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When did MGM release its first sound picture?
What movie company was the first to successfully market the synchronized sound film?
Warner Brothers
What was the first commercially successful synchronized sound film?
The Vitagraph Concert
What was the first sound film to star Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks together?
Taming of the Shrew
What was John Gilbert’s last film?
Queen Christina
Of the creative people involved in the movie business, who were the first to suffer as a result of sound?
Studio musicians
What was John Ford’s first sound film?
Napoleon’s Barbe
What technology company developed the first successful commercial movie sound system?
Western Electric
What year did sound movies become the norm?
What was the title of the first sound film to be shot on location?
In Old Arizona
What motion picture popularized the sound revolution?
The Jazz Singer
What movie studio was purchased by the Warner Brothers with the profits from their sound films?
First National
Which actor was the most in demand at the beginning of the sound era?
Conrad Nagel
What was the name given to the Fox sound system?
Which company moved most of its sound production to Long Island?
Which of the Warner Brothers died just before the release of The Jazz Singer?
Who was the star of The Jazz Singer?
Al Jolson

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