The Main Problems In Jamaica Sociology Essay Example
The Main Problems In Jamaica Sociology Essay Example

The Main Problems In Jamaica Sociology Essay Example

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  • Published: September 25, 2017
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Harmonizing to research, unemployment is one of the chief jobs in Jamaica. In the Don Anderson canvass done in May 2008 which was published in the Jamaica Observer September 21, 2010 it was shown as the major job to the Jamaica 's economic crisis among respondents. This research intends to detect the effects of unemployment and the factors lending to the addition in the unemployment rate. Unemployment creates societal and political tensenesss which do non assist society to construct prosperity and established a stable political government. Unemployment is besides caused by spiritual, political and educational grounds. Rastafarians for illustrations have a difficult clip acquiring a occupation, the winning political party does non give occupations to electors or protagonists of the opposing party and a deficiency of instruction is responsible for many people being unemployed


as most occupations require at least a high school sheepskin. The Daily Gleaner dated ; September 07, 2008, shows that unemployment is caused by indolence and deficiency of instruction, because occupations are ever being advertised in the Daily Gleaner and most times no 1 turns up for the place. This research paper will research the many causes of unemployment, a realisation of the earnestness of the job in the state and suggestions as to what can be done to relieve this job.


Unemployment is defined as the province of an single looking for a paying occupation but non able to happen one. There are many types of unemployment-seasonal, cyclical, insouciant, technological, structural and residuary. Seasonal unemployment in this people is employed merely when the season for certain types of economic activities comes about. For case in Jamaica the reaping of sugar can

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or java and the tourer season brings high degree of employment. When the season as passed the impermanent workers revert to their province of unemployment. Casual unemployment takes into history those who work on an on and off footing. These workers will include contract workers, laborers and unskilled individuals. With alterations in the economic system `` roar and slack '' occupation security or instability may ensue. When an economic system is go throughing through recession the unemployment rate is really high. With the coming of modern engineering, a figure of houses have adopted the constructs and the procedures that give rise to efficiency of operation. A batch of individuals have lost their occupation with the add-on of engineering to the nutrient processing industry, security services and among clerical staff in Jamaica in recent old ages. When the market reveals that a demand for a peculiar merchandise has decreased structural unemployment will ensue. For illustration with the cut down demand on the universe market for sugar cane, banana and bauxite several companies have cease operations.

Harmonizing to Don Anderson canvass in May 2008, when his field squad asked individuals what worried them most about Jamaica today, 27 per cent cited unemployment, deficiency of occupation chances or joblessness as the chief issues. Womans and older individuals, he said, were the 1s who echoed this concern most of all, but it was a factor expressed by all groups. `` Eighteen per cent reference the current economic crisis and the consequence it is holding on their lives ; eight per cent speak of poorness, non unrelated to the other two chief factors, whilst four per cent say every bit corruptness,

the moral dislocation in society, and the low literacy degree are issues of concern to them, '' said Anderson.

Below is a pie chart exemplifying the information from the Don Anderson canvass.

The factors which contribute to the major unemployment in the state are:

Rapid alterations in engineering


Not being qualified for the occupation

Lack of resources/ inaccessibility of occupations


Lack of capital


Attitudes towards employees

Willingness to work and executing inefficiently

Discriminating factors in the work force

Percept of employees

Job dissatisfaction

Changes in trade form

In an article published on The Gleaners website on May 18, 2012 showed that the unemployment rate spiked in January, harmonizing to new occupations informations from the Statistical Institute of Jamaica ( STATIN ) .The findings of the January 2012 Labour Force Survey released in May put the unemployment rate at 14.1 per cent, compared to 12.9 per cent one twelvemonth ago. Some 23,100 occupations were lost last twelvemonth, harmonizing to the current study, but non everyone left the labour market.As the full impact of the closing of the larger portion of the bauxite industry is now being felt and the tourer industry slows down, we can anticipate that this one-fourth and the following will demo steeper diminutions in production. The autumn in remittals, which is already cheerless demand for goods and services, will besides function to decline the downswing in end product in several sectors. For most people, what matters most about the impairment in the economic system is its consequence on the handiness of occupations. Young people, in peculiar, who have borne the brunt of the state 's weak public presentation in occupation creative activity over the past 30 old ages, are likely to be disproportionately affected. This is

in the context where the young person ( 14-24 old ages ) unemployment rate in 2008 of 25.9 per cent was more than twice the overall rate of 10.6 per cent, with the rate for immature females being worse, at three times.

In an article published on The Gleaners web site on Thursday September 6, 2012 Wayne Chen, president of the Jamaica Employers ' Federation, said there is an increasing concern sing the high degree of unemployment among young person.

`` There is no uncertainty that the youth unemployment rate in Jamaica is really high, '' said Chen.

`` We will ever be concerned with unemployment, but we are peculiarly concerned with young person unemployment because it tends to make a sense of hopelessness among new entrants in the economic system. ''

Chen said he was cognizant that this job was a byproduct of the overall economic unease, but said there were some structural failings, peculiarly in the countries of preparation and instruction.

`` There are excessively many school departers ill-equipped to look about their economic nutriment, '' he noted.

`` There is besides a structural issue of the misalignment of our educational system with the demands of the occupation market. I have no uncertainty about the fact that the formal educational system at all degrees is neglecting to decently fit our immature people for the demands of a globally competitory work force. ''

Chen urged immature individuals who are happening a challenge in acquiring occupations in the formal occupation market to band together, portion their accomplishments, cognition and expertness, and organize their ain endeavors and entree financess from the many bureaus out at that place.

`` I besides urge the bureaus that

are charged with assisting little concerns to assist more immature people turn thoughts and energies into bankable concern programs, '' he stated.

`` Young individual 's merely necessitate to get down making something, acquire originative and believe outside the box instead than sit around waiting for something to go on. ''

He added: `` They must analyze the market, see what other chances there are and branch into countries you ne'er thought about before. Young people have to now get down developing that entrepreneurial accomplishment to make endeavors of their ain. ''

In a missive to the editor of the Gleaner the dated August 3, 2012 a 20-year-old grapnels with one of the most terrible jobs that Jamaica is confronting right now - Unemployment. This is a major subscriber to offense and the hapless economic system. As I see it, the jobs faced in our universe seem to be links in a great concatenation. However, in my appraisal, unemployment seems to be the greatest of all. He wrote that `` Unemployment is something that needs to be revisited by our state 's leaders because it is a sore that is being allowed to distribute all over our island. This position is shared by many other immature Jamaicans who have a positive mentality but have found themselves in the same state of affairs I have found myself in. How are we traveling to be able to farther educate ourselves if we are non being afforded the chance to work and salvage towards it? The world is that non all of us will be able to entree pupil loan or will be able to depend on our parents or household

members to back up us through third instruction. '' Karl Samuda, general secretary of the Jamaica Labour Party believes that `` unemployment is the most hard job confronting the bulk of our people particularly in the inner-city countries and in peculiar the young person '' . He said that non being able to care for one 's kids and seting a shelter over their caputs is dehumanizing and enfeebling for those affected. Mr. Samuda says that the chance to supply occupations lies at the footing of the state 's development.

Former dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Barry Chavannes, explained that unemployment is a serious job `` particularly because of its chronic nature. In the last two decennaries at that place have been non plenty occupations to absorb people coming into the labour market. What is unreassuring is that it ( unemployment ) creates a degree of undiscipline when it ( unemployment ) is terrible. '' While unemployment does non make offense, its believed that it creates a sort of clime that offense can boom in. Noel Cowell, lector in the Department of Management Studies at the University of the West Indies, Mona, agree that unemployment is a major job. However, he said `` We should non merely be concerned about those who are recorded as unemployed but those who are underemployed. '' He argued that unemployment represents a job of 'worthlessness ' . He believes that unemployment breeds a figure of jobs. As a consequence, he reckons that male parents are neglecting to keep their kids because they can non stand up to their economic duties. `` The fact that there are so many

people out of work, we are losing productive capacity, '' Dr. Cowell noted.

Rising unemployment may take to a decrease in the supply capacity of the economic system. If workers remain unemployed for sustained periods they may lose their accomplishments, therefore cut downing their human capital. High rates of long-run unemployment in the economic system may intend there is a mismatch between those accomplishments that workers possess, and those for which there is demand. Its believed that unemployment in your 20s has a immense consequence on life criterions for people in their 50s. This includes: increased wellness hazards, Stress or holding a healthy or unhealthy diet, and increased hazard of matrimonial break-up. The longer the continuance of unemployment ; the lower the opportunities of happening fresh employment. Besides losing income involuntary has a major impact. Many people have major committednesss such as mortgage and recognition understandings that fall in existent life criterions. Other things being equal, the greater the sum of goods and services produced, the greater the labour required for production. Because economic growing and employment go manus in manus, ordinance and revenue enhancement that discourage the operation of concern will besides cut down the demand for labour. Many enterprisers are faced with ordinances that force allotment of resources off from production. Regulations sometimes overlooked in their impact on unemployment are those covering with occupational licensing. Unemployment besides increases comparative poorness in the Jamaican society the load on the public assistance systems rises therefore higher revenue enhancement may ensue.


The obvious solution to the jobs of unemployment is to make more occupations. Whilst the bulk of the chances to make occupations lies in the private sector

the authoritiess besides plays a of import function. The authorities can make more occupations by straight using individual to present services. The occupations should be created on a lasting footing on non temporarily as the failed 1st phase of the Jamaica Emergency employment Programme [ JEEP ] . Before the execution of the JEEP programme many Jamaican 's expected to acquire paid employment but these dreams were shattered when merely a little cross subdivision of Jamaicans received impermanent employment. The unemployment state of affairs can non be a speedy hole as it 's the remarkable largest societal and economic jobs we face. It requires the input of all stakeholders.

The solution has to take a multipronged attack and it requires subject by the full society. In covering with the job of young person unemployment, we deal with the job of offenses and packs because the recruits in these packs and offense mobs are the big figure of idle young persons. Prevention of adolescent gestation can besides diminish the unemployment degree. Therefore household planning, sex instruction and positive values and attitude should be taught in schools. Education of our kids should non get down at schools but at place. Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller says it is critical for the Government and private sector to work together on happening originative solutions to the job of unemployment among qualified young person

To work out the job of unemployment we need to supply a society and a macroeconomic model that will promote people to put in the state. Merely through investing and the creative activity of new concerns will we happen it necessary to supply occupations for the huge Numberss

of individuals who are now unemployed. Leachim Semaj, main executive officer of the Job Bank agrees that unemployment is a serious phenomenon. He explained to The Sunday Gleaner that one time individuals are unemployed they become involved in many different activities including condemnable 1s. As the HEART Trust NTA 's motto says: 'Education makes you trainable but developing makes you employable ' . The solution must be within the context of instruction and preparation.

A turning figure of Jamaicans position higher production, more mills and investings as cardinal elements which the state must utilize to get the better of its economic sufferings and turning unemployment, harmonizing to the latest Gleaner-commissioned canvass. The canvass, carried out between September 15 and 24, showed that 61 per cent of participants saw hope for redemption through the gap of more mills. Conducted by Don Anderson and his squad from Market Research Services Ltd. , research workers interviewed 1,000 people aged 18 and over in all parishes. Mr. Anderson, in his analysis, pointed out that `` the hapless province of the economic system has resulted in turning unemployment as a greater figure of houses are choosing to put off workers to better efficiency or warrant endurance. Unemployment has been blamed for a figure of national defects, including high offense and force degrees. ''

Previously people who lost occupations turned to informal commercial trading of imported goods as a line of life, but as the economic system deteriorates, this mercantile establishment will be under force per unit area. Surely, this crisis requires that we find more sustainable solutions.

As Jamaica celebrates its fiftieth day of remembrance of Independence, unemployment rate bases at 12.8 per

cent. Unemployment schemes have to be predicated on an overall attack to spread out the macro-economic model. Therefore, Government must prioritise sectors and industries for growing and originate policies consequently. With extra engineering to pull out spirits and do value-added agricultural green goods, Government must give inducements to export-oriented agro-industries, as the state moves frontward in the following 50 old ages. Agribusiness production is critical because of the demand for nutrient security. Markets must be explored for non-traditional agricultural exports. A concern theoretical account of athleticss must be incorporated. Sport touristry must besides be explored. Manufacturing athletics dress with the sole 'Jamaica trade name ' removes the issue of competition with inexpensive imports from Asia, because superior or prestige goods do non obey the same Torahs of supply and demand.

Given the strong work moral principle of migratory Jamaican workers, the excess can be absorbed by developing professionals and skilled forces who are in demand internationally. A system of bonding and remittal deductions needs to be explored. Trade brotherhoods, employers and Government must blend, and other involvement groups and societal spouses need to coerce policymakers to be more honest.


Based on the survey that was carried out the research worker can safely said from the information gathered that unemployment ca n't be generalized, as being caused by merely one thing, but it is caused by a assortment of grounds. Some of the chief factors are:

Relevant accomplishments

Educational making

The Organization of pick

More accent should be placed in educating people and making occupations.


Unemployment snake pit

Published: Thursday | September 6, 2012 Kanika Tomlinson may be all smilings but like many high school and university alumnuss, she is profoundly affected by the

inaccessibility of work in the country of her preparation. - Norman Grindley/Chief Photographer

Kanika Tomlinson may be all smilings but like many high school and university alumnuss, she is profoundly affected by the inaccessibility of work in the country of her preparation. - Norman Grindley/Chief Photographer

Wayne Chen, president of the Jamaica Employers ' Federation

Wayne Chen, president of the Jamaica Employers ' Federation

Anastasia Cunningham, News Coordinator

High-achieving maestro 's degree holder battles to happen work.

JEF president Tells occupation huntsmans to band together, organize ain concerns

Thirty-one-year-old Kanika Tomlinson did all the right things. A consistent high winner, she pursued her dreams to the highest degree, get the hanging her field.

Yet, despite holding a maestro 's grade in jurisprudence, specialising in international trade, development and concern jurisprudence from the University of Sydney, for the past three old ages she says she has been unable to acquire a occupation in her country of expertness and preparation.

`` It has been really frustrating because when I know I am qualified to make something and I know that my state needs this country of forte and no 1 will use me, it is so frustrating, '' she declared.

`` For at least two occupation interviews, I have been told that I am overqualified, so they wo n't even shortlist me for an interview. They wo n't even seek to negociate with me. ''

She added: `` I am angry and defeated and sometimes I wonder if it was a waste of clip and money to acquire my maestro 's and now I ca n't even utilize it. It is even more cheerless when I see I have schoolmates in other states who have gotten occupations in

their field. ''

Several qualified immature individuals have expressed the same defeat, many to the point of depression and hopelessness. Each twelvemonth, more and more young persons are go forthing school with no occupations to turn to.

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