The environment quiz

Which of the following is not considered waste water?
Ground water

primary source of drinking water for the vast majority of people on Earth.
surface water

The average American generates about ________ of municipal solid waste each year.

The greenhouse gas produced from most landfills is ________.

Solids in wastewater treatment are removed in ________.

Over 100 years ago, the majority of waste made up from residential homes was ________.
coal ash

When considering using graywater, you might use the water for ________.
flushing toilets

There are a variety of ways to approach waste reduction, with the exception of ________.
buying individual items, not in bulk

Most hazardous wastes come from ________.
chemical and petroleum industries

Hazardous wastes are characterized by being mainly ________.
corrosive, flammable and explosive

The most common use of bioremediation has been to assist in the cleanup of ________.
oil spills

________ constitutes the largest portion of the municipal solid waste stream

What pesticide has been primarily used to control mosquito populations?

Which of the following is considered a physical human hazard?

Which of the following is considered a biological human health hazard?
Malaria exposure

Toxicology is the study of ________
toxin effects on human health

In toxicology studies, LD50 can be best described as ________.
the dose at which 50% of an exposed population is killed or displays a specific symptom

Bisphenol A is most often found in ________.

The H1N1 flu virus is common in ________ but rarely transmitted to humans until recently

There are significant differences in the leading causes of death between developed and
developing regions of the world. The biggest difference is in the category of ________.
frequency of cardiovascular diseases

Where in South America is the risk of a earthquake higher?
West Cooast

The current total world population is ________.
7 billion

The increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide is a direct result of all of the following activities
except ________.

An ecosystem is best defined as ________.
all the organisms and their physical and chemical environment within a specific area where

A hypothesis can best be described as ________.
a proposed explanation based on observation

All the organisms and their physical and chemical environment within a specific area best
describes ________.

At virtually any level of use, nonrenewable resources can be ________.
exhausted or depleted

Global population is projected to be about ________ in 2050.
9 billion

Environmental science is best described as ________.
studying all aspects of an environment

Negative feedback processes tend to function within ecosystems to ________
stabilize the ecosystem

Which of the following is not considered Biota?

The Modern Era’s views on the relationship of humans and the environment can be described
human impacts on ecosystems differ significantly from natural disturbances

During the 19th century, as populations grew and urban environments expanded, humans had
less exposure to ________
natural environments

DDT was originally intended to kill ________.

Environmental ethics is best defined as ________.
studying the moral relationships of humans to the environment and the environment’s living

The price consumers are willing to pay for a resource that may be limited depends on
their perceived need for the resource

When a commodity is in short supply, the cost ________.
goes up

Gross domestic product is ________.
the total economic value of goods and services produced by a country

Which of the following agencies has significant influence on international environmental
policy but no government representation or participation?
The World Wildlife Fund

The tree shown in this photograph has nutritional or medicinal benefits for humans. This tree
would be referred to as having ________.
instrumental value

Which of the following land areas shown on this map have the greatest Ecological value?
Areas with forests that are along rivers in tropical and temperate regions

Duty-based ethics
Rightness o wrongness of actions should be determined by a set of rulels or laws

virtue ethics
an action is right if it is motivated by virtues that include kindness , honesty,loyalty,&justice

Defines right actions in terms of outcomes for human

Biocentric ethics
Argues that the value of other living things is equal to the

duty based ethics
Rightness or wrongness of actions should be determined by
a set of rules or laws.

Total fertility rate refers to ________.
the potential number of offspring born per female in her reproductive years

The lowest fertility rates may be found in ________.
A) developing countries
countries providing opportunities for women’s education

When populations approach their carrying capacity, their resources ________.
become more scarce as growth rate becomes zero

An organism’s ________ for many environmental factors determines where it can live
range of tolerance

What are the three requirements for photosynthesis?
Sunlight, carbon dioxide, and water

From what process do all organisms use energy to power their physical, behavioral, and
reproductive functions?
Cellular respiration

In asexual reproduction, ________.
the offspring have identical DNA

Population growth is determined by ________.
birth, death and net migration

Which of the following is an example of a prokaryote?

How does generation time affect population growth rate?
The shorter the generation time, the higher the population growth rate

Globally, what is the main reason that life expectancy has increased dramatically over the
last five decades?
Improved health care, nutrition and sanitation

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