The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari Essay Example
The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari Essay Example

The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari Essay Example

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The Monk Who sold His Ferrari: a fable about fulfilling your dreams and reaching your destiny, by Robin Sharma, is an interesting book. It’s a book that will make you see life from another perspective it will also make you give some thought to your life, your goals, your dreams and how your daily habits help you reach those dreams. It’s a book that gives us great teachings about life, and that motivates us to have a balance in it, activities and relationships that we carry or have, it gives us the key to achieve great things in life, self-control and to guide us to achieve our goals and to fight for them.

This books talks about Julian Mantle, a very successful lawyer, that dedicated too much time to his work with the single p


urpose of achieving success, but he was too obsessed into his job that he had a wrong thought on how to have a balance in his life, he forgot about having activities and to spend time with his family because of his work as a lawyer, this led him to seek help from some wise gurus of the Himalayan, this is how Julian gets the opportunity to see life from another perspective.

Clearly this book teaches us precisely ideas of personal motivation, and positive thoughts about the things we want and fight hard for that, because as the book says to manage your mind is to manage your life. We have to provide things for our good as it is our most valuable tool and as our valuable tool if we give a poor use of it and fill it with negativism w

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won? t be able to use it properly because of the problems that we could have at work, friends, family, etc.

According to this your mind is also capable to decide all actions that you want to do and how to react to any obstacles or problems, this is one of the most important thing that the book talks about. Self-Help is a principle of struggle, here we have a lot of obstacles and to overcome them we have to experiment by doing some sacrifices like the book says that “in everything there is a lesson to learn” and also try to “be architects of our own future”, dare to dream and never try to fall in our attempt.

The book also teaches us to see work or activities as something pleasurable and not as something boring that we do not like to do or as something that is just not of our interest, but more than anything to try to find out the positive thing in them like the book says “Work no longer work until you like what you do” instead work and activities could be an entertainment, pleasure or just plain fun.

Leadership and motivation start with the capacity for self-control that we have within ourselves, leading this us to a purpose for life, mission, to define it. Put your targets, your goals, deadlines and make a public commitment from those around you. These phrases will help you cope with a purpose defined in a pleasant way in your life. It sure will change your outlook towards life and will make you appreciate the things around you.

It will make you realize what you should give

more importance to, this is one of the best books that you will read. The good things that this book left me were very accurate, the author goes directly to the objectives without making it exhausting for the reader and in an easy way to understand which motivates the reader to keep reading. Above all, it’s a book that leaves a lot of teaching, and motivates us to have a balance in life, self control and guides us to achieve what we want.

The author always highlights that we must be positive into life, whatever we do, where ever we are and to accomplish our goals. With a positive thinking we can achieve anything and overcome any fear. It is a must read for those who are into reading and for those who want to start reading. It gives you a perfect start to a great hobby and using your time in an efficient way. Universidad Autonoma De Baja California Juan Eduardo Martinez Caldera Essay: The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari Professor: Hosanna

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