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How can a service firm build a strong service culture that emphasizes service excellence and productivity? Service management has to take a personal interest in improving the service culture by showing the employees how to provide excellence service and be very productive through this example or display employees can copy this vision and provide excellence service and productivity. Once the management has committed itself to building this strong service culture, the next most important thing is to filter this message, in a manageable and meaningful form, down to the service personnel.

This form provides the vision or goals set by management for employees to emulate the vision such as to provide service excellence and productivity. Management should also gain feedback from the employees on ways to improve their jobs therefore providing management with the insight of the trouble areas that exist within the organization. Employees gain their understanding of the organization’s direction through daily interactions with the management.

Management should also reward employees for doing their jobs especially well, therefore creating an environment which strives for excellence. Create a working environment which an employee can have input on how to improve the operation. A strong communications plan should be in place to shape the culture and spread the message of service excellence and great productivity. Management should also provide employees with a mission statement or goal to achieve which outlines importance of employees and excellent service.

Management should spend time with service personnel, sharing and impressing onto them the importance of the frontline and how they fall into a very important piece of the business. The key to building this strong service culture is to build working relationships with managers and employees. Creating this environment might be tough but can be accomplish through understanding and providing purpose to the businesses objectives to provide excellent service.

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