The Odyssey part 2 test study guide

secretly in a borrowed ship
odysseus returns home to Ithaca
20 years
odysseus was away from home for
the goddess warns Odysseus of trouble when he gets home
he will not inherit his fathers land
he Suiters want Telemachus dead so
Odysseus assumes the disguise of a
he is able to sneak up on the traitors
because Athena disguises Odysseus as a beggar
Odysseus Dog is the only one to recognize him
cant reveal his identity
but Odysseus cannot greet Argus because he
unweaving a night what she wove by day
Penlope postpones marriage by day
string odysseus bow andshoot a target
pressured by suitors Penlope says she will marry anyone who can
sheds tears when odysseus reveals his true identity
Telemachus showing his obedience to his father
Penelope Odysseus when he finally reveals himself to her
Odysseus must deal forcefully with his wife’s suitors
The conflict :
temptation overcoming obstacles
The Odyssey includes danger of and
Odysseus uses when telling his part of the story
( happy hounds )
Alliteration is the same sound repeated
compares using like or as
Penelope embodies