods and expand their businesses across the country, which helped increase their profit, therefore making America one of the most economically powerful countries in the world.
Was the idea of rags to riches a cause or result of?
it was the result of America’s economic growth. the wealthy was against the gov’t giving money away to the poor, so the idea was difficult to achieve
Why did industrialists like JP Morgan support the work of inventors?
industrialists usually supported inventors for patent rights in order to make profit
How did the growth of railroad technology change American society? How did it change businesses?
Railroads allowed people to travel quickly and efficiently across the country. Businesses could now expand and increase their profit
What does the theory of social darwinism demonstrate about the way some americans felt about wealth and poverty
the more money you had the more likely you were going to survive
What would a modern day entrepreneur who believed in Carnegie’s “gospel of wealth” do with his or her fortune?
he or she would responsibly invest their money towards something that would either help the economy or help increase their profit
How did the south’s emphasis on cash crops affects its agricultural development?
It limited agricultural development. Farmers failed to diversify their cash crops, so if they only planted one crop and something happened to it, they would have nothing else to sell.
what was the transcontinental railroad? what was its purpose and how did it affect the settlement of the west?
a rail link between eastern and western US, to easily transport goods and people across the country faster, allowed people to easily move west for land
What was the homestead act? what did a family have to do to qualify for the homestead act?
the government gave land to farmers willing to tend it, you had to live on the lad for five years, dig a well, and build a road
How did the southern economy and society change after the civil war?
the economy was severely damaged and slaves were now free
what economic and social factors changed the west after the civil war?
cattle destroyed crops, sheep ruined grasses, mining run off polluted water; prejudice, discrimination, ethnic tensions
How did Supreme Court ruling in the civil rights cases in 1883 affect the situation of AA in the post-reconstruction south?
Public accommodations were to be decided by state or local laws which southerners took advantage of by further limiting AA rights
Why did the federal government encourage the construction of the transcontinental railroad? what effect did the new railroad have on the people and the land?
As industries grew, they needed a way to efficiently transport goods in a short amount of time across the country. this allowed many people to settle west and tend the land for farming and allowed businesses to expand
Why did poll taxes have a particularly negative effect on AA?
many AA could not afford to pay the poll tax
How were the civil and political rights of certain groups in America undermined during the years after reconstruction?
they were discriminated and looked down on so life was difficult for them because they didnt have the same rights as the whites
How were the views of Washington and Dubois similar? different?
both wanted AA equality; however washington wanted to earn the rights and build their reputations while dubois demanded them and thought they shouldnt have to earn equality

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