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Patho practice questions-all

question A nurse is asked what causes secondary amenorrhea. How should the nurse respond? Causes of secondary amenorrhea other than pregnancy and menopause include: answer thyroid disorders Answer Feedback: Pituitary tumors, thyroid disorders, and extreme weight loss can all result in secondary amenorrhea question What complication will the nurse monitor for in a patient with […]

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APWH – Chapter 6

question What similarities and what differences are noticeable among the three major continents of the world? answer Similarities – -Social inequalities -Developed civilizations independently -Depended on agriculture -All complex societies — centralized governments -Civilizations featuring cities, states, architecture -No domesticated animals -Interaction between Africa and Eurasia Differences – -Populations in Africa and Americas smaller than […]

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Earth Science Ch.12 Earth’s Evolution Through Geologic Time

question The ________ period was a time of major extinctions, including 75 percent of amphibian families. answer Permian question During the early Paleozoic era, South America, Africa, Australia, Antarctica, India, and perhaps China comprised the vast southern continent of ________. answer Gondwanaland question The most common Precambrian fossils are ________, layered mounds of calcium carbonate. […]

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Psychology- Ch13

question An individual’s characteristic pattern of thinking, feelings, and acting is his or her answer Personality question Mary enjoys socializing with friends and talking with them on her cellphone. Eileen prefers quiet times by herself when she can reflect on her own thoughts. The characteristics of Mary and Eileen indicate that each has a distinctive […]

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Chapter 7: Classical Era Variations

question How did the history of Meroe and Axum reflect interaction with neighboring civilizations? answer They both traded extensively with neighbors…. Axum’s location allowed for the civilization to utilize the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean for commerce with neighboring civilizations. question How does the experience of the Niger Valley challenge conventional notions of \”civilization\”? […]

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question When did MGM release its first sound picture? answer 1928 question What movie company was the first to successfully market the synchronized sound film? answer Warner Brothers question What was the first commercially successful synchronized sound film? answer The Vitagraph Concert question What was the first sound film to star Mary Pickford and Douglas […]

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Chapter 22 World History

question Scientific revolution answer a major change in European thought, starting in the mid-1500s, in which the study of the natural world began to be characterized by careful observation and the questioning of accepted beliefs. question Heliocentric theory answer the idea that the earth and the other planets revolve around the sun. question scientific method […]

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biology 5.10 mid unit test

question Which level of the biosphere includes both living and nonliving factors? answer ecosystem question You are an ecologist studying a newly discovered animal. You find that it reproduces quickly and has many offspring each time it reproduces. What type of organism is? answer an r-strategist question Which graph is an exponential growth model? answer […]

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question Assignats answer Paper currency, the French churches were used as collateral -the first French paper currency issued by the General Assembly. question Bastille answer Medieval fortress that was converted to a prison stormed by peasants for ammunition during the early stages of the French Revolution. question Bourgeoisie answer Comfortable members of the 3rd estate. […]

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Chapter 11 AP World History Vocabulary

question Araucanian Indians answer A member of a widespread group of South American Indian peoples of south-central Chile and the western pampas of Argentina, including the Mapuche. question Nahuatl answer A member of a group of peoples native to southern Mexico and Central America, including the Aztecs. question Inca Socialism answer A view created by […]

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question Industrial Revolution answer The change from an agricultural to an industrial society and from home manufacturing to factory production, especially the one that took place in England from about 1750 to about 1850. question Eli Whitney answer Invented the cotton gin and interchangeable parts. question Cotton Gin answer Eli Whitney’s invention for cleaning cotton. […]

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World History Unit 8 review

question Iron curtain answer Churchill’s phrase came to represent Europe’s division into mostly democratic Western Europe and Communist Eastern Europe. question Containment answer President Truman’s foreign policy directed at blocking Soviet influence and stopping the expansion of communism. question NATO answer Ten Western European nations that joined with the U.S. And Canada to form a […]

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AP art history

question ID: Camelid scacrum in the shape of a canine. Tequixquiac, Mexico. Prehistoric Americas. 14,000-7,000 BCE. Medium: bone Form: made from the sacrum(hipbone) of an extinct camelid(relative of a camel) Function: ceremonial mass. Thought to be a portal Content: carved to look like a canine skull, ceremonial mask Context: found in 1870 during excavation, eastern […]

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American History Chapter 1 (Questions)
18 Aug 2020 Uncategorized

question Pope Alexander VI drew up the Line of Demarcation (AKA Treaty of Tordesillas) which dived the world between which two countries? answer Territory west of the line would belong to Spain and the territory east of the line would belong to Portugal. question Identify Mission answer Religious Settlement question Identify Villa answer Civilian Settlement […]

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question Chavìn de Huàntar -Stone (architectural complex) -granite (Lanzón and sculpture) -hammered gold alloy (jewelry) -Northern highlands, Peru. Chavín. -900-200 B.C.E. -function: complex was a religious capitol, Lanzón (\”blade\”) was a ritual site (one hand raise to heaven, other to earth), and septum ring was for decoration, made to look like a jaguar’s whiskers -context: […]

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U.S. History 1302- Exam #2

question Although he began as a pacifist, which president ordered more military interventions than any other? answer President Wilson question When Williams Jennings Bryan was Secretary of State, what two things did he feel compelled to bring to the world? What new treaty did he create? answer Christianity and Democracy. Developed idea of \”cooling off […]

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Flashcards and Answers – Chapter 24

question When two species of orchids with different floral anatomy are considered, which type of reproductive barrier is involved? Select one: a. gametic b. temporal c. behavioral d. habitat e. mechanical Feedback answer mechanical question What was the species concept used by Linnaeus? Select one: a. biological b. ecological c. paleontological d. phylogenetic e. morphological […]

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Classical Conversations Cycle 1 History Sentences

question Thou shalt: 1 have no other gods before Me. 2 not make unto thee any graven image. 3 not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain. 4 remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy. 5 honor thy father and mother: that thy days may be long upon the land the […]

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US History Chapter 29

question civil rights movement answer began in the 1950’s by blacks to gain greater equality in American society question Thurgood Marshall answer African American lawyer who led the legal challenge against segregation question Brown v. Board of Education answer Supreme Court case that ruled that separate schools for whites and blacks were unequal, unconstitutional question […]

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Flashcards About Sociology Exam 1

question Studying other societies is a good way to learn about our own way of life answer True question Both Karl Marx and W.E.B. Du Bois carried out their work following the structural-functional approach. answer False question The focus of the symbolic-interaction approach is how society is divided by class, race, and gender. answer False […]

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Biology Chapter 24

question c answer Which of the following statements about species, as defined by the biological species concept, is (are) correct? I. Biological species are defined by reproductive isolation. II. Biological species are the model used for grouping extinct forms of life. III. The biological species is the largest unit of population in which successful reproduction […]

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Essay about African American History

question Stono Rebellion answer a 1739 uprising of slaves in South Carolina, leading to the tightening of already harsh slave laws question Fugitive Slave Act answer a law that made it a crime to help runaway slaves; allowed for the arrest of escaped slaves in areas where slavery was illegal and required their return to […]

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