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In the book of Ruth, the name Ruth itself means clemency. In the context of the book this clemency is to demo that God ‘s grace and clemency is for all the people in Israel.

Ruth was a hapless adult female and on top of all she was every bit good a alien which made her life more hard. However, during her hard clip she was helped by another adult female and helped her overcome her troubles. This adult female was older and through her experience in life was able to listen and give advice to Ruth. In return Ruth offered to her utmost trueness.

Ruth ‘ narrative is a historical novel which is based on existent people and it signifies and points out a narrative of bravery in hard state of affairss. It is set in the period of the Judges before the birth of King David nevertheless there is grounds that it was in world written much later so much so about the clip when the two folks of Judah were set free and were allowed to travel to Jerusalem.

The narrative is divided in four episodes each researching Ruth ‘s life. The first episode was about Ruth and Naomi that go to Bethlehem. This first act which can be regarded as a prologue discusses how Naomi and her household went to Moab. Naomi was Israelite and lived with her household, nevertheless an unfortunate event occurred. A storm destroyed their grain and there was dearth among most of the people including Naomi ‘s household. This dearth led such a household to travel to go forth their place, Naomi with her household had to travel and populate in another state, specifically that of Moab. Naomi with her hubby had two boies and subsequently they got married. Due to fortunes Naomi ‘s hubby and boies die. Heavy hearted she sees fit that she returns to Bethlehem. Naomi had two girls in jurisprudence who were Ruth and Orpah. The three adult females ended up being widows and in ancient Israel there were non allowed to remarry because their dead hubbies were still considered to be households. However one must maintain in head that the girls in jurisprudence were non Israelites, unlike Naomi they were Moabites which were considered acrimonious enemies. So much so, there a few conflicts between them. This is so because the Israelites regarded the Moabites as inferior because harmonizing to hem they originated from an act of incest between Lot and his oldest girl. This led to the believe, that the Moab state was tainted. Naomi, sing all this hatred among the two groups believed that her girls in jurisprudence Ruth and Orpah would non travel to Bethlehem with her. However Naomi ‘s hope was non wholly lost. Orpah decided to be in Moab among her people, but Ruth saw things in a different visible radiation. Ruth shared the same heartache and solitariness that Naomi was confronting and this led her to attach to Naomi and return with her to Bethlehem.

The 2nd episode of the book of Ruth takes a different form. Naomi was a widow but still she had household connexions. On top of that both Naomi and Ruth were adult females of enterprise ; they did non believe that things were traveling to go on by themselves. Case in point, at that times adult females largely took action in nutrient direction and production and Ruth took portion in reaping the barley so that she and Naomi survive. Naomi had a comparative on her hubby ‘s side, who he was rich and went by the name of Boaz. As Ruth normally did, she had to make reaping in order to last and she ended up reaping in a field belonging to Boaz.

‘She came and gleaned in the field behind the harvesters. As it happened, she came to the portion of the field belonging to Boaz, who was of the household of Elimelech. Just so Boaz came from Bethlehem. ‘ ( Ruth Episode 2:1-7 )

One must detect that in such an event, Ruth uses the phrase ‘as it happened ‘ ; this signifies the significance that God indented this scene to go on. This phrase is frequently used in the bible to confer the illustriousness of God to set up such scenes. Besides, Naomi and the people of Bethlehem saw that Boaz was a good lucifer for Ruth and encouraged her to him.

Naomi believed that Ruth was good plenty for Boaz as she was a good adult female and respected, all her jobs would discontinue if she merely could hold a rich hubby. She saw through Boaz that he was perfect for Ruth, for he had a good nature, respected as good, rich and obligated to assist them as he was a relation of Naomi. Boaz was a ‘go-el ‘ who had a responsibility to help the several household if the hubby died.

Like Naomi believed, Boaz helped Ruth so much so, he went through many ordeals to derive excess grain for her, protected her and saw that she was decently fed. Through his aid and attention, God was opening a subdivision for fate to happen.

The 3rd episode takes topographic point at the threshing floor which is a perfect clip of the twelvemonth as the crop would hold been brought in and conditions would still be warm. Naomi thought that this was the last opportunity that Ruth had to get married Boaz so it was here that she devised a program for Boaz to suggest to Ruth. Ruth thought that the thought of her marrying Boaz was mere fantasy because she was a hapless Moab adult female while he had high position and rich nevertheless she still listened to Naomi and she heeded her words.

‘When Boaz had eaten and intoxicated, and he was in a contented temper, he went to lie down at the terminal of the pile of grain. Then she came stealthily and uncovered his pess, and lay down. ‘

Ruth dressed good, perfumed herself and waited until Boaz had eaten a good repast. Afterwards, Boaz went to kip and Naomi went near his topographic point and lied down following to him.

‘cover her with his cover ‘

This phrase suggests that since Boaz is the ‘go-el ‘ , a kinsman, Ruth has the right to demand matrimony so this phrase suggests matrimony. Boaz agreed nevertheless he had some desperate intelligence that his cousin was a much closer kinsman than he is. Boaz had to cover with his cousin before he could get married her and he had to make everything in order so there would be no oppugning about the legality of the matrimony. Ruth slept and stayed following to Boaz till the forenoon and returned to Naomi. Naomi was eager to cognize whether she would get married him, but she was non entirely as so was Ruth eager to cognize whether they will get married or non.

This leads to the 4th and concluding episode of Ruth ‘s book. As what happens in every topographic point, the small towns come to cognize what is go oning as Boaz, the following forenoon, was already met by the nearest kinsman of Naomi ‘s household. However due to some dialogues refering land eventually Ruth and Boaz got married and they had their boy Obed being the male parent of Jesse who was the male parent of David, who he united Israel to its illustriousness.

“ Blessed be the Lord, who has non left you this twenty-four hours without following of family. May his name be renowned in Israel! He shall be to you a refinisher of life and a nutriment for your old age. For your daughter-in-law who loves you, who is more to you than seven boies, has borne him ” . Then Naomi took the kid and laid him in her bosom, and became his nurse. ‘ ( Ruth Episode 4:1-22 )

As one can see, the book of Ruth trades with how household continues throughout coevalss magnifying their illustriousness as the former Ruth was a adult female who had no kids but events folded in such a manner that she became the great grandma of David. It besides puts Forth a message about covering with jobs. In the beginning Ruth had nil left, merely Naomi nevertheless she embraced the small she had and did non lose hope. Even a hapless Moab adult female as Ruth through God ‘s assistance was able to carry through her fate.

The spiritual facets of the Book of Ruth trade besides with practicality. All the subjects conveyed such as love, generousness and most significantly to swear in each other brings out the significance that no affairs how severely events occur, goodness exists and it is achieved through attempt and difficult work. Give this fact, one can understand why the book of Ruth was written. God ‘s intent may be fulfilled in many ways, some of them even unexpected. God ‘s love is for everyone and non merely to the people of Israel.

The narrative reveals God ‘s character in His fidelity in respects to take people. Ruth is God ‘s instrument to bless the states. Old Testament narratives reveal the character of God and he is revealed as the supplier of the helpless. In the book of Ruth, God provides Boaz, the nearest kinsmen to finally run into Ruth. Boaz becomes Ruth ‘s hubby and besides reclaims the rightful place for Naomi. Boaz is one who redeems ; he redeemed Ruth as she was a victim of poorness, she was unprotected and no 1 provided for her.

The narrative provides a lesson on love and kindness. As we see from the really beginning, in the first episode, Ruth gave everything she had for Naomi her mother-in-law. This shows Ruth ‘s sacrificial character, so much so, Boaz noticed Ruth ‘ ability to give more than to have back. Case in point, in the book of Ruth ; it is stated that ;

“ Against the dark moral and ethical background of the Judges period, the alien Ruth emerges as a paradigm of loyal love and of the sort of individual the Lord is looking for to dwell his compact community ” .

The calamity of the get downing sets the narrative in gesture as so there is the will to seek for a particular something that will reconstruct balance. Naomi and Ruth are stricken by calamity and this leads them to no hope of proviso as they were childless. Naomi considers herself cursed by God, she sees no hope of security but so everything alterations by God ‘s will through Ruth. A hero is person who sacrifices his ain demands to assist others ; Ruth is a heroine and saves Naomi. She sacrifices her security and the likeliness of matrimony to stay loyal to Naomi nevertheless Naomi ‘s regulation alterations and adapts throughout the narrative. In the beginning she tries her best to deter Ruth to come with her to Bethlehem. However subsequently on, when she accepts the fact that Ruth will attach to her, she wants her to get married Boaz. She even provides a program on how to make so ; this makes Naomi a complicated character throughout the narrative. When this alteration of attitude occurs, Naomi regards herself as vas to convey about God ‘s voice. She actively prepares Ruth and Boaz for matrimony and does her best in making so. Even though the book is entitles Ruth, the narrative revolves around Naomi and her position. However, one can non go through unnoticed the fact that is about God and His loving kindness to move as a supplier for Ruth and Naomi.



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