The Influence Of Christianity Theology Religion
The Influence Of Christianity Theology Religion

The Influence Of Christianity Theology Religion

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  • Published: October 25, 2017
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Language and civilization are closely related. Language is a portion of civilization and the bearer of civilization. Christian religion with Bible as its kernel exerts great influence on English. Learning English should non merely larn the basic cognition and accomplishments, but besides understand its profound cultural intension. Christianity civilization influences English intercourse addresss, common words, parlances, individual names, tabu and so on, which requires beef uping the debut of Christianity civilization in English instruction and acquisition. Christianity has been brought in western state for 1000s of old ages since the first century, the it spread rapidly in western society, particularly during the Middle Ages the influence of it has became more and more dominant. The influence can cover all countries such as political, civilization, linguistic communication, art etc. in this essay, the influence of one facet in linguistic communication -- -the daily-used look will be analyzed in item, including Christian Culture of ejaculation, supplications before dinner, English adage, other looks used by people, such as vows and supplications. Besides, the influence will besides be listed to assist readers have a deeper apprehension of the relationship between Christianity and English linguistic communication.

Cardinal words: Christianityi??western culturei??language, daily-used look, influence

1. Introduction

1.1 The importance of daily-use look in the survey of western civilization.

Language is the most common tool for people use in day-to-day communicating, and it is of critical importance in civilization. Language can be classified into several sorts: unwritten linguistic communication, written linguistic communication, organic structure linguistic communication etc. In all these classs, un


written linguistic communication is the most of import one, because over 80 per centum of human existences communicate with spoken linguistic communications, even though the fast velocity of our scientific discipline and engineering, the use of message and electronic mails still can non crush unwritten linguistic communication. In all the countries of unwritten linguistic communication the daily-use looks can be the most common one since in our day-to-day conversations we use them often. As a consequence, the research of daily-use look is necessary for us to cognize the civilization.

1.2 The influence of Christianity in western civilization, particularly in day-to-day communicating of westerners

As we know that if we want to analyze about western civilization, the influence of Christianity in western civilization should non be neglect. Western Culture refers to the civilization that has developed in the western universe, while traditional western civilization is said to hold been created by three chief historical factors: Ancient Greece, the Roman Empire, and Christianity. For the of import function Ancient Greece and Roman Empire in human Civilization, the influence of them on the western civilization is easy to be understood. However, in which facets, or how Christianity, the faith based on the life and instructions of Jesus Christ, influenced western civilization? In this article, I will discourse some influence of Christianity on the western civilization -- -the influence of westerner 's daily- used looks

2. Christian religion in day-to-day usage looks of westerners

2.1 Christian Culture of ejaculation

Sometimes some ejaculation sentences or words we say in our conversations may include some Christianity civilization. For case, when we meet something accidently and we want to subscribe it with

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emotion, we may state: `` Godi?? '' , `` My Godi?? '' '' , Oh, my Godi?? '' , '' God Lord! `` i?? '' Oh Jesus! `` , `` Jesus Christ! `` , '' Good Heavens! `` aˆ? in this sentence, `` God '' as we know is the most of import religious leader in Christianity ; besides he is the most of import character in the Bible. Besides, when we meet some unsafe or problems, but eventually we overcame it, we will shout: '' Thank God! '' this means that the westerners regard the God as if he is almighty, and he will assist his people whenever they need his aid. This is another belief of Christianity. For 1000s of old ages, God is the lone autonomous religious leader of the Christianity-believers ' and harmonizing to the study of 2008, over one tierce of the people around the universe are Christians, and most of them are westerners. As a consequence, it is no admiration that Christianity civilization can swamp in westerners ' day-to-day communicating. Even when they want to state something at random with his or her suddenly emotion.

As scientists reported that the suddenly emotion can uncover what one think is of import in his or her life, so the ejaculation words of people with something about Christianity civilization shows that the statue of Christianity poses a really of import place.

2.2 Christian Culture of dinner supplications and bedtime supplications

Each civilization has its ain dinner civilization. Our Chinese like to speak with each other during dinner, while westerners prefer maintain silent instead than talk. However, it is common scene that westerners will feed before dinner, which is besides called `` thanks for dinner the God have provided them '' they do supplications merely like they are speaking with the God, the traditional remunerators come from Matthewi??aˆSe©¬a¤?c¦?eY?aˆ‹i?‰i??the traditional one is `` After this mode hence pray ye: Our Father which art in Eden, Hallowed be thy name Thy land semen. Thy will be done in Earth, as it is in Eden. Give us this twenty-four hours our day-to-day staff of life. And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debitors. And take us non into enticement, but present us from immorality: For thine is the land, and the power, and the glorification, everlastingly. Amen. `` [ 1 ]

However, most of the clip they like to pray in their ain manner. So different people can state different content, and most of the supplications come from the Lord 's Prayer while some come from The Book of Common Prayer. For case, you can state `` O Lord, we thank you for the gifts of your premium which we enjoy at this tabular array. As you have provided for us in the yesteryear, so may you prolong us throughout our lives. While we enjoy your gifts, may we ne'er forget the needy and those in want. '' [ 2 ] Or you can state `` God, we thank you for this nutrient. For remainder and place and all things good. For air current and rain and Sun above. But most of all

for those we love. '' [ 2 ] In these supplications, we can see the words `` Lord '' `` God '' , and their grasp to them, Which means they think that what they will eat on tabular arraies are created by the God, they should be grateful to the God for what he has done for them. This is besides a Christianity belief of Christians. And Christians ' belief is: Meals are an of import clip to recognize how lucky we are to hold adequate to eat, and give God thanks. And the beginnings of this belief should follow back to the ancient clip.

Except for holding dinner, sleeping is besides another day-to-day activity of human which people will pray to God for his charity. Just like dinner supplication, bedtime supplication is besides variable, since it is a manner for people to speak to God, but their aims are the same -- - to appreciate for God and acquire redemption. Such as,

Father, We Thank Thee [ 3 ]

Father, we thank thee for the dark,

And for the pleasant forenoon visible radiation ;

For remainder and nutrient and loving attention,

And all that makes the twenty-four hours so just.

Help us to make the things we should,

To be to others sort and good ;

In all we do, in work or drama,

To turn more loving every twenty-four hours.

2.3 Christian Culture of English adage

Proverbs summarizes are some sentences with simple but philosophic words which can sum up the experience of ancient people and society. Besides, the Proverbss can state us much truth. So sometimes when we want to province clear our heads, we may utilize some Proverbss. Proverbs can non merely province clear our heads, but besides fancify our words. The Proverbs are the entity of cultural image. As the most influential faith of western civilization there are about one billion Christianity trusters in the universe, there are besides 86 % of Americans are Christianity trusters though there are some differences in some specific spiritual feelings, ceremonials and the name of their organisations, such as Protestant, Roman Catholic etc. C. Lamb one time said: `` it is obvious that all faiths are combined with civilization without exclusion. '' Now we will analyse the influence of Christianity on the linguistic communication in five orientations which was used by Mr. and Mrs. Kluckhohn and Strodtbeck to analyse cultural manner. They are human nature orientation, relationship of world to nature orientation, clip orientation, activity orientation, and societal relational orientation.

2.3.1 Human nature orientation

Christians believe that the God created human, they are Adam and Eve. They live merrily in the Garden of Eden, but they break the jurisprudence and steal the out fruit. Then they were driven out the Eden by the God. They were made suffer in the universe. As a consequence, westerners are normally believed that Human nature is evil. However, on the other manus, the God send Jesus to prophesy The Gospel of the land of Eden ( a¤©a›?cs„c¦?eY? ) in the universe. They said: `` if you beg for it, it will belongs to you, ; if you look for it, you may eventually happen it ;

if you knock on the door, it will eventually open for you. `` ( Gospels.11.9-10 ) [ 4 ] .so it means that homo can be saved though they are born to be evil. So many westerners ever confess in their life to alter their nature, and there are many proverbs encourage people to work hard and contend with hardness in their life. Such as:

What is deserving making at all is deserving making good. [ 5 ]

Whatever you doi??do with your mighti?›i??Things done by halves are ne'er done right. [ 5 ]

They who can non make as T hey wouldi??must do as they can. [ 5 ]

For melody favours the bold. [ 5 ]

Besides, this sort of `` guilty civilization '' developed desire of `` move '' and `` alteration '' temper of westerners. For case,

There is nil lasting except alteration [ 5 ]

Assortment is the spice of life. [ 5 ]

Life to be worthy of a rational being, must be ever in patterned advance. [ 5 ]

2.3.2 The relationship of world to nature orientation

In the Bible we know that the God created the universe in six yearss alternatively of one twenty-four hours, it shows that nature will hold its class, everything tally in its regulation. More significantly, the God provide human beings the power of pull offing the universe. `` Human and the nature are separated and human are at the place of commanding and transforming the nature '' , therefore the subjective enterprise of people is mobilized, so we can see these Proverbss:

God gives every bird its nutrient, but does non throw it into the nest. [ 5 ]

Man is non animal of fortunes ; fortunes are the animal of adult male. [ 5 ]

Man is the inventor of his ain felicity. [ 5 ]

Weak work forces wait for chance, but the strong work forces make it. [ 5 ]

I am the captain of my psyche ; and the captain of my destiny. [ 7 ]

2.3.3 Time orientation

On the 4th twenty-four hours of God 's Creation, `` the God said: there should be some visible radiation in order to separate twenty-four hours and dark, besides it can be the grade of seasons and old ages, months and daysaˆ¦ -- so it be '' ( Genesis.1.14-15 ) [ 6 ] , so the beginning of clip should follow back to the clip of God 's Creation. Jesus one time used `` the Parable of Net '' to explicate the scene of Eden 's approach, he said: `` The Eden is merely like a net which is being thrown into the sea to acquire all sorts of fishes, when it is full, the fisherman will draw it up, sit down and pick the fishes up, so put the good 1s into a container and the bad 1s are left aside. So as the terminal of the universe: Angels will pick out the evil individuals in the Righteous Men, so fire them in a furnace, there will be crying and gnashing of dentition. `` ( Gospels.13.49 ) [ 4 ] , so it means that the coming of the Eden is

the terminal of now universe -- - '' the terminal of the age '' ( Mt.13.49 ) [ 8 ] or `` the terminal of clip '' ( Gospels.13.49 ) [ 4 ] . So it seems that in western civilization, the clip seems like a one-direction heterosexual line which runs invariably towards the terminal, it runs frontward and winging invariably to the hereafter.

So under this influence, the temporalty of western civilization is future orientation. Westerners, particularly the Americans are looking to the hereafter, clip is a route stretches to the hereafter, merely we fly with clip, arrange and program the hereafter, can we derive the redemption and acquire in the Eden. Because Jesus one time told people that the Eden comes at an `` Unexpected clip '' ( Gospels.24.44 ) [ 4 ] , so clip is barbarous for westerners.

So we can easy see the undermentioned Proverbs:

Punctuality is the psyche of concern. [ 5 ]

On the great clock of clip, there is but one word, `` Now '' . [ 5 ]

Take clip while clip is, for clip will be off. [ 5 ]

Lost clip is ne'er found once more, and what we call clip adequate ever proves small plenty. [ 5 ]

This hereafter oriented clip position besides makes westerners pay more attending to efficiency, alteration, invention and betterment. As a consequence, it leads to the visual aspect of the undermentioned Proverbs.

Quick pess and busy custodies fill the oral cavity. [ 5 ]

Quick at repast, quick at work. [ 5 ]

It besides helps to further the optimism in the western civilization, such as

Care killed a cat. [ 5 ]

God ne'er shuts one door but he opens another. [ 5 ]

If you do n't win, seek, seek and seek once more. [ 5 ]

2.3.4 Activity orientation

Harmonizing to the Bible, Jesus is a adult male who advocates truth. He taught people the truth in holy books and showed them countless miracles `` expel the Satan '' ( Gospels.1.39 ) [ 4 ] , `` calm down the storm '' ( Gospels.8.22-25 ) [ 4 ] , it makes `` unsighted individuals can see, cripples can walk, work forces with Hansen's disease can be clean, deaf individuals can hear, a dead individual can be alive and hapless can hear Gospel '' ( Gospels.11.5 ) [ 4 ] . So we can state that the New Testament of the Bible is a complete aggregation of charity made by Jesus in his life clip. Therefore, `` making things '' and `` achieve something '' of course become their cultural orientation and values, [ 7 ] sitting and chattering about the general rule are unacceptable by western civilization, so we have these Proverbss:

Wordss pay no debts. [ 5 ]

Actions speak louder than words. [ 5 ]

They brag most who can make least. [ 5 ]

It is besides unacceptable for western civilization to be idled and deficiency of advancement, if this lead to their hapless life, it 's normally non worthy of understanding, so the undermentioned Proverbs appear:

An idle encephalon is the Satans workshop. [ 5 ]

Satan ever finds work for idle custodies. [ 5 ]


worms are bred in a dead pool, so are evil ideas in idling. [ 5 ]

Poverty is the wages of idling. [ 5 ]

2.3.5 Social relational orientation

The Christian God is three -- - Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, they are every bit of import, each of them has his ain unbeatable might. For illustration, Holy Spirit made Virgin Mary give birth to Jesus Christ. So in this point, Father, Son and Holy Spirit are equal. On the other manus, the Son who was given birth by Virgin Mary, so he is non merely a God, but besides a human being, and equal with human. Jesus one time said to his female parent and brothers: `` those who put what he or she hears from the God into pattern are my female parent and brothers '' ( Gospels.8.21 ) [ 5 ] , he means that everyone is equal in Christianity.

So egalitarianism is inveteracy in western civilization. Then they created the undermentioned Proverbs:

A cat may look a pickings. [ 5 ]

A king of beasts may come to be beholden to a mouse. [ 5 ]

Every Canis familiaris has his twenty-four hours, and every adult male has his hr. [ 5 ]

All things in their existences are good for something. [ 5 ]

The individuality orientation in western civilization is closely relate to egalitarianism. It is normally considered in western civilization that everyone is cherished, because the God created human harmonizing to his ain portrayal. This sort of individuality orientation is single endeavoring in societal life. Such as `` He travels the fastest who travels entirely. '' [ 5 ] `` If each would brush before his ain door, we should hold a clean metropolis. '' [ 5 ] There are besides some Proverbs for the respecting of privateness, for case, `` Love your neighbour, yet pull non down your hedge. '' [ 5 ]

Proverbs are the pick of a state 's idea, [ 5 ] and it is besides the concentrated contemplation of Values, we can clearly see the dig influence of Christianity on western civilization. Just like what Wang Zuo Liang says: the Holy Bible whose influence on western civilization is more than the influence of other plants is the ether of western civilization. [ 9 ]

2.4 Christian Culture of other looks used by people, such as vows, names and tabu.

We have talked about some state of affairss of Christianity influence on daily-used looks old. In fact, we have many sorts of looks in our day-to-day life.

Sometimes we may wager with others or if person does some unfavourable things, we want to others trust him once more, he will vow to people. They may state: `` I swear to the Godaˆ¦ ''

Or in nuptialss, the bride and groom will vow to the God. Couples marrying in the Roman Catholic Church basically make the same pledge to one another. Harmonizing to the Rite of Marriage the customary text in English is:

`` I, ____ , take you, ____ , to be my ( husband/wife ) . I promise to be true to you in good times and in bad, in illness and in

wellness. I will love you and honour you all the yearss of my life. `` [ 10 ]

The priest will so state aloud `` You have declared your consent before the Church. May the Lord in his goodness beef up your consent and fill you both with his approvals. What God has joined, work forces must non split. Amen. `` [ 10 ]

In western states every kid will be christened after his birth, the parents will take the kid to the church or inquire the curate come to their place, the curate foremost read sentences in the Bible and so, he will scatter some H2O easy on the caput of the kid, with his oral cavity stating: `` I baptize you in the name of the male parent, and the boy, and of the holy spirit. '' At the same clip, he will give the kid a name the same as one of the name of people in the Bible. Such as the name `` Adam '' `` Joseph '' `` Jocob '' `` Michael '' `` Daniel '' `` Benjamin '' `` Samuel '' `` John '' `` Peter '' `` Thomos '' `` Andorran '' etc. for male childs and `` Mary '' `` Elizabeth '' `` Sarah '' `` Lydia '' `` Rebecca '' `` Ruth '' `` Naomi '' etc. for misss. Not merely will the people who believe in Christianity, but besides who do n't believe in it name their kids harmonizing to the Bible.

Taboo is the most sensitive portion of intercultural communicating. Different civilization has different tabu. There are besides many tabus relate to Christianity. In western states, some Christian are pious to the God, they think that abuse the name of God `` Jehovah '' is biggest tabu. So any state of affairs it is under, people should non name abuse the name of God. Harmonizing to the Bible, God made a compact with Israel by Moses in Mount Sinai, they made the regulation that Israeli should follow the 10 commandments, the tierce of them is '' Thou should non talk my name in vain '' . So many people will avoid use the words `` Jehovah '' and `` Christ '' . There is a phrase in English `` for Christ 's interest '' , it shows a strong temper, it is used for inquiring for aid or gross outing something, in common scene, many people will utilize `` for goodness interest '' or `` for shouting out loud '' alternatively. Besides, harmonizing to the Bible, homo are born to hold wickednesss, it is because Adam and Eve stole and ate the out fruit that human were born. So sexual love is besides thought to be guilty. The Christian who believe in Christianity purely will non utilize the words relate to sexual love. Then, as a consequence, it leads to the derivation of many Euphemisms, such as, art of pleasance, to near, make it. [ 11 ] etc.

3. Decision

3.1 The general contemplation of the Christianity civilization in western civilization and its influence on the intercultural communicating.

All in all, Christianity has played an

of import function in western civilization. Jesus Christ was one of the most influential individuals in human history, and his sermon of redemption, salvation and immortality non merely affected the societal construction, the humanistic spirit and the morality but besides their literature, doctrine and other facets. Besides, in order to educate its clergy, the Roman Catholic Church founded many seminaries throughout Europe. These, in bend, grew into today 's universities and colleges. About as monasticism, Christianity has great influence on the western civilization. As for intercultural communicating, when we talk with those people who live in the civilization different from us, we must foremost cognize the civilization, particularly the tabu in their linguistic communication. For westerners, the most distinguished tabu in their linguistic communication come from Christianity.

3.2 The apply, development and hereafter of Christianity in western civilization.

For 1000s of old ages, Christianity has bit by bit influenced about all the facets of western civilization, such as their doctrine, politic, linguistic communication, art, table manners, instruction etc. therefore, we can do full usage of Christianity in many countries to understand the western civilization more. For case, if we use it in instruction, we may acquire impossible consequence. With the channel of Christian civilization, we can beef up the comprehension of what the pupils learnt in their category since there are many quotation mark from the Bible in many outstanding plants, and it will assist develop the intercultural communicating ability, for illustration, English speech production people normally avoid utilizing the figure `` 13 '' and `` Friday '' , this is besides relate to the narrative in the Bible, we should pay attending to it and avoid embarrassments. Besides, the category will be more interesting to hold Christian civilization brought in. from all what I said, Christianity has been, is and will still be exists in western civilization particularly in linguistic communication. The survey of it is necessary, today, the development of it seems optimistic. Because, one time a sort of people 's belief rooted in people 's head, the belief will develop and last for a really long clip or even last forever.