The Fate of Friendship Essay Example
The Fate of Friendship Essay Example

The Fate of Friendship Essay Example

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  • Published: January 21, 2022
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Based on my interpretation of friendship ethics, I place great importance on acknowledging the limitations of my beliefs, vulnerability in my disposition, and imperfections in my personality.

This is critical as it allows me to work towards improving these areas and fostering stronger friendships.

Additionally, it is not the responsibility of my friends to identify my limitations; rather, it is my own duty to acknowledge them. Recognizing these limitations plays a crucial role in friendships because failure to do so can strain relationships as individuals may struggle with accepting their friends' limitations (Vernon, 2010). Concerning the idea of "living life without certainty but with an expectant open-heartedness" within the context of friendship, it implies that friendships are unpredictable and one cannot definitively anticipate what a friend will bring. Hence, on


e must remain receptive to whatever may arise from a friend, be it positive or negative. Friendship itself carries uncertainty and necessitates an open heart to adapt to the ever-changing dynamics.

Embracing new friendships is a morally sound approach to fostering authentic connections. Holding rigid expectations can result in letdowns and potentially strain a friendship. Thus, it is crucial from an ethical standpoint to remain receptive to the contributions a friend can bring.

Being open-hearted is crucial because friends are complex and unpredictable human beings, influenced by their emotions (Vernon, 2010). It is impossible to anticipate anything with certainty from friends.


  1. Vernon, M. (2010). Friendship Beyond Self-help. In The Meaning of Friendship (pp. 242-256). Palgrave Macmillan UK.

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